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About the Author

Hiding Katherine

GG Shalton

Hiding Katherine

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First Edition: June 2018



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Chapter 1

The walls of the castle seemed larger than the last time she was out this far. Katherine hoped her father would not catch her outside of the garden without her veil. The binding garment was hot and bothersome, and she could not see through the thick cloth. She dreamed of being outside the gates—without a veil, without an escort, free. She wasn’t exactly in a prison, but it was close.

The wind was picking up and her skirt billowed a bit beneath her. Everywhere she looked she saw castle walls—walls that she could not climb, walls that blocked her freedom, walls that kept her hidden. Her only chance of escape would be the gatehouse, but her father’s men would never allow her to leave without an escort, and even then, it was limited to special occasions and her face always had to be covered.

The sun started to set a bit more to the west and she turned back toward the garden. They would be looking for her soon—she had to hurry. Her daily walks in the garden were the only time she was allowed outdoors. An intolerable existence for a young girl of sixteen. Dinner parties were out of the question and balls were never considered. Her father’s answer to her pleas for entertainment went unanswered—his only response was telling her that one day she would understand. Her father’s idea of understanding was a ploy by him to silence her. She was but a woman and needed to know her place.

Katherine was sure it had something to do with money. For most men, their thoughts revolved around money and land. Her father had been an English knight who served in the Royal Court at one time. Lately, he had traded his warrior skills to be a landlord. Although their castle was not as grand as many others, they lived comfortably. Yet, her father was always striving for more. He felt cheated with his only title of knight and yearned for more land.

Katherine snuck through the garden door, walked past the kitchen, and neared the dining room door. She could hear her sister’s voice speaking to her father on the other side and curiosity consumed her, so she stopped to eavesdrop on the conversation safely hidden behind an old cabinet.

“But Father, she’s our grandmother…” Deanna’s voice shuttered, she seemed to be begging her father for something.

“Out of the question. I can’t believe you would suggest going to Scotland. It’s a place for heathens.” Her father’s voice rumbled in anger and annoyance.

A whimpered plea came from her sister. “She is all we have left of our mother. It’s her dying wish. Surely, you can’t deny me.”

Katherine thought of her grandmother, trying not to panic. It weighed heavy on her heart that she was ill. After all, she was more of a mother than a grandparent. She had raised the girls when their mother had passed away from fever shortly after giving birth to Katherine. Originally from Scotland, her grandmother had returned to her homeland a few years ago to marry. A woman of her age normally didn’t remarry, but her clan wanted her home and her previous betrothed had made an offer. She was widowed and free to choose a new husband. The girls were devastated and wanted to go with her to Scotland, but their father and older half-brothers denied their request. They were not the most devoted siblings—often treating them as the poor relations even though they shared the same father. Their father married their mother when the boys were young. Their hatred of the alliance was always prevalent in the household. Not just with them, but many questioned her father’s good sense to marry a woman who was half Scottish. It didn’t matter to any of them that his new bride was also half English. The fact that he took a Scottish bride was a source of discontent with most of his English relatives. After her death, the twice-widowed knight welcomed the grandmother’s assistance in raising the girls but grew hostile when she returned to Scotland a few years later.

“I can, and I will. It’s unsafe for travel through Scotland.” Her father’s voice did not waver, his stance was clear and held finality.

Her sister’s voice raised slightly, giving her plea another chance. “Her letter said she is sending some guards from her clan. They will protect us.”

He let out a breath of frustration. “My answer is no. You will be remarried soon, and your new husband can deal with your insolence. You know your sister can’t travel. It’s impossible. I won’t take chances with her well-being. The time is near that the alliance will be made.”

“I will not remarry someone of your choice. I already obeyed you once, and my marriage was horrible. He was thrice my age!”

“He was rich and could have left you quite the inheritance if you would have had his heir. You need protection and I will arrange

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