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Bride of the EmperorA Prophecy of Sisters Novel

Hayley Faiman



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Words and Phrases of Savona


The Prophecy


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Bride of the Scholar


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All rights reserved.

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Where there is unity there is always victory.

Publilius Syrus

Words and Phrases of Savona

Augur – priest

Capitis – capital

Concubina – mistress

Cubiculum – bedroom

Culus – ass

Cunnus – cunt

Dolo – pike

Domum – mansion

Dulcissima – sweetest

Famulus – female slave

Frater – brother

Futuo – fuck

Gladius – sword

Ilium – balls

Infans – baby

Insanus – insane

Landica – clit

Locus – joke

Lupanar – brothel

Maenianum – balcony

Maga – powerful witch

Magi – magic

Manducare – eat

Melculum – my little honey

Mentula – penis

Mulier – wife

Nihil – no

Pedicabo ego vos et irrumabo – I’ll fuck you in the ass and face-fuck you

Pontifex maximus – priest

Popinae – bars

Prandete – breakfast

Princeps – prince

Puer – child servant

Pulcher – beautiful

Pupus – boy

Pulcher – beautiful

Regina – princess

Servi – slave

Somnum – sleep

Temporarius – temporary

Triclinium – formal dining room

Turba lupi – pack of wolves

Venefica – sorceress/witch/enchantress

Venereum – sex club

Venio – come


Amare - Goddess of Love

Odium - God of Hate

Diaboli - God of the Underworld

The Prophecy

Four sisters.

Four sisters will be born. They are not of this world.

Four sisters who are born of the same mother and father, yet do not share the same appearance. They are the only ones of their kind in the entire universe. Across our world and all others.

Four sisters will marry and love the fiercest warriors from all four corners of our world. Once all four relationships are consummated, the events foretold in the prophecy will be set in motion, becoming unstoppable.

If the four sisters come together once their fate has been sealed, they will absorb all of the powers this world holds.

Four sisters will be the most powerful creatures in this world. It is not known if this will be used for good or evil.

The future is uncertain and unknown if these sisters gather together in our world. Only the fates know what the final outcome will be.



The police officer looks at me almost suspiciously. He’s shorter, portly, and narrows his eyes as if he thinks that I’m crazy. Maybe I am. If I’m not yet, I will be soon. I can feel it coming. It doesn’t matter, because my sisters are gone. Right now, I’m looking at Birdie’s abandoned car, complete with all of her shit inside of it.

All of my sisters are missing.

Where is Birdie? Nobody vanishes into thin air like that. She just disappeared. I know that she didn’t go willingly. Her camera was just sitting in her car. She would never leave her camera behind, no matter what. She would have fought and that camera would have been glued to her somehow.

Something is really wrong here, and I don’t know what to do. What do I do? I’m so lost. What the hell do I do?

This police officer isn’t helping either, all he’s doing is looking at me, watching me. Staring and judging behind his eyes. He tilts his head to the side, then sucks in some air through his teeth as he rocks back on his heels.

“Well, little girl, your sister is an adult. Not much I can do. Seems she wanted to maybe just start over, fresh.”

Little girl? What a dick.

“Thanks,” I grind out.

Turning away from him, I walk toward my rental car. I’m done dealing with this asshole. I don’t know what’s going on, but something is happening to my sisters and it involves all of us, all four of us.

I’m not going to let my sisters just disappear without a trace and sit back drinking a latte as if nothing has happened. I know without a doubt that they all didn’t decide to start a new life and run away. That’s something I would do, not any of them.

Driving toward the hotel, I look around the desert and wonder why the hell Birdie would even want to live here anyway? It’s dry and windy. It’s been a

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