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Map of Ouros

Treasure of Paragon Family Tree

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Hidden Dragon: The Treasure of Paragon, Book 7

Copyright © Genevieve Jack 2021

Published by Carpe Luna Ltd, Bloomington, IL 61704

This book is a work of fiction. Names, characters, places, and incidents are either products of the author’s imagination or used fictitiously. Any resemblance to actual events, locales, or persons, living or dead, is entirely coincidental.

All rights reserved. No part of this publication can be reproduced or transmitted in any form or by any means, electronic or mechanical, without permission in writing from the author or publisher.

First Edition: April 2021

eISBN: 978-1-940675-60-2

Paperback: 978-1-940675-59-6

v 1.8

Author’s Note

Dear Reader,

Love is the truest magic and the most fulfilling fantasy. Thank you for coming along on this journey as I share the tale of the Treasure of Paragon, nine exiled royal dragon shifters destined to find love and their way home.

There are three things you can expect from a Genevieve Jack novel: magic will play a key role, unexpected twists are the norm, and love will conquer all.

The Treasure of Paragon Reading Order

The Dragon of New Orleans, Book 1

Windy City Dragon, Book 2,

Manhattan Dragon, Book 3

The Dragon of Sedona, Book 4

The Dragon of Cecil Court, Book 5

Highland Dragon, Book 6

Hidden Dragon, Book 7

The Dragons of Paragon, Book 8

The Last Dragon, Book 9

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Now, let’s spread our wings (or at least our pages) and escape together!

Genevieve Jack

About the Book

Her gift was to see…

Dianthe’s second sight has always been both a blessing and a curse. She can’t control her visions, yet they’re unerringly accurate… until an erroneous prophecy results in the destruction of her homeland. The revelation crushes her spirit and endangers her role as an officer in the rebellion to take back the kingdom of Paragon.

Until their future was hidden.

Sylas, dragon shifter and exiled prince, is the leader of the rebellion, but he can no longer rely on his mate Dianthe’s psychic powers. His inner dragon is secretly pleased to relegate her to the sidelines. Even if his decision temporarily drives her away, he’d rather have her angry than dead. Or worse.

No one ever promised forever would be easy.

When changing circumstances accelerate the rebellion’s plans, Dianthe’s fairy roots make her the only one who can perform a dangerous and necessary task. Her need to prove herself soon collides with Sylas’s desire to protect her and strains their connection to the breaking point. Dragon mating bonds are eternal, but if Dianthe and Sylas don’t find a way back to each other, not only will their marriage fail, their mission to reclaim Paragon will as well.

Chapter One

Every time Sylas thought of his wife, Dianthe, he pictured her in the kitchen. When the light poured through their cottage window and caught the flecks of gold—color that had shed from her wings like glitter—on her mahogany skin, everything in his world felt right. Something about watching her bent over a bowl or inspecting a freshly baked tray of cookies proved to his soul that the world was good. How could tragedy befall anyone surrounded by the smell of warmed cinnamon?

Not that Dianthe’s talents were limited to the domestic arts. On the contrary, her healing powers were legendary among her kind, and her second sight had proven invaluable to the resistance. Before he’d even known who the Defenders of the Goddess were, Dianthe had been a high-ranking officer and an integral part of the formation of the rebellion.

Their relationship had taken root on the island of Aeaea where he’d hidden after he and his siblings had been scattered to the four winds following the murder of his eldest brother, Marius. One of Dianthe’s visions had led the Defenders of the Goddess to the same island for the purpose of establishing a base camp. Once she’d discovered who he was, a Treasure of Paragon, one of eight remaining heirs to the kingdom, she had been the one to tell him the truth about his wicked mother. In Eleanor’s bottomless thirst for power, she and his uncle Brynhoff had murdered Marius. Dianthe was the reason he had joined the rebellion and risen through the ranks, finding his purpose in the cause.

She was a warrior even if her only weapon was her mind.

Still, after so long away from home, picturing her in the kitchen had become his way to ground himself. Dianthe always seemed happy there. All the muscles of her face and shoulders relaxed, the tiny lines of tension loosening around her eyes and mouth. Her pupils grew large, the amber irises focused evenly on her task, completely empty of worry, completely content. In the kitchen, she was above it all. Nothing could touch her.

That’s how he chose to think of her. There was too much blood, too much violence, to see her as she truly was, a fairy who’d chosen a life fighting by his side, fighting his evil mother’s lust for power and risking her life to defend the five kingdoms. She’d chosen the fight before they met, but he’d always recognized it was his fucked-up family that had brought darkness into her life.

Now he joined her at the kitchen table and dipped his finger into the batter inside the powder-blue bowl she worked over. He stole a taste. “Mmmm. You’re making crizzle rolls. My favorite.”

“Sylas!” Dianthe smacked his shoulder. “That’s for the party tonight. You don’t want to show up at Elder Tree empty-handed, do you?”

“They won’t miss a mouthful.” He smacked his lips. “There’s something different.”

“I added a little lemon and fever fruit. Trader’s spice.”

He scooped up another

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