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Dragon Breeder 3

Dante King

Copyright © 2021 by Dante King

All rights reserved.

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About the Author

Chapter 1

I dropped through the thick swirling clouds like a stone, like a falcon falling upon some luckless rabbit.

The wind rushed in my mouth as I tucked myself tighter to the neck of Garth. The Pearl Dragon was, strangely enough, also my son.

The air was cold on my teeth. My cheeks wobbled like when a skydiver was in freefall, but I couldn’t have closed my mouth if I had wanted to—my smile was just too damned wide.

Garth’s pearlescent pink hide was as smooth as glass, yet as grippy as neoprene. Beads of moisture skittered across my armor like globules of mercury as we punched our way through the chill cloud layer. My sleek battle armor was aerodynamic, clearly designed by armorers and smiths who knew their clientele.

I felt damn good attired in my armor. Nigh on invulnerable. With my dragon-enhanced strength, I could move in the mail, leather, and armor plates like they were made of cotton and cardboard.

Over my linen shirt and breeches, I wore a brigandine. This was a lightweight armor for the body; leather with tiny steel plates stitched into it. It was the Mystocean equivalent of a stab-proof vest. It would stop a casual knife cut or thrust, or an arrow if you were lucky.

Over this brigandine I wore a thigh-length shirt of incredibly fine mesh finished in a burnished bronze color. This was my hauberk and was far more flexible than the gear the regular foot soldiers of the Drako Academy were issued, and was about eight times stronger. This armor was tough enough to stop a crossbow bolt, if it wasn’t fired from point blank. It would also drastically reduce the damage from a longbow arrow—the weapon of choice for anyone stupid enough to try to harm a dragonmancer.

My arms were covered by vambraces and gauntlets, exquisitely made by the skilled armorers of the Drako Academy. Matching greaves and thigh guards protected my legs.

In my hand and pressed close to Garth’s side was the long spear favored by, and modified specifically for, dragonmancers: ash, six feet long, with wickedly sharp speartip.

I was riding Garth instead of the more experienced Noctis today because today’s mission was fairly low key. I wanted the younger, less world-wise dragon to gain as much experience as he could early on.

“It is sound logic,” Noctis said from inside my head.

The Onyx Dragon was stationed in my Right Arm slot, where I could tap his power and magic to produce Shadow Spheres. These were Chaos Magic spells that vanished the part of an enemy that they struck—very bad news for those foes I shot in the face.

Since I had defeated Cade and met with the Overseer Council two months ago, I had been training tirelessly. This practice had made me more adept at using my slots, particularly casting the Shadow Spheres with greater finesse. Now, I could vanish the sacking off a straw practice dummy without touching a single strand of the straw inside.

Saya had commented that she couldn’t wait to see me vanish the skin off a goblin and have its organs just fall into a pile on the floor. For someone who looked like a Playboy pin-up model, she could say things that would make the balls of our enemies shrivel up like salted slugs. This ruthlessness contrasted heavily with her maternal nature, which I had come to know well since she was one of my dragonling baby-mommas.

As Garth and I dived through the gathering storm clouds, I mentally ran through my inventory slots.

Head Slot: Noctis (Aura: BLINK) – short range teleportation.

Chest Slot: (Defensive Item / Offensive Spell : ONYX ARMOR) – Sleek, black armor that absorbs kinetic damage and transforms it into offensive chaos magic, which can then be fired at a chosen target through a conduit set into the breast plate.

Right Arm Slot: Noctis (Offensive Spell: SHADOW SPHERE) – vanishes whatever part of the body it hits in a burst of black misty particles.

Left Arm Slot: [insufficient skill]

Legs Slot: Noctis Travel

Weapon Slot A: Chaos Spear - Sleek spear with an ebony handle and tip that can pierce armor like a hot knife through butter. Black and silver Chaos Magic roll of it like heat waves.

Weapon Slot B Slot [[insufficient skill]

Wings Slot [insufficient skill]

Titan Slot [insufficient skill]

As far as

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