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Table of Contents


The End and the Beginning

A little pain

Welcome to the fucking jungle

Captain Caveman

It's only a flesh wound

Call me DR Cade

Meeting the neighbors

Your a wizard Cade...well kinda

Damsel in distress

A whole new world

Super cat woman

Cleaning up shop

The Love Boat

Well there goes the neighborhood

Sexual healing

A plan of attack

Collecting strays

Falling tears and promises made

Now there are two of them

Rolling up the river

A meeting of the minds

A self taught man


Half baked

Eve of Battle

Last minutes plans


Payback is a bitch



First of all I would like to thank you the reader for picking up my book and giving me a chance to entertain you with the labor of love that this it became. I can't understand how some of the authors i read push out these books so regularly.

I would first like to thank my wonderful wife who challenged me to write my own book after I complained about running out of new ones to read.

I would like to thank my sister who's enthusiasm was greater than mine when I told her I was planning on writing a book.

I hope I scratch the itch that brought you here, the same itch that caused me to put these word to page.

I would like to credit Wenart for my cover design, you can find him on deviant art and his Instagram.

The End and the Beginning

Driving down the mountain road Cade Willmartin glanced at his side-view mirror before changing lanes with an exhausted sigh.

Long trips like these use to be a joy for him.

The twisty mountain roads were the highlight on the long trip to see his kids on the east coast for their yearly get together.

The new reason for the yearly trip made what used to be an enjoyable road trip feel more like a funeral march.

Completing his lane change on the rain-slick road Cade shifted his right arm to the passenger seat to be met with nothing but the cloth seat.

Cade choked back a sob but the tears fell despite him.

The trails left by the falling rain on the windshield mirroring their tracks down his wrinkled face.

A little over three years ago he had lost his other half, his Tony, his side seat driver, the love of his life to cancer.

Their cigarette smoking habit catching up to her first.

Placing both his hands on the steering wheel Cade's mind slipped back to three years ago, to the first time he had made this drive without her.

That first trip without Tony to celebrate her birthday with the kids had been one of the worst in his 68 years of life.

His daughter Candice had guilted him into coming to her house in Virginian after Cade had been shut in his in Missouri for six months.

Cade thought back on that, realizing how upset Tony would have been at him for giving up on life like that, and he had, on a few bad nights he had the drawer next to his bed halfway open as he looked longingly at the pistol he kept there for home defense.

Candice and his son Vince were the only reason that he was still here. They had religiously checked on him morning, noon, and night.

Cade had ignored their calls at first but Candice showing up at his home furious at him and all but beating a promise to answer their calls from now on had ended that pity party.

He was glad she had, his days had been infinitely better after that day, hearing his children and his grandbabies voices soothing a portion of his grief.

As he rounded a curve Cade voiced his thoughts to the empty car.

"They were mourning their mother just the same as me, this get together is just a way for them to share our pain and celebrate the time we had with her." His melancholy stood its ground though against his less than earnest attempt to logic his way through his grief.

"I'm trying though Tony, I really am." He said to the rainy road.

Cade knew he was one of the lucky ones, he had Tony for 42 years of blissful marriage and she had given him 2 beautiful babies.

His son Vince now married 10 years had his own landscaping business and two rug rats of his own that Cade had spoiled on every occasion.

Vance had served 20 in the Army to spite Cade with his own 10 years of service in the Navy, and Cade couldn't be more proud of the man he had grown up to be.

Candice his daughter was the CFO of a security firm with multiple contracts with the DOD.

Tony had been a one-woman cheering squad when Candice had received her masters in finance.

Cade smiled as he remembered her hooting and hollering for the whole stadium filled with people to see, screams of "THAT'S MY BABY, THAT'S MY GIRL!!!" rebounding off the walls.

Returning to the present Cade choked back another sob, “Goddammit I miss that woman.” He said as the tears began to flow again.

He indulged himself for a few minutes and let them go, finally collecting himself, he refocused as he smoothly rounded and other curve continued his drive.

Heading around a curve a half-hour later, Cade suddenly saw a jack-knifed 18 wheeler.

As he slammed his breaks he saw that he wasn't going to stop in time.

Grimacing he turned towards the tiny shoulder of the road in hopes that it would give him room to avoid the accident, the tires

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