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Praise for

Letters Across the Sea

“Readers weary of European-centric World War II dramas will delight in Genevieve Graham’s Letters Across the Sea, which centers on the courage and tenacity of Canadian soldiers, veterans, and home-front fighters…. A tender, moving tale illuminating a fascinating lesser-known chapter of World War II history!”

Kate Quinn, New York Times bestselling author of The Huntress and The Alice Network

“I always look forward to diving into a Genevieve Graham novel, because I know I’ll be swept away by her meticulous evocation of the past, her memorable and wonderfully observed characters, and her unmatchable flair for shining a light into the neglected corners of our shared past. In Letters Across the Sea, she sends us from 1930s Toronto, then under siege by a relentless plague of anti-Semitism, to a different battleground altogether: the last stand of Canadian troops at the Battle of Hong Kong. This is history worth remembering—and fiction that both enlightens and entertains.”

Jennifer Robson, internationally bestselling author of The Gown and Our Darkest Night

“A beautiful book that tells a little-known chapter of history with incredible humanity. From the neighbourhoods of Toronto to the battlefields of Hong Kong, Genevieve Graham weaves exquisite research, nail-biting tension, and rich characters into a sweeping novel of courage, betrayal, and reconciliation. I loved it!”

Julia Kelly, internationally bestselling author of The Light Over London and The Last Garden in England

“An epic tale of enduring love, loyalty, and heroism, and a haunting portrayal of one of the most tragic yet overlooked battles of World War II, Letters Across the Sea has all the ingredients of a historical fiction masterpiece. Genevieve Graham has delivered once more a powerful, devastating, and ultimately redemptive story that stirs the heart in profound and lasting ways.”

Roxanne Veletzos, internationally bestselling author of The Girl They Left Behind

“In Letters Across the Sea, Genevieve Graham further cements her status as one of the preeminent writers of Canadian twentieth century historical fiction by illuminating a dark and complex chapter in the nation’s past in the decade leading up to World War II. With vivid prose and memorable characters, Graham demonstrates once more her unique ability to inspire, educate, and entertain.”

Pam Jenoff, New York Times bestselling author of The Woman with the Blue Star

“A compelling story, meticulously researched and beautifully told—to the point that I was moved to tears on several occasions. Graham is a master storyteller with a gift to touch the heart. I’m so happy to have discovered her work.”

Santa Montefiore, bestselling author of The Temptation of Gracie

Praise for Genevieve Graham

“Genevieve Graham captures the reader’s attention from the beginning in this exquisite journey to the heart of what makes us human.”

Armando Lucas Correa, bestselling author of The German Girl and The Daughter’s Tale, on The Forgotten Home Child

“[A] page-turner…. Graham writes about ordinary people living at important moments in Canadian history, from the displacement of the Acadians to the Yukon Gold Rush to the Second World War. In The Forgotten Home Child, she ensures the British Home Children are remembered and honoured.”

Winnipeg Free Press

“From icy gales on the Chilkoot Trail to the mud and festering greed in booming Dawson City, At the Mountain’s Edge gives new life to one of the most fascinating chapters in Canada’s history. Fast-paced and full of adventure, this novel is an exciting take on the raw emotions that make us human and the spirit required to endure.”

Ellen Keith, bestselling author of The Dutch Wife

“Graham has immense talent when it comes to making our nation’s history interesting and weaving a riveting story around historical facts.”

Niagara Life Magazine

“Graham continues her worthy crusade of recounting pivotal Canadian history in this poignant story [about] the travesties of war both on the battlefield and the home front.”

RT Book Reviews, on Come from Away

“The talented Genevieve Graham once again calls upon a fascinating true story in Canadian history to remind us that beneath the differences of our birth, and despite the obstacles we face, we’re all human underneath. Vividly drawn and heartwarming, Come from Away is a beautiful look at the choices we make in the face of both love and war.”

Kristin Harmel, international bestselling author of The Room on Rue Amélie and The Winemaker’s Wife

“At once dizzyingly romantic and tremendously adventurous, this novel also serves as a poignant reminder of the senseless toll the violence of war can take—and the incredible lengths of heroism humans will go to in order to survive and rescue the ones they love.”

Toronto Star, on Promises to Keep

“[Graham] has delivered a book that reads like a love letter to a time and place that figures largely in our national identity: Halifax in 1917.”

The Globe and Mail, on Tides of Honour

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To the men and women of this country who offer and often give their lives so that we can keep ours, and in particular to the brave men of Canada’s Royal Rifles and Winnipeg Grenadiers, who never should have been sent to Hong Kong. The history books seem to have mostly forgotten them, but I never will.

And to Dwayne, who indulges this passion of mine and brings me wine.

“Although the world is full of suffering, it is also full of the overcoming of it.”


If you’re reading this letter, that means I’m dead. But I guess you already know that.

I hate to say it, but after you read this, you might be glad that I’m gone, and to my eternal shame, I know I deserve that.

You see, I did something. I made a mistake. I mean, I’ve made a

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