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Copyright © 2021 Forest

All rights reserved. This book or any portion thereof may not be reproduced or used in any manner whatsoever without the express written permission of the publisher except for the user of brief quotations in a book review. The scanning, uploading and distribution of this book via the Internet or any other means without the permission of the author is not permitted.


For M,

Without You these words would still be in the stars.








All the words that I gather,

And all the words I write,

Must spread out their wings untiring,

And never rest in their flight,

Till they come where your sad, sad heart is,

And sing to you in the night,

Beyond where the waters are moving,

Storm darkened or starry bright.



               Part 1


I See You

Your name is the Moon.

And your heart is the sun.

We’ve walked in divergent paths,

but I swear I've seen you from the Stars.

Beautiful But Broken

My beautiful girl,

You are what Angels were, beautiful but yet broken.

And it was true that men could never tell the difference between a painting made from ruins, and a masterpiece sculpted from golden fire.

They never seemed to look hard enough. They would have found the pieces in your eyes, as it glistened with imperfection.

Dear Midnight,

there's nothing more beautiful

than a girl who knows she

deserves the world, and the moon

in her pocket.

She keeps the stars in a golden jar,

And tells her story to the night.

Her love comes as peaceful as the wind in the night.

Her tenderness is like whiskey and red wine on the lips,

never failing to intoxicate a fool like me

as I stumble away from her

whispering poems

with closed eyes.

When we fell from the skies

you held me so close

and you took my fall

for that I am grateful,

Forever in your debt.


All the sun I could not hold,

will one day eat me into a pile of ash.

But it was the greatest of pleasure being devoured by them.


She was an old pile of books.

Hoping desperately for a

reader, someone to bare her words to,

her deepest most intimate


She Was The Night

I am not one to kiss the moon goodbye.

I've become too accustomed to her beautiful glow,

and the way she sings when she's alone in the dark.

Even The Sun Could Blush

I'm a verse full of clichés waiting to embarrass you

with poetic lyrics, until you feel your cheeks flushed

and your head is tilted downwards to avoid my gaze.

And then I'll tell you were the most graceful


ever created.

Sincerely Yours

For a couple of glorious years

I fought through life with you by my side.

And when death conquers me

I hope to be remembered as

the boy who loved you


The Quiet After the Storm

When the love is drained and we become nothing but


only then will the words we said become calm,

and soft as whispers.

I feel for her with

the intensity that created

a Lightning bolt.

two heartstrings

tangled into one.

Love Yourself

It took an ocean of tears

to realise that the love she had for herself was more

important than the one she expected from others.

if you love someone enough, you don't have to go to

the moon and back to prove it,

all you have to do is to stay right there.

Sad Eyes

Angel, you're bitter from being forsaken.

The promises made to you have all been broken now.

Your presence only makes me sad.

Every time I see you

I find tears trickling down my cheeks,

because I know you deserve better.








Call of the wild


She said "call me by the name of stars, constellations

and all things beautiful.

I feel the world

calling out to me,

and I don't know

from where to chase the wild."


We flew to the sky

with wings made from love,

my lips on yours

was the feeling

of being amongst

the stars.


She radiated with the glow from the morning sun.

her beauty was exquisite, it was told in tales and

heard in the songs of bards home and beyond, and

every man and maiden watched her amorously when

she walked in the garden.

But there's was one who coveted her from the


and all day long he slithered through her path.

For he desired to be close to her.

But her heart belonged to a certain farmer who

brought her flowers and kissed her feet with love.

All That You Are


You're HEAVEN.

You're BEAUTY.

you're EVERYTHING the whole world isn't.

Your eyes are shaped like stars, and your soul is a

cornucopia overflowing with constant kindness.

Sometimes I wish the world would treat you better.

So when you feel low

think about everything you are

and how beautiful it is to be you.


I found the one who calms my soul,

she's 3000 times purer than gold.

She smiles so beautifully,

and every time she cries she melts my heart.

There's nothing else I could wish for than eternity

with her.

A Place For Us

And when heaven says



we still have

each other,

curled up away, somewhere in forever.




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