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Table of Contents

Title Page

Harm's Way (Riot MC Biloxi)



Chapter 1 | Bitten by the Bug

Chapter 2 | A Woman Who Fits

Chapter 3 | Don't Get Your Knickers in a Twist

Chapter 4 | It's a Slum

Chapter 5 | Pink's Your Color

Chapter 6 | Thank You Suzy Junior

Chapter 7 | Always Pay the Price

Chapter 8 | Want to Get to Know This Chick

Chapter 9 | Don't Get Along with Gravy

Chapter 10 | You're the Worst

Chapter 11 | I Don't Feel Like It

Chapter 12 | Roommates with Benefits

Chapter 13 | Doesn't Belong Around Your Pretty Neck

Chapter 14 | Run of the Mill

Chapter 15 | Why I'm Part of the Riot

Chapter 16 | Got My Heart Running the Same Way

Chapter 17 | Put a Cut on Her Already

Chapter 18 | Where I Draw the Line

Chapter 19 | Not Supposed to Be Sappy

Chapter 20 | Less Than Upstanding

Chapter 21 | Like You Lookin' At Me Like That

Chapter 22 | Getting Out of His Life

Chapter 23 | The Price You've Got to Pay

Chapter 24 | Winning Trifecta

Chapter 25 | Desperate

Chapter 26 | I'm Just... Me

Chapter 27 | Wear My Patch

Chapter 28 | But It's Family

Chapter 29 | I'll Allow It

Chapter 30 | Eavesdropping

Epilogue | Tip for My Dealer

Sneak Peek at Brute's Strength | Chapter 1 | Number. Now. | Kenzie


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The Riot MC Series

Book 0.5: Starting the Riot

(Jackie & Volt)

Book 1: Unforeseen Riot

(Mallory & Cal)

Book 2: Inciting a Riot

(Lorraine & Vamp)

Book 3: Into the Riot

(Tennille & Razor)

Book 4: Calming the Riot

(Andrea & Liar)

Book 5: Foolish Riot

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Book 6: Respectable Riot

(Janie & Beast)


To M – I hope Har’s story is everything you hoped it would be.



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Chapter 1 Bitten by the Bug


IT WASN’T MY FIRST time sitting a poker table, and it wasn’t the first time I was the only woman at the table. Or the only woman in the room, for that matter. It wasn’t the first time I got greedy either, but it was the first time I risked my entire paycheck on an illegal poker tournament.

The flop had fallen with the five of spades, seven of spades, and the five of diamonds. The turn had been another seven, giving me four of a kind, I still looked at the board. Gleaming in the orangish-yellow light sat the river card, an eight of spades.

Of all the time for my shitty luck to strike, why did it have to be now? I needed to kick my own ass because I damn well knew better.

I’d flopped the nut full house, bet accordingly, and all the other men at the table dropped like flies... except Har. When the turn card had improved my hand to four of a kind, did I make a continuation bet? No.

Did I represent my quad-sevens? Again, no, I checked to him. I wanted to make as much money with the hand as I could.

The eight fell, and I’d ignored its suit when I shoved my stack all-in.

Greedy and stupid! So damn stupid.

“Jenkins, there re-buys for this game?” Har yelled across the table.

My pulse pounded in my ears, and I fought widening my eyes at his words. I had to keep a stony expression, no matter what. Yet, those words hollowed out my stomach as I realized he might have a straight flush. Anyone else I’d suspect was trying to scare me off, but I knew Har from years ago. He was my former stepbrother’s best friend.

While I hadn’t seen Har in fifteen years, some things never changed. His serious demeanor hadn’t changed, and I couldn’t remember a time when he bluffed at poker. We were kids when we played, but he never bluffed. I can tell you this because I called his bluffs every single time.

And he had the goods.




I looked up from the table to Har’s stubbled cheeks, his full lips surrounded by a goatee, his narrow, angular nose, finally catching his green eyes staring at me. He still looked like the bad boy next door, only now he was all man. His emerald eyes squinted as though he wondered if he knew me. It was the fourth time he’d done that, but I wouldn’t tell him who I was.

A wide, friendly smile spread across his face, and the skin around his eyes crinkled with it. “I sure hope he’s allowing re-buys, honey.”

My pulse sped up, but I didn’t dare speak.

“Wanna know why?”

My shoulder moved in the slightest of shrugs.

I barely heard his short, deep, low chuckle. “Because you’re

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