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Author Pov

He eyed her trembling figure infront of him. She knew she made a mistake. No she made a grave mistake.

Tears blurred her sight but she didn't let them fall. She knew once a single tear escaped he will made sure to turn then into a rain of tears.

"I-i am sorry Master. "

Her lone whisper started to do many things to him. Not emotionally but physically.


That's what he felt. He was never a guy to believe in a bullshit like love. For him love is fuck and fuck is life and that's fucking enough to live a motherfucking life.

That's what the great Xavier Valentino always says.


He dominated on her which she being a weak submissive did without any words even though her heart was crying for kneeling infront of a monster when the mistake of hers was just she dozed off when he told her to stare at him. Only him.

Removing his belt he moved around her trembling frame making sure to show her the hard edge of belt which will soon met her doll like skin.

"What did you do. Angel. "

"I- I disobey M-master " She replied him in trembling tone satisfying him with her fear...

"I told you to not even blink while watching me THEN WHY DID YOU WENT TO SLEEP YOU BITCH."

He yelled as he moved his hand and slammed the hard leather on her skin earning a painful cry from her.







Smacks kept on meeting her back till her throat got dry and whole energy from her body fade away. She felt him throwing the belt away and crouching down to her limped body. He pulled her chin up caressing her cheek.

His eyes held satisfaction. He was clearly satisfied with her broken condition. Pulling her face closer to his he whispered.

" Your Mine my kitten. Next time try to disobey me it will be worst. He will get what he deserves after staring at you like that bitch of a son owns you. I will show him who fucking owns you. Remember my muffin you belong to me and only me. UNDERSTOOD. "

She knew he was demanding an answer and she has no energy to fight against him. After all he's capable of doing everything and she's of nothing. Being a good submissive she did as she always told to do so.

"Yes, Master."



She didn't know her name from the day she born. She was born and grown up in an orphanage. But with only one thought.

Being a slave of her master.

She was born for him. She was grown up with keeping his name in her mind as her master. The person who owns her. Her days went by hearing his name continuously. Her nights went sleepless as her dreams also caught by his presence.

There wasn't even a single day when she didn't hear herself called as his slave. Whore. Slut. She knew she was his but again why her heart doesn't want to accept him. Why she still want to be rebel when she knew she's helpess.

Him. Her master. Her owner. Her saviour. Her destroyer. The one who not only owns her body but also her soul. She's his to play. His to Destroy. His to do as he wished.


Xavier Valentino.

One ruthless business tycoon. He wasn't any kind of mafia or gangster but the power he holds was more immense than anyone... He was grown up with the thought of woman treated as a slave. Submissive and a play toy.

He has seen many woman being submissive and only submissive. Desperate for a man to fuck them. He never in million years thought that the only man he thought as his common fuck will turn into an obsession of keep her as his precious submissive.

She was innocent. And he was eager to taint that innocence.

She was harmless and he was interested to harm her.

She was made for love but he made sure to let her feel everything except love.

They were different. No they were like earth and sky but when Xavier Valetino exclaimed her as his then no one can do anything except to accept the fate. Fate of poor soul.




Let me tell you guys this story is completely different from my other stories. This story is only dark. But contains extreme violence. Rape and abuse.

There is nothing like romance in this. It's all about submissive and dominant with an interesting plot.

Trust me if your below 18 then this story is not for you. Don't blame me if you got traumatized.

I warned you. Risk is on you.

Lastly let me tell you this story is completely differeny from my other stories. There is nothing like romance. Or regret of male lead.

I am warning you the male lead is fucked up. His brain cells has stopped working a long time ago. So better read it on your own risk i am not taking responsibility.



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