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To my children for whose weirdness I take full responsibility. It couldn't be helped. 



1. The Stanley Sisters

2. Loathe Pie

3. Fine Eyes

4. Spiders, Sharks, and Barnacles, Oh My!

5. It's Hard to Be the Bard (or MacGyver)

6. Good Opinion Once Lost

7. Quetzalcoatl’s Hot Chocolate

8. How Pitiful His Tale (How Rare His Beauty)

9. Eggs, Pie, and Cheese Wiz

10. Any Savage Can Dance

11. Red and Black

12. The Yam Incident

13. Telenovelas and Cap’n Crunch

14. What Is This Feeling?

15. He Ran Into My Knife Ten Times

16. At Common Sense She Gaily Mocks

17. Twitterpated

18. Taco Wednesday

19. Some Disenchanted Evening

20. Cold Civility

21. Will with A Quill

22. The Winter of Our Discontent

23. The Girl with The Lanyard

24. The Woman Who Stole My Heart and My Dog

25. First-Rate Opportunity

26. Stay

27. Lights, Cookies, Snoopy

28. Hold, Monsters!

29. T Minus One Day

30. Something Else

31. Take Heart, Take Mine

32. Pour, Oh Pour, the Pirate Sherry



1. Talk Like A Pirate Day

2. The Game Is Afoot With Fabulous Shoes

3. Dog People

4. Beso De Angel

5. Extravagant Purchase

6. Gal Pals

7. Perpetual State Of Symmetry

8. Emoji Dating

9. Spaghetti Face

10. Monarch Of The Sea

11. A Disturbance In The Force

12. Road Trip

13. All About Tan Lines

14. Frankfurter Parties

15. Be More Chill

16. Don’t Blink

17. Elephant In The Room

18. Coffee In Bed

19. Jazzercize, Don’t Eat Those Fries

20. Strictly Professional

21. Shipping

22. Simple-Minded Creatures

23. Hurry Up And Wait

24. Seeing Red On The Red Carpet

25. Goodbye, Hello

26. S’more Bad Jokes

27. Badly Done

28. We’ll Always Have Paris

29. Mad World

30. Lessons From Uncle Hershel

31. Zip It

32. Whatever Is True



1. Georgia

2. Georgia

3. Georgia

4. Wyatt

5. Georgia

6. Wyatt

7. Wyatt

8. Georgia

9. Georgia

10. Georgia

11. Wyatt

12. Georgia

13. Georgia

14. Wyatt

15. Wyatt

16. Wyatt

17. Georgia

18. Georgia

19. Georgia

20. Wyatt

21. Georgia

22. Georgia











Dancing with the Cowboy

A Note From Gigi

About the Author



The Stanley Sisters


It is a truth universally acknowledged that a hotshot movie star must be magnanimously bonkers to do regional theatre. Like, crazy of epic proportions. Schizo. Cracked. So what the blazes was he doing here? There were more than enough egomaniacs in my life and I could have done without Mr. Action Flick, thanks.

Unfortunately, nobody asked my opinion.

But I’m getting ahead of myself. There was, in fact, some sauce that was fantastically awesome: I landed my first professional gig as a principal cast member in Pirates of Penzance at the Stella Gardiner Theatre. The Stella Freaking Gardiner Theatre, people! Everybody knows The Gardiner’s THE prime regional playhouse in Los Angeles. And after an eternity of paying my dues performing in weird obscure shows in shoddy warehouses, I was finally getting paid.

I know, right? Sauce. Awesome.

For about a half-second, I bid a tearful adieu to memories of tap shoes sticking to stage paint still wet on opening night and also the stinky dressing rooms with mysterious carpet stains.

Or not. Really, there were no tears at all unless you count my stinging, watering eyes from the residual paint thinner lingering on my nose hairs from that time I did Little Women at a condemned train station.

Ah, what I did for my art.

It was actually a mystery how I managed to get the part of Edith in Pirates of Penzance, but there I was on the first day of rehearsal, hoping nobody would notice the fresh meat that I was. I was certain it was some sort of mistake and half-expected the director to kick me out as soon as he noticed me. Can I be honest here? I was mildly disappointed he didn’t. Professional theatre meant they expected professional-level work. And that terrified me. No more performing next to livestock with the errant chicken crossing the stage. Or that one black box theatre where the owner’s dog would wander into the audience and randomly sit on someone’s lap. I wasn’t in Kansas anymore. And by Kansas, I mean community theatre.

(I’m not from Kansas. I’m from Long Beach.)

And can we talk about the complete dork I was compared to all the other actors in the rehearsal studio? Everyone was in dancewear, stretching and warming up like a scene out of A Chorus Line. I was in threadbare yoga pants and a Guardians of the Galaxy t-shirt. Way to make an impression on your first day, Beth.

So, instead of hyperventilating while waiting for rehearsal to start, I decided to sneak to the green room to text my friend Jane who was supposed to be there already.

Me: ETA? I feel like a Hobbit in a room full of Rivendell Elves. Hurry up.

No response. Honestly, where was she?

I marched into the kitchenette for a bottle of water and that’s when I came upon a stunning specimen of a man finishing a phone call. I couldn’t help it. Something about this person stopped me in my tracks. Why though? It’s not like I was boy crazy or anything. He wore a crisp pair of jeans that looked like they were tailored for his tall form, and tucked into those jeans was a black button-down shirt, which reminded me of something Gene Kelly would wear. The short sleeves were cuffed just enough to showcase the long line of muscles and sinews on his arms. Action hero arms—but not too bulky. His hair, a sandy light brown, fell in careless, tousled waves and framed his aristocratic features, dotted with a two-day stubble. But his eyes. That’s probably where I lost my faculties. They were a piercing blue, rimmed with speckles of dark grey. Like the Pacific on a sunny day when there’s a single cloud over the horizon, promising an oncoming storm. And when those eyes fell over me, I suddenly felt freakishly tiny.

“Hhh-hi,” I

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