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Bitter TruthsCrimson Falls Duet

Dani René




1. Darius

2. Scarlett

3. Darius

4. Scarlett

5. Darius

6. Scarlett

7. Darius

8. Lycan

9. Darius

10. Scarlett

11. Lycan

12. Scarlett

13. Lycan

14. Scarlett

15. Lycan

16. Lycan

17. Scarlett

18. Lycan

19. Scarlett

20. Lycan

21. Scarlett

22. Lycan

23. Scarlett

24. Scarlett

25. Darius

26. Scarlett

27. Lycan

28. Scarlett

29. Lycan

30. Scarlett

31. Lycan

32. Darius

33. Scarlett


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About the Author

Published by Dani René (www.danirene.com)

Copyright © 2021 by Dani René

All rights reserved.

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Hearts break. Tears fall.

The future is dimmed without his light.

But I’ll be strong…

The Hunter may have me, but I won’t stop believing the Wolf will find me.


You Belong to Me - Cat Pierce

Change My Ways - Gotts Street Park, Pip Millet

Breathe - Tommee Profitt, Fleurie

Day is Gone - Noah Gundersen, The Forest Rangers

Wicked Game - Ursine Vulpine, Annaca

Scars - Michael Malarky

The After You - Miakoda


When It’s All Over - RAIGN

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Revenge is a dish best served with a side of vengeance.

I spent my life in the shadows, wanting to hide from the truth that I was nothing more than a product of my father’s indiscretions. And even in the darkness, I knew the truth—nothing can mend what my father had broken.

Now I’m here, waiting, racing through the woods after a pretty little girl I learned is my niece. Her grandmother, my biological mother, had me when she was young and abandoned me. She left me with my father, then went off and married someone else. Anger surges as I recall the day she told me her story. When I asked for proof, she gave me the test results.

Darkness shrouds my actions as I near her running form, her white dress torn and dirty from her escape, but I’m almost there. I’m so close I can smell her fear as it emanates from her supple skin. I can hear her short breaths, and I can’t stop my cock from jolting. Perhaps I shouldn’t think about her sweetness in that way, maybe I’m broken, but seeing her run from me makes me hungry to have a taste.

Just a bite.

It couldn’t hurt.

The woods are dense, but through the dark brown of the trunks, I focus on the white, the slight frame of the beauty that’s running for her life. But what she doesn’t know is I’m a hunter, one that can so easily capture her, but the chase is a part of who I am. It runs through my veins. Shaw blood burns hot when we’re chasing our prey. Even Lycan knows this, and perhaps that’s why he told her to run. He knew I’d enjoy this. He must’ve.

The last thing she heard was my brother shouting for her to run from me. And now, as I howl out into the darkness, I inhale her fear along with that sweet nectar of her perfume.

When she reaches the breach in the trees, a scream catapults from her lips when she realizes my family is waiting. The bikers who took me in as a young rebel are there, their arms wrap around her, and the moment she’s bound, I stop behind her, knowing my breath is hot in her ear.

“Your wolf is dead,” I tell her while fisting my hands at my sides. I want to hurt her, but that will come. And when it does, she’ll wish she was dead. A sob of pure agony tumbles free from her mouth, and I can’t help but smile.

Slade throws her into his truck, which had been waiting as I chased her through the woods. The SUV I hired is still parked near the house where Lycan’s men will find it. I made sure of that. When they do, they’ll see exactly what I want my brother to find.

I shot him. Twice.

Leaving him for dead was part of my plan, but a part of me wonders if he’ll ever survive the wounds I inflicted. And I wonder if he’ll get the gift which I left for him before he takes his last breath.

Bear pulls up beside me on his bike. The truck behind us keeps a safe distance, but I can practically feel Scarlett’s rage from the backseat. I didn’t plan on taking her. I wanted her dead, along with my brother, but stealing her is definitely a bonus.

Call it collateral. Grace will never want her granddaughter hurt, which means she’ll ensure I don’t take my anger out on the girl. Without my emotions, I can easily make Scarlett bleed for being born, but I’ll keep her alive to ensure I get my money.

Hatred is the only thing I feel. Guilt no longer rules my life. When Grace told me what had happened in the past, she gave no inkling that I was even loved, so why should I care about her, or her little granddaughter?

I thought for a moment that Lycan would see the truth, that he’d finally stand beside me, but the moment affection flashed in his eyes for the girl, I knew I had lost him for good.

I waited, craved even, just to see my brother again, the boy I grew up with. But he was long gone.

For years we’d been at war, and now that war has ended by my hand. I focus on the

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