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The Bosun

Love is Blind #3

Harlow Layne


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Fresh off her divorce, Stella needed to get away from her ex-husband, and the pitying looks and whispers behind her back, she got from her hometown.

Queue her best friend's plan to get Stella out of her rut:

One chartered yacht,

the beautiful waters of Spain,

and one hot ex-Marine.

What happens when one forbidden night under the stars makes you want what you can’t have?


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THE BOSUN by Harlow Layne

Copyright © 2021 by Harlow Layne. All rights reserved.

ISBN-13: 978-1-950044-12-2 (Ebook Edition)

ISBN-13: 978-1-950044-19-1 (Paperback Edition)

Edited by: Your Editing Lounge

Proofreading by: The Polished Author, Amira El Alam, Brittany Bailey, Fiona Larbi

Cover Design: Harlow Layne

Photographer: Armando Adajar

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“I can’t believe I let you talk me into this,” I murmured to my best friend, Pen, out of the corner of my mouth so the other girls wouldn’t hear me.

“Why not? You totally deserve it after going through one of the worst divorces of this century.” Pen said the last loudly, making all eyes turn toward me.

I rolled my eyes at her embellishment. “It was hardly the worst. Maybe coming from our little hometown of Oasis, but not by LA’s standards. Mine was but a blip on the radar compared to some of the celebrity disaster divorces that hit the magazines and blogs.”

“If you go by the water cooler talk at Brock’s office, you’re nothing but a gold-digging bitch. Do you remember all those nights you called me crying?” I could only nod as I thought back to all the talk that made its way back to me and the way I broke down into tears on the phone while Pen picked me up. “You deserve this after everything that man put you through.”

I wouldn’t deny my ex had put me through the wringer, but I wasn’t used to such splendor. My eyes grew wide the closer we got to the dock, and I saw the boat. Okay, it wasn’t exactly categorized as a boat, but a yacht. It was mammoth and nicer than anything I’d experienced in my thirty-seven years on this Earth.

“Let me pamper you,” Zelda smiled across from me. “It’s the least I can do for a friend.”

We weren’t friends. We were barely acquaintances, but I wasn’t going to fight her on it. Zelda was a friend of a friend who’d heard about my divorce from her friend Reagan, who was friends with Pen. Pen convinced me to let this woman take us on an all-expenses-paid trip to Spain, and I needed to show her how grateful I was to be whisked away from the stares and whispers of the people in our small town. Away from my ex and his pregnant fiancée.

Reaching forward, I placed my hand on hers and smiled. “Thank you, Zelda.”

“Of course, darling. Now, what do you say we get on that boat so you can start making your ex jealous.” How was I going to do that, I wondered? Zelda must have seen the confusion on my face since she answered my unspoken question. “Oh, we’re going to get our bikinis on, take pictures, and post them on Instagram. Show your ex what he gave up.”

Posting pictures of myself in a bikini for the world to see wasn’t something I was comfortable with, but if I could stick it to Brock, it might be worth it.

The limo stopped in front of a row of people standing in front of the yacht that looked like it was bigger than my house.

“OMG, Z, this is going to be an epic trip,” Reagan squealed loud enough to make my ears ring.

I went to roll my eyes for Pen to see and commiserate with, but as I looked around, everyone had happy smiles on their faces as they took in our new home for the next five days. Even though it was over the top, I didn’t want to ruin anyone’s fun with my foul mood. Brock could ruin my day even from thousands of miles away.

Ever since I found out my husband, now ex-husband, had not only cheated on me but had gotten the trollop who worked at his office pregnant, I’d been in a perpetual bad mood, which was something I wanted to change on this trip.

Brock and his floozy were no longer in my life. Thank God, I hadn’t had any children with him; then I’d have had to fight with him for the next eighteen years. Nope, instead, I got a huge payout since we didn’t have a prenup, and we had exactly twelve cents collectively to our names when we got married. Normally I wasn’t a vindictive person, but I’d worked two jobs so we could get by while Brock went to medical school. My payout was just the interest I charged for all of those years of hard work. If it wasn’t for me, Brock never would have been able to pay for medical school.

Now was my time to have fun and live free. And maybe decide what I wanted to do with the rest of my life.

Stretching my legs out of the limo and dipping my head out into the

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