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Her Very Strict Captain

Maggie Carpenter



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Carpenter, Maggie

Her Very Strict Captain

Cover Design by Korey Mae Johnson

Images by Shutterstock/Oleh Phoenix and Shutterstock/Macgork

This book is intended for adults only. Spanking and other sexual activities represented in this book are fantasies only, intended for adults.

For Captain Scott

V.I. Sailing School

Your input was invaluable.

Thank you.


Former Navy SEAL Scott Specter cast his eyes across the gray, choppy water, then lifted them to the sky. With luck he was only two hours from home, but two hours could feel like forever in bad conditions, especially with a lame engine and a difficult passenger.

The pretty, auburn-haired girl had paid cash and booked a seven-day charter around the islands. It had been just the two of them, and while he genuinely liked her and thoroughly enjoyed her vivacious personality, there had been times he’d been tempted to jerk her over his knee, spank her breathless, return her money and call it quits.

He’d played in a band before he joined the military, and she reminded him of the girls who would hang around the rock clubs in Hollywood. They’d been flirty, and full of smartass remarks. She needed to have her butt slapped scarlet just as they had.

He’d even threatened her.


But in spite of her attitude, or perhaps because of it, she was sexy as hell.

The very first night they’d shared a bottle of wine under the stars. After the first glass he’d wanted to clutch her long, disheveled auburn mane with both hands, and devour her ridiculously kissable mouth. Following the second, he was ready to sweep her up, carry her to his cabin, throw her on his bed and ravage her.

But it wasn’t just her sexy body and attitude.

A rare chemistry had evolved between them.

Though she could be aloof at times, those moments were fleeting, and he sensed it was more preoccupation than snobbery.

When she’d mentioned the people she worked for could be difficult, then quickly changed the subject, he’d sensed there was something troubling her, but after only two days he didn’t feel comfortable asking her.

Yet he wanted to.

It was unlike him to care so quickly, but as she made her way toward him in the choppy seas, he did care, a lot, and he didn’t want anything to happen to her.

“So? Will we make it?” she called, breaking into his thoughts.

His worry turned into anger and bubbled up. Though the weather appeared to be worsening, and the temperature dropping, she was still wearing only a bikini. Worse, he’d told her more than once to put on her lifejacket, and she had completely ignored him.

“Dammit, Beth, where’s your—?”

“Don’t say it,” she retorted, cutting him off. “I hate those things. They’re bulky and uncomfortable. Besides, I can swim.”

“Put it on! Now!”

“I’ll just stay inside.”

“Do you hear the wind?” he shouted, glaring at her.

“Of course I hear the wind,” she replied, her brow crinkling as she scowled back at him.

“Do you hear anything else?”

She paused, tilting her head to the side. “Uh, no, what else is there to hear except the waves hitting the boat. Is that what you mean?”

“The engines, do you hear them? No, because they’re playing up.”

“Shit. The engines,” she repeated, her irritated frown turning to one of worry. “Will we make it back? Are you okay with this?”

“No, I’m not okay, but I’m confident.”

The yacht suddenly pitched, throwing her off balance. Lunging forward, he caught her in the nick of time, but he’d hit his breaking point. Urgently bustling her across the deck, he pushed her into the salon.

“Dammit, Beth, this time you’ve gone too far,” he scolded, tightening his grip on her arm, but with an unexpected jerk, she managed to pull away. “Why do you have to be such a brat?”

“Why do you have to be so fucking strict about everything?” she retorted, her eyes blazing back at him as she darted behind a table out of his reach.

“Number one, I don’t want anything to happen to you, and number two, rules are in place for a reason. They need to be followed—and enforced if necessary.”

“Hey, I hired you. You work for me.”

“Not anymore, I quit. When we reach the marina you can take your stuff and leave, but I’m going to make sure you arrive in one piece. Don’t say I didn’t warn you.”

He suddenly bolted toward her, but anticipating his move, she was already racing toward the cabins.

“Dammit,” he growled, racing after her. “I’m going to spank you so hard…”

“Promises, promises,” she quipped, laughing out loud as she ducked into her cabin, but as she was about to slam the door shut, he pushed his foot across the threshold.

“Have you ever been spanked, Beth, and I mean, properly?”

“What kind of a question is that?”

“I didn’t think so,” he muttered. “This is long overdue.”

Before she could respond, he was inside and grabbing her arm. Bustling her back into the salon, he dropped onto the padded bench lining the wall and jerked her over his lap.

“Count yourself lucky,” he exclaimed as he began slapping her backside, moving his hand from cheek to cheek.

“Lucky? Are you crazy?” she protested, squirming on his thighs.

“I could’ve just let you fall into the water. In fact, I might just throw you in when I’m done. Will that get the message across?”

“Let me go,” she wailed. “What fucking message? What the hell do

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