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Sehrish Saba, the writer of this book, is an Advocate High Court Islamabad Pakistan. She has more than 11 years of practice in law and 04 years of experience as visiting faculty with different prestigious institutions like International Islamic University, Islamabad, Bahria University, Islamabad Campus, and Military College of Signals, NUST, Islamabad. Sehrish Saba has done her LL.M Human Rights Law from International Islamic University, Islamabad, and Master of Arts Political Science from the University of The Punjab, Lahore. She is disseminating legal knowledge through her conference papers, online articles, and YouTube videos, which is appreciable. This book review is also one ,of her valuable contributions to readers and innovative thinkers.

The book provides insight of Intellectual Property Rights (IPR) relating to the patent filling and patent drafting application and procedure in India. The book takes care of amendments that have been brought out in the Patent Act from time to time including with the new provisions of the law. The current IPR landscape in India is presenting moderate challenges for new age libraries.

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This book presents my views on various issues ranging from contemporary events to personal philosophy. The views have been accumulated over more than a decade through a continuous process of contemplation, acceptance, abandonment, re-acceptance and so on and so forth, and the process continues...on my website This book is, in fact, a consolidation of my views concretized on my blogs over years โ€“ which can be accessed from my website โ€“ and is divided into four sections: Satire, Reviews, Opinions and Philosophy.
To be very frank, this is my selfish attempt to influence you towards my worldview, but, trust me, I have a sense of humor; so, there is a strong possibility that some of my writings may entertain you; I would recommend anybody who has laid his hands on this book to at least check out the first section entitled Satire โ€“ it is a very small section and a pretty light reading. Then, you may move onto the Reviews section โ€“ as a natural transition from ultra-light to light โ€“ where I have reviewed Travel Locales, Books, Movies and more. My Opinions follow next. I am an Advocate by profession, so I have written extensively on Law along with other subjects like Rights -- especially Privacy, Liberty, Equality and Non-Arbitrariness -- Economy, International Issues, Politics, etc. At the end of the book, I have presented my personal philosophy divided into six sub-sections: Privacy, Relations, Women, Abstract, Social and Political.

Divorce is a very tough situation for the couple. In such a case finding a lawyer is equally difficult. This book will provide you certain tips that will aid in finding a good divorce lawyer.

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