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It was the desire for liberty of conscience that inspired the Pilgrims to brave the perils of the long journey across the sea, to endure the hardships and dangers of the wilderness, and with God’s blessing to lay, on the shores of America, the foundation of a mighty nation ... . Like the early Pilgrims he came to enjoy religious freedom; but, unlike them, he saw—what so few in his time had yet seen—that this freedom was the inalienable right of all, whatever might be their creed. He declared it to be the duty of the magistrate to restrain crime, but never to control the conscience. “The public or the magistrates may decide,” he said, “what is due from man to man; but when they attempt to prescribe a man’s duties to God, they are out of place, and there can be no safety; for it is clear that if the magistrate has the power, he may decree one set of opinions or beliefs today and another tomorrow; as has been done in England by different kings and queens, and by different popes and councils; so that belief would become a heap of confusion."

The time has come. The time is now. He has to go. Go. GO! We don't care how. He can go by plane to Curacao. Donald J. Trump, has to go now. And so on. Martin Bodek has an abiding interest in politics, likes to write books (obviously), is Dr. Seuss's biggest fan, and his wife has been after him for years to write a children's book. Nailed the quadfecta, so hard.

The European Union Foretold provides insightful perspectives on the European Union both as a political project in integration and the transformation of an ancient order. One notices that centralised powers, which ended up in the formation of united kingdoms, united states and united nations. These imperial forces persevere in efforts for a more robust and resilient E.U. However, unknown to most, colonisation, economic and military supremacy and the global dominance of the E.U. have all been foretold, millennia before the reign of the first European monarch. Spiritual forces that engineered the rise of the European thrones, also calculated the suppression of dissidence and incited merciless carnage. Although now paraded as an industrialised paragon of progress and sophistication, this book elucidates on several enigma tied to this hegemony. 

Not going to play with European problems. Not going to advertise it or promote it. You will read it or not, I am not going to get any profit on it.

In 100 pages, Jane Q Public presents the results of years of watching C-span, listening to political talk radio, being subjected to the sound-bite addicted politicos from both sides of the aisle and those running to get into office, those who seem to be on every broadcast station in or near the nation's capitol. All the answers are right here, in this little book. Between the covers of this timely tome, readers will find 100 blank pages, the collective knowledge of politicians and pundits who tell us what we think without ever having asked.

This newsletter contains the following: (1) Some Mormons Less Cultic Than Others?, (2) Leftist Commemoration Undermines Resolve Against Terror, (3) Most Respect Needs To Be Earned, (4) Quips & Observations, (5) Headline Links

American Renaissance is the first foundation of an evolving,
Bible faithful, new view from Israel. A spiritual earthquake, its
under-the-surface action is the cause of America's deepest
transformation since the nation's founding. This is it! The
USA's current, but still elusive root problem and solution
direction- not yet on many radar screens.

Hidden, but in process, is a morphed America with a fresh,
revived vision along with an actionable political formula.
It is life beyond the last Judeochristian era- which is
proved to have “ended” in 1963! There has been a 40 year
Biblical delay until today's distressing realities have become
evident. The New Millennium is already a New Way-
nationally and individually. American Renaissance is the
shocking explanation with the political reformulation that
alters everything including:

A frightening but temporary American decline
Coming defeat of extremist Islam yields economic recovery
Retrieval of lost American societal cohesion and blessing
USA's return to world leadership and global expansion

This is an article about America's current President, and how he thought that he could make a difference for the public. I am not for or against this man, but want the voters of this country to make their own decision.