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Conspiracy of Silence

Swan Deception

Game of Fear

Autumn of Fear

Winds of Fear

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Conspiracy of Silence

Swan Deception

Her marriage is to die for...

Alicia Gray knows she’s a lucky woman. With a gorgeous, successful husband who whisks her away on romantic trips, a beautiful home in one of the country’s richest zip codes, and two wonderful daughters, life couldn’t be better. However, she’ll soon discover that an enviable marriage comes at a deadly cost.

Who is Faith, and why are dozens of emails between her and Alicia’s husband hidden in his draft folder? Why were the messages never sent? As Alicia embarks on a desperate quest to uncover Faith’s identity, a shocking death hits close to home and sends her reeling. Was it a tragic accident or cold-blooded murder?

In this beautiful town of wealth and privilege, nothing is as it seems, and everyone has something to hide. While Alicia struggles under the weight of dark secrets from her own past, someone knows more than they’re saying—someone who knows the truth will come at a devastating price.

“The human heart is the most deceitful of all things,

and desperately wicked. Who really knows how bad it is?

— Jeremiah 17:9 NLT


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Conspiracy of Silence

Fearless Series



Alicia Gray could still taste the acidic bile that had climbed up her throat during the cocktail party last night. The nausea tainted the beauty of the serene suburban morning outside the kitchen window.

If she didn’t immediately address what she saw last night, she would lose her nerve. Her emotions had been too raw to confront him on the ride home. Shock and confusion had swallowed her whole as she prepared for bed, so she’d decided to wait until morning, hoping that by then she would have gained some perspective and the answers she craved.

Eliot was finishing his breakfast and would leave for work soon. As he drained the last of his coffee, pushed back from the kitchen table and stood, the idea of dealing with this tension the entire day filled her with dread.

It was now or never. A chill snaked up and down her spine, however. Doubt circled her consciousness. Was she mistaken? Did her eyes deceive her? She closed her eyes and summoned a last-minute dose of courage.

“You got a minute, Eliot?” She turned around to face her husband while fidgeting with a button on her blouse.

Eliot cast an anxious glance at his watch and then back at her. “Can’t it wait until tonight?”

Her fingernails dug into her palms. She said, “No, it can’t. Have a seat. I’ll keep it short.”

He adjusted the pocket square in his suit jacket and sat. He blinked twice—his Am I in trouble? expression. “Is everything okay?”

Alicia took another deep breath. She couldn’t believe she was asking this. “Why did you let her touch you like that?”

He swallowed hard and leaned in, his hands clasped together. “What are you talking about?”

“You know. You and Kat. I saw you.”

His breath hitched a little. He reached for his coffee mug and put it back down upon realizing it was empty.

“What did you see?”

She bit her bottom lip. A sob gained momentum. She bit down harder—the inside of her cheeks this time. She wouldn’t cry. It would be silly, especially since she didn’t have his side of the story yet.

“Kat with her hands all over you. Your crotch, to be exact.”

Jealousy curdled in Alicia’s stomach once more as she conjured up the image. It happened a mere eight hours ago—Kat and Eliot in a dimly lit alcove of Arnie Tillerson’s lavish Beacon Hill townhouse to the tune of Bach’s Brandenburg Concerto No. 3, the perfect backdrop to the laughter and socializing of the wealthy and influential guests. Attentive servers had kept the champagne flowing and delectable appetizers replenished.

Eliot squeezed his eyes shut. When he opened them, he wouldn’t meet her accusing gaze.

“Babe, I’m so sorry. It’s not what it looked like. I’d hoped nobody saw. Especially you.”

She said nothing, just stared at him. Her words snagged on something deep inside her chest. It was worse than she thought. Not only did he confirm what she’d seen, he’d hoped nobody had caught them.

After a moment of stunned silence, she asked, “You wanted to keep it a secret?”

“I didn’t want to upset you or draw attention to the situation. It was embarrassing. Katalina was drunk, out of control. I tried to handle it tactfully.”

“You still haven’t answered my question,” she pressed. “Were you going to tell me that my best friend brazenly felt you up at a cocktail party hosted by your boss, in his home?”

“She caught me off guard, too. I’d never seen her lose it like that.”

“I watched the two of you. I wanted to say something, but the shock made me speechless.” Alicia finally left the sink and joined him at the table. “Her behavior didn’t seem to bother you at all, though, Eliot. Did you enjoy the attention?” She spat the words at him.

“Don’t be ridiculous. What do you take me for? I was as shocked by her behavior as you were. It was surreal. Came out of nowhere.”

She should be used to it by now, but she wasn’t. Women constantly flirted with Eliot. She never thought, however, that her best friend would be counted among those who did. Eliot was long and lean, immaculately clean-shaven with sharp features and a magnetic personality that made it hard to say no to him. She should know; it was what drew her to him in the first place. At forty-six, he was in

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