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Chapter 1

"mama where is my coat? You did laundry yesterday!" Ayeleen called out from her room.
"Look on the iron stand, it must be there, I pressed it yesterday" her mother replied from the kitchen where she was making breakfast for her. 
She ran to the iron stand and found her white coat hanging on a hanger. She immediately took it and came back into her room to wear it in front of the mirror. Then she settled her dupatta, and touch up her makeup again which she kept minimal as possible. She picked up her bag from the bed, in which she checked again all her cards and accessories. Satisfied with the last look, she got out of the room and sat on the dining table. 
"Eat your breakfast in peace and don't be in hurry" her mother advised her while placing the breakfast in front of her. 
"Mama you always tell me, but you already know that if I'll get late to the hospital, it will create a problem for me, it's my last year of house job" she explained.
"I know everything, now do as I said and don't forget to wake up your brothers and sisters for school before leaving" she replied back while pouring tea.
"Okay got it, baba has already left, so now Amar will drop them to school? He has university today, he will get late too" she asked while chewing the last bite of bread slice.
"Yes he will drop them, now wake them up already or they will get late to school" she scolded.
"Yes I'm going" she cleaned her mouth with tissue and stood picking her bag. Then she went to her brothers room where they both were sleeping timeless. 
"Amar wake up! You have university today and you also have to drop Ayan, Aysel and Azra to school. Wake up! Or mama will scold you" she jolted him while he was half awake.
"Ok ok got it I'm coming" he replied half sleeping.
Then she again placed the bag on her shoulder, picked her car keys from the top of fridge, sat on the chair to wear her wedges. She gave herself a last look in the mirror and headed out.
"Allah Hafiz mama" she called out while opening the gate.
"Allah Hafiz beta, may god take you in his protection" her mother replied back from her brother's room, who were not in mood of going to school. 
She inserted the car keys and turn on the engine. She looked behind from rearview mirror. There was no one to be seen at this hour. With skills she headed the car on the road. She turned on the light music on system to sooth her nerves. 
She reached the hospital at 7:30. Her friends and co-mates were already in the staff room enjoying the coffee of winters. She opened the door and all the attention was diverted towards her.
"Hello! Wassup? I guess I'm late but I'm sorry" she said while placing her bag on the table.
"Nothing just enjoying the coffee, in this cold weather to warm ourselves and putting some stamina to work all day. And there's nothing to worry about, you are not late" her friend, Afet replied while sipping on to her coffee. And she received smiles from all her fellows. 
"Well nice bag" her fellow commented while gazing on her bag.
"My mother's choice" she replied laughing, while making a cup of coffee for herself.
Her day started at 08:00 am when patients started to arrive. And each house job officer had to stick with a senior doctor to treat and learn from them. 
She was sitting with a female senior doctor, Dr.Samantha in the room. And patients were coming one by one for their specific treatment. Dr.Samantha first hear their problem and checked the symptoms and explain things to Ayeleen which she couldn't understand about their disease or she questioned. 
It was a short day, and there were no more patients by 04:00 pm. Ayeleen went to the canteen to have her lunch with her friends. Her friend Afet was her really close friend from her high school. They both knew each other very well. They both were about same age but Ayeleen was one year behind from Afet because she couldn't clear the medical test at first attempt and had to retry. At the second attempt she cleared it, and made it to the same university as Afet and then again they both got together. Afet was now working as a junior doctor in the same hospital after completing her house job, while Ayeleen was in her final year of her house job.

They both ate the burgers along with the rest of their friends and chit chatted along. They had a group of friends including male mad female friends, and they all worked together. Ayeleen's shift was already completed and she was about to go home when she received a text from Dr.Samantha and she immediately opened it.

'Ayeleen I would like to see you in my office now if you haven't left for home' it read.
She stood up and excused her friends as she thought it could be an emergency because Dr.Samantha never asked for her after working hours. She crossed the hall and entered Dr.Samantha's office which was located on the right of corridor opposite to the wards. She knocked and immediately heard the reply.
Turning the door knob she entered, Dr.Samantha was sitting on her chair with a worried face.

"Is there everything alright Dr.Samantha?" She asked cautiously.

"I've got some serious emergency at home and I cannot attend today's evening shift. Can you do me a favour?" She asked.

"Sure" she replied.

"I would like you to replace my shift till 08:00 pm after that I'll send another doctor in my place to stay up for night. Can you do that? If you're comfortable?" She asked while looking at her.

"Sure Dr.Samantha. It will be my pleasure to help you" she replied, giving her a light smile.

"Thank you so much Ayeleen, you have just unloaded a big load off my shoulders. I'm so grateful to you. I'll make sure the substitute doctor reaches before 08:00 pm so you can go home too before midnight" she said being grateful.

"No problem" she replied, happy at the thought that she helped her.

"I'll get going then" she picked up her bag and headed towards the door.

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