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Have you ever wondered how optical illusions work? How a flat two-dimensional image can appear three-dimensional? How a dress can appear white and golden to some people, but black and blue to others? If yes, this book is for you! 'The Illusion Confusion' is a series of eight, at the expense of an overused pun, mind-blowing illusions, made to make you question reality. Your eyes see one thing but your brain deciphers it as another. The result? You are left feeling confused and wanting to understand how the trick works. Read and unveil the neuroscience behind these mysterious sleight-of-minds.

Nothing causes a prince to be so much esteemed as great enterprises and giving proof of prowess ... He may almost be termed a new prince, because from a weak king he has become for fame and glory the first king in Christendom, and if you regard his actions you will find them all very great and some of them extraordinary. At the very beginning of his reign he assailed a city, and that enterprise was the foundation of his state. At first he did it at his leisure and without fear of being interfered with; he kept the minds of the (elite) occupied in this enterprise, so that thinking only of that war they did not think of making innovations, and he thus acquired reputation and power over them without their being aware of it. He was able with the money of the Church and the people to maintain his armies, and by that long war to lay the foundations of his military power, which afterwards has made him famous. Besides this, to be able to undertake greater enterprises, and always under the pretext of religion, he had recourse to a pious cruelty...

Ever wondered if animals feel like you? Ever wonder if its ok to eat animals? Ever wonder if animals are treated badly, have you ever wondered something about animals emotions, then this is the book for you. Let it teach you something about animals.

The mind works in weird ways. It's hard to live a way that drives me crazy everyday. I had it under control with everything that was told or given to me to help me live with this..Until one day, I finally lost it. I feel like I've become something else. I no longer know myself. Is there a way out or is this how life is meant to be for me?

My life is not the once upon a time or happily ever after that you would expect, but if you read this you might just be able to get a glimpse of how my life is like the classic Grimm tales of old. Take a look at my reflection through this magic mirror and you'll understand.

This months topic is Relationships.This Is the third artical (I'm still new to this but I am trying). You dont have to particapate but if you want to please do. I may include responses in the nest one

okay, so i have decided to see how many books i can make with the same tittle Help!!! this book is about all the questions I probally don't have answers for all of them but i'm sure you have asked at least 5 of these questions before.

Davis Mark Jones was once a nobal sailor until a boat load of pirates took him along with his crew prisoners when he was forced to surrender. Will Davis make it out along with his innocence or will he fall into piracy?

A/N: Prequel to Thy Code De Chivalry coming soon

Three part Short Story of Jack the Ripper. Told by Ian, a doctor, David, Ian's son, and Jack the Ripper himself.
Story 1: A doctor sufferes whispers of death threats he gets at night. Will he face his threats like a man? Or will cowardice take over?
Story 2: David, son of the doctor Ian, wants both justice and to avenge his father. Will he get his justice/revenge or something more?
Story 3: The begining, the birth of Jack the Ripper as told by the killer himself