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Twisted SteelSecond Edition

Kristine Allen Scarlett Black Chelle C. Craze Eli Abbott Amy Davies Claire Marta Nia Farrell Nicole James Addison Jane Elizabeth Knox E.C. Land Rae B. Lake Erin Osborne Dani René Claire Shaw April Canavan


Welcome back to Twisted Steel.

Snow’s Addiction

Kristine Allen

The Biker’s Second Chance

A Second Chance Romance

Nicole James


Sons of Gods MC #1

Elizabeth Knox

Breaking Storm

Devil’s Riot MC Tennessee Prequel

E.C. Land


Rae B. Lake

The Exiled Eight MC – Detroit Chapter

Addison Jane

Scars of My Love

Chained Rebels MC Book II

Chelle C. Craze & Eli Abbott

Summer’s Trip

Wild Kings MC: Nomads

Erin Osborne

Battle Born MC Series

A Battle Born MC Novella

Scarlett Black

The Unforgiven

Dani René

A New Beginning

Sons of Havoc Originals Prequel

Claire Shaw


Amie Davies

Hell’s Fury MC: Dangerous Curves


Claire Marta and Nia Farrell

Savage Beginnings

An introduction to the Twisted Kings MC

April Canavan

Welcome back to Twisted Steel.

The authors of this anthology have been hit just as hard as the rest of the world. A pandemic has shattered our lives, our families are broken and bruised, and still… we’ve found our way back to the pages for you. Lose yourselves in this mix of full-length stories, novellas, and short stories that introduce you to a new life. Welcome old friends and characters you love, and say hello to brand-new additions.

We hope you accept the patch and stay as a part of our club.

Snow’s Addiction

Kristine Allen



20 years old….

“You worthless piece of shit!” A cowboy boot hit the wall next to my head as I ducked. “You’re not gonna be livin’ under my roof for free. Worse thing I ever did was tell your mother she didn’t have to get an abortion! You’ve been nothing but trouble your whole life!”

Spittle flew each time he spewed a hateful word at me. Not that I wasn’t used to it; I’d been told what a sorry excuse for a son I was for as long as I could remember.

It didn’t pay to argue with him, so I bit my tongue.

“I told your mother you were up to no good, but she’s always defendin’ you. Look at the example you’re settin’ for your brother!” He motioned, and I glanced over my shoulder to see my younger brother standing there white-faced and wide-eyed. I knew it wasn’t me that was putting that look on his face. He hated the way our father talked to us. It was part of why he’d started fucking with alcohol and drugs to begin with. “It’s no wonder he’s a freak with an example like you!”

I’d been kicked out of college the day before. My grades had slipped because I was so worried about Leon that I couldn’t concentrate. I’d been on scholastic probation when I’d been caught smoking weed with several of my teammates. My lack of focus merely sealed my coffin.

Halfway through my sophomore year, I’d been sent home with my tail between my legs, while the other guys had gotten a slap on the wrist. It was bullshit, but I didn’t have their grades. I’d been good enough at football to get a scholarship, but when my brother started going off the rails, I fell apart.

“Hey, Leon, go back to your room, okay?” I said it as quietly as I could, but my father still heard.

“He don’t take orders from you! You shoulda went to jail where you belong! Then you wouldn’t be around to influence him!”

Went to jail? Seriously? For flunking out and smoking weed? My jaw clenched.

Leon was nothing like me. With our father’s blond hair and a slight build, he was the opposite of my brown hair and bulky frame. Except now his hair was dyed black with a long flop over his eyes. Thick black liner rimmed his haunted eyes. Happy to sit in his room and play video games, he was a quiet introvert. Appearing torn, he finally took my advice.

In my mind, I said a word of thanks when he silently went back down the hallway.

“I’m going to work,” my father said as he grabbed his jacket and lunchbox. “I want your shit packed and you out of my house by the time I get home.”

He worked the second shift at the packing plant on the south edge of town. Mom worked at the bank, so she wouldn’t be home for an hour or so.

“Good riddance,” I muttered under my breath as he stormed out the door.

I’d been dreading coming home, but Decker had joined the army, so I couldn’t go stay with him. The rest of my friends had either moved away or didn’t really have room for me. One was actually in prison, but we hadn’t been that close anyway.

Maybe I hadn’t been the best kid, but I wasn’t that bad. I did all the typical shit—broke a few bones trying to do stunts on my bike and my skateboard, smoked a little weed, experimented with some other shit, drank, but I never brought the law home.

Deciding to chill in my room, I tromped down the hall. My bedroom door was ajar, and I wondered if Leon had gone to my room to wait. Except he wasn’t in there.

Wanting to check on him after our father’s rant, I went next door to his room.

When I pushed into the room, my stomach bottomed out.

Leon was sprawled on the floor.

I dropped to my knees and shook him. “Leon!”

When he didn’t wake up, I tried to see if I could find a pulse, but I didn’t know what I was doing. “Shit!”

I dug my flip phone out of my pocket and called 911. That’s when I saw the mess on his desk. White powder scattered on the surface with a shortened coffee straw to the side. As the operator asked me what my emergency was, I was diving back to my brother.

“My little brother; I think he overdosed!” I rattled off our address, begging them to hurry. Not having a clue

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