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Love Grows In The Dark

Eli Lowe



four hundred M


This is a work of fiction. Names, character, organizations, places, events, and incidents are either products of the author’s imagination or are used factiously. Any resemblance to actual persons, living or dead, or actual events is purely coincidental.

Text copyright © 2021 by Eli Lowe               All rights reserved.

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Published by Four Hundred Publishing, Seattle


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Is it wrong to be strong even if I am a girl?

Is it wrong to be powerful even if I am young?

Is it wrong to have goals even when I was warned every day not to?

What if I am not like every other normal girl out there... But it’s still me. Isn’t it?

You must be wondering what the shit I am talking about.

Well, this is pretty much my story.

And those are the questions that I have asked myself countless times until now... But do you know what answers I have got for all those questions every single time.... ?

Hell No.

But little did I know that things are not exactly what we can see from outside.

I can say that... Cause I knew myself.

You see...

Even though I am physically strong, but only I know how fragile I am from the inside.

Just like that...

But what I didn't know was that life is going to change soon, drastically. I didn't know that finding my mate will also make me change my views that I had believed my whole life.

I didn't know that not only me but also my whole world will be ripped out of its own mask and stand in front of me with its bare ugly face that I could never accept.

Neither could I imagine that my whole life was nothing but a lie.

It's like I kept falling down and down,....deep into a never-ending pit of darkness.


What if?

What if love grows even in the dark?


Welcome to my story. I am Summer, a seventeen years old girl...and I am a werewolf.


We exist.

Episode 1

Summer's P. O. V

'Adrian..! Adrian..! Adrian..! Adrian..! Adrian..! Adrian..! '

I looked around only to see that the entire playground of our Valcom Valley High School was filled with the students' cheers. The students who were shouting out only one name from the gallery around us... 'Adrian', the most popular boy in our school. To be precise, a playboy.


The one standing at the centre of the crowd with a sword to fight against me is Adrian. It is not at all embarrassing to acknowledge that he is indeed handsome and attractive... at least to all the other girls of our school. He is as tall as six feet or maybe more, with a well built muscular body. And he definitely got the look of some model as his complexion is fair, which is indeed complemented by his dark blond hair and the seductive hazel eyes. And on top of that his masculine ego never stops to ooze out with his every move, every word he speaks.

He was nothing but a male chauvinist pig to me.

Well, actually not a pig but a werewolf he is. A next in line beta of another pack.

In fact, we all are... Because this is the only school for all the young werewolves of the neighbouring packs around, to train them in every way possible, like wrestling, sword fighting and other things.. Just like the one we are in right now.

Yes, the sword fight... between Adrian and me.

And me?


I am Summer, and people hate me for no reason. Maybe for the strength that I possess is a girl. A girl who stands as high as only five feet seven inches to be exact, which is not an uncommon stature for us the werewolves. Like every other ideal girl, I don't have long hair to boast about but instead, I have mid-length light brown hair that is tied up into a messy bun most of the time.

Yes, I am not like an ideal girl of our school or rather I don't want to be one. Physical beauty never seemed appealing to me, when I could see how ugly and tainted their hearts are from within.

It is nothing but a bitter reality.

I could see no real faces but only masks that they cover their ugly hearts with.

“Don't tell me you are scared now. Are you?” Adrian

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