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(Volume Four)

By Gideon Caldwell

Copyright © 2021 by Gideon Caldwell/Harmon Cooper

Copyright © 2021 Boycott Books

Edited by Adam Luopa

Audiobook narrated by Tess Irondale, produced by Podium Audio


All rights reserved. This is a work of fiction. Names, characters, places, and incidents either are products of the author’s imagination or are used fictitiously.

Table of Contents

Table of Contents

Volume Three Recap

Chapter One

Chapter Two

Chapter Three

Chapter Four

Chapter Five

Chapter Six

Chapter Seven

Chapter Eight

Chapter Nine

Chapter Ten

Chapter Eleven

Chapter Twelve

Chapter Thirteen

Chapter Fourteen

Chapter Fifteen

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Volume Three Recap

(Contains spoilers!!!)

My Ninja Girl Volume Three centers around Micah figuring out his role and what the growing politics are between the rebel group known as the Hermetics and his small team, as well as their role in what should happen next with the iniquitous Society of Monks.

Distracted by a trip to Jokamatchi to have a hidden message translated, and his grandmother, Bunni, and Yuri’s capture, Micah doesn’t spend as much time learning to cycle industria as he would like… Micah is able to perform three unique tasks by the end of the third volume. He can activate something using his own industria, such as the helmet he wears and mechas in the forest of Woodsaka; he can absorb a strike and redistribute it; and he can heal others, but doing so requires him to take on the sickness or injury.

Throughout the third volume, Micah also grows closer to Liza, the nun who is a member of the splinter group known as the Monks of Repose. New enemies have arrived on the scene, including clan hunters, who they appear to have killed off in the last battle, as well as two other Royal Star Ninjas from the past, Kami, a kitsune fond of flails, and Milsung, who is Yuri’s younger sister.

At the end of the third volume, Micah, Liza, and Soraya rescue his grandmother, Yuri, and Bunni after Soraya learns to break mind control through a mantra, a power she activates at a temple run by a young rebel nun named Ahmey. Able to free Milsung from the spell keeping her on the side of the Society of Monks, their team escapes alongside Micah’s old friend Choro to Woodsaka, to regroup and hide out with Bobi the AI.

Choro informed Micah just before he came for him that the Hermetics were planning to take Micah and his group into custody, leaving him in a situation where he now has enemies on all sides, the Hermetics and the Society of Monks both gunning for Micah and his companions.

Chapter One

Micah Regent was not at all surprised to see Soraya step out of the woods with a small deer slung over her shoulders, the kitsune in a pair of athletic shorts and a tight top accented by a neon yellow line, her midriff showing. Unfortunately, in his mad dash to rescue them, Choro had grabbed the first bag of clothing he could find, which happened to be one that contained solely exercise gear.

This left Bunni, Yuri, Micah, Liza, and Soraya the option of what they were wearing earlier, which, depending on the person, ranged from monk robes to black Hermetics clothing, or workout gear. They had chosen the latter, Micah now in a pair of shorts and a shirt that was tight enough to show his muscles. It was an odd visual, one made even odder with Micah’s grandmother with a floral scarf wrapped around her head, in a sweater and a long skirt, and Yuri’s sister, Milsung, who wore black ninja attire, rippled bits of armor visible on her arms and legs.

If there ever was a motley crew, it was the people Micah had surrounded himself with.

It was warm out, and there was a breeze moving through the trees, Bunni standing outside the group with her glaive in her hand, taking her turn at guard for now. They were in a part of Woodsaka that had once been a village, a different one than they’d visited before, Micah not quite sure of their actual location. He didn’t know if they were closer to the Jokamatchi border, or perhaps the livable part of Woodsaka, with its ancient cobblestone streets and pagoda-topped temples. There really was no telling, the forest stretching in every direction and obscuring any recognizable landmarks.

Regardless of how well they had hidden, Micah and his crew had been extra cautious over the last couple hours; they didn’t know if they had been tracked by the monks or the Hermetics, and they weren’t taking any chances. If that were the case, at least one of them would be ready, which was why Bunni stood guard.

“What are we supposed to do with that thing?” Choro asked Soraya, an eyebrow raising as he watched the kitsune manhandle the deer.

“This thing?” Soraya replied. “We are supposed to eat this thing.” She began dealing with the carcass using one of her kunai. “Milsung, I could use your help.”

Milsung, who was the spitting image of Yuri with her dark hair and fit frame, began assisting the kitsune while Yuri gathered wood for a fire. Micah soon joined the leader of the Royal Star Ninjas, finally getting a moment to catch up with her.

“How are things?” he asked, noticing a hint of exhaustion in Yuri’s eyes. He didn’t blame her; up until a few hours ago she had been held prisoner.

“They’re better,” she said. “It has been a rough couple of days.”

“I’ll never be able to forgive them for taking you. I know that sounds stupid, but… I just can’t believe… I’m so glad they didn’t hurt you. Wherever we settle next, I want to spend some time with just you and me,” Micah began to tell her, which was something that had been

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