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1. Restroom


Life is brutal. 

She lost her mother when she was just ten, merely a kid. Her siblings were just three at that time. Her mother died because of cancer, leaving her kids and a loving husband behind.

Life moved on. That is life, the earth continues to spin and the people continue to live. Eventually she comes to terms that her mother has already left them.

Slowly and gradually she coped up with the situation. Her father was her pillar. He gave her strength in the worst of times and now he's gone too. Leaving her all alone with two siblings in this world.

It's been a few months since her father died because of the accident.  They didn't have any relatives, it's just Isabelle and her siblings.

The cash that she found in her father's closet is almost finished now. If she doesn't find a job by the end of this week, they'll be sleeping empty stomachs.

She was glad that the apartment is their own because she didn't know how she'd be able to pay the rent. Even though it's small with two rooms and a lounge, it was enough for them. At least they have shelter.

Her siblings Ava and Axel go to nearby school. She hurriedly changed her clothes to little presentable ones, picked up her documents and bag as she locked the door of the apartment behind and placed the keys in her bag.

She took the bus towards the restaurant, she had read in the newspaper that they needed staff. She just prayed that they gave her a job.

When she reached there, she was stunned to see the luxury from the outside. She can't think how beautiful it'll be from inside. She shook her head as she came out of her daze and went inside.

Her jaw dropped to the floor as she saw how beautiful the restaurant was. Pure fancy and posh. Everything was sparkly and extremely clean. Even the waiters that were serving looked high class.

Gulping she kept her eyes down, not wanting to look at those rich elite people. She felt out of the place as she made her way towards the office.

She entered with a slight knock and the first thing she saw was the receptionist. Isabelle with steady steps went to the receptionist and awkwardly cleared her throat to get the attention which she instantly got.

"May I help you?" The woman asked in a chripped voice, her eyes looking at Isabelle up and down and then she gave her a disgusted look, making the girl gulp as she softly mumbled.

"Hello ma'am, I'm here for a job. It was mentioned in the newspaper that your restaurant needs staff." She spoke politely and thanked the lordship that her voice came out properly and she didn't stutter.

"Yes, Miss?" The woman spoke, making Isabelle hurriedly answer.

"Noah. Isabelle Noah." The woman nodded as she wrote it down.

"Miss. Noah. Wait there. I'll call you in a minute when our manager gets free." The woman spoke professionally as she pointed at the waiting area in the corner.

The girl nodded in understanding as she went to sit there. Her full form was a nervous wreck of anxiety as she sat in one of the chairs, clasping her hands together on her lap.

Her eyes softly looked around to find four sitting there, wearing extremely short clothes but looking beautiful nonetheless and seven boys, they were also nicely dressed as if they were here for a modelling shoot and not for a waiter job.

She felt like rolling her eyes at their decorated colourful forms, whereas she looked dull sitting among them. But she cared? Nah!

Work matters not the looks, that's what she thought.

But the girl was naive enough to think that the world works so perfectly. This is the first time she's facing the world. Her mother is not there to guide her. Her father is not there to shield her from this world and she'll soon come to know.

Three hours passed and still there was no sign of that manager. Which sort of behaviour is this? She thought. How can they be so irresponsible to make people wait this much for just an interview.

She was getting frustrated.  So she decided to freshen up a little. She timidly made her way to the receptionist. When the receptionist saw her approaching, she spoke up. "Miss the manager would be free in a minute."

A minute or more like hours!

She thought sarcastically and gave the receptionist a tight smile. "Ma'am, can you  please tell me where the restroom is?" She asked politely, her voice soft.

The receptionist made an Oh sound in understanding as she gave an awkward smile. "First corridor towards your right from that door." The receptionist said, pointing towards the office door from where she came in.

The girl nodded as she mumbled a soft, "thank you." With that said she heard the receptionist saying, "you're welcome." As Isabelle made her way out of the door and first corridor towards her right.

She saw there were two doors at the far end, on one it was mentioned make, and on the other, it was mentioned, females.

She went into the restroom,  placed her bag on the basin, and went into one of the stalls to do her business. After finishing up, she came out. Washed her hands and then her face to get rid of the tiredness.

She saw her tired face in the mirror, her eyes clearly gave away her nervousness. But she told herself that she can do it.

She grabbed her bag and was about to leave when the light went off and she panicked. She was about to take out her phone to turn on the lights but the door burst open almost knocking her.

She let out a small shriek but her voice died down when she felt two strong arms wrapping around her waist and stopping her from falling down to the floor.

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