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Book online «The Windhaven Witches Omnibus Edition : Complete Paranormal Suspense Series, Books 1-4 Carissa Andrews (the beginning after the end read novel txt) 📖». Author Carissa Andrews

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The Windhaven WitchesBooks 1-4

Carissa Andrews


Secret Legacy

1. Should I Stay or Should I Go?

2. And Then There Was an Angel

3. The Winds of Change Are Coming

4. Barely Existedness

5. Going Back in Time

6. I Don't Wanna Go...

7. Welcome Home, Autumn

8. Do You Think I'm Nuts?

9. The Witching Stick

10. Veritas vos Liberabit

11. First Day of School & Other Strange Things

12. Okay, That Was Unusual

13. Holy Hell—It Was You!

14. I Just Hope You're Ready

15. Library & Dead Ancestors

16. One Step Forward, Two Steps Back

17. A Trail To Follow

18. Shadows & Tattered Wallpaper

19. Legacies and Curses

20. Broken Loyalties

21. Remnants

22. Careful What You Wish For

23. Surprise

24. Forbidden

25. When the Dead Rise

26. Showtime

27. I Can't Do This Alone

28. Gemini Blood

29. Circle Back Around

30. Sinner

Soul Legacy

1. Loose Ends

2. Witching Stick, Take 2

3. Where Do I Sign?

4. Desecrated

5. Rumors On The First Day

6. All That Follows

7. New Doors Best Left Closed

8. Undead Things

9. A Home For The Dead

10. Who's Out There?

11. Maybe It Was Fate

12. Buzzkill

13. Prove It

14. Confessions

15. All Eyes Are On

16. The Jig Is Up

17. Speak Your Truths

18. A Wellspring Of Veneration

19. Gather Your Alliances

20. Convergence

21. Sworn To Secrecy

22. Unleashing Pandora

23. A Death Wish

24. A Guarantee

25. Fetch

26. All Things Displaced

27. Sudden Death

28. Where Do We Go From Here?

Haunted Legacy

1. Death is my curse

2. What’s Fate Got to Do With It?

3. Open Wounds

4. Haunting

5. Messed Up

6. One Reason

7. The Thread of Life

8. Lucky to Have Found You

9. Seeking Answers

10. Sacred Spaces

11. Panic Room

12. The Space Between Us

13. Paranormal Activity

14. Banishment & Protection

15. Against the Clock

16. His Time Has Come

17. To Whom This House Belongs

18. Stages of Grief

19. Answers Within

20. A Cursed Legacy

21. What Kind of Choices Are These?

22. Summoning the Forgotten

23. Into the Vortex

24. Tick Tock

25. What Is It Good For?

26. In His Likeness

27. Puppet Master

28. Death Wish

29. Splintering

30. Always Be With You

31. Chin Up

Cursed Legacy

1. A Lot Like Christmas

2. The Roller Coaster of a Cursed Life

3. Phone Calls & Exploration

4. Pomp and Circumstance

5. Puzzling

6. For Your Sins

7. Lies

8. Family Matters

9. Out in the Open

10. Put to the Test

11. Breathe

12. Life, Death, & Metamorphosis

13. Pity Party & Negotiations

14. An Insane Gamble

15. The Other Side

16. Them’s the Rules

17. Clear the Sins Away

18. Ripples

19. Merry Christmas

20. Lachesis

21. Pulling the Strings

22. The Only Way Forward

23. Fail-safe

24. The Box

25. Sin-Eater

26. Memories

27. Done with Fate

28. Second Chances

Also by Carissa Andrews

About the Author

Secret Legacy

Chapter 1

Should I Stay or Should I Go?

By the absurd color of my mother’s face, it’s safe to say I’m royally screwed.

“I asked you a question,” Mom says, her hazel eyes trained expectantly on me.

My mouth drops open, and I shake my head. “I don’t even know what that is.”

“Don’t play coy with me, Autumn. This is a big deal—a behemoth deal. You don’t get a packet like this to the Windhaven Academy unless they’ve accepted your enrollment,” she says, placing a protective hand across the large purple packet with sparkly stars across it.

Instinctively, I grab for the envelope, tugging it from under her palm. I pull it to my chest without even looking closer at it. It’s got some heft to it, and I float through the decisions of whether to toss it in the trash or walk off with it.

“Look, Mom, there’s gotta be a mistake here. Or maybe someone is playing a practical joke on me. The Windhaven Academy…that’s a school for kids with unique abilities—the supernatural kids. Why would I apply there, let alone get accepted? It’s ludicrous.”

“That’s what I would like to know. Imagine my shock when the mailman passed it over,” she says. “The last I heard you were planning on going to the U next year. I know it’s not as early as you would have liked, but trust me, saving for it was a wise investment. Especially with the student loan snafu—”

“You can relax, Mom. There’s nothing to this at all. I still plan to get my forensic sciences degree, for crying out loud.”

I turn on my heel to vacate the premises before things escalate. Mom and the supernatural world don’t have the best of track records, but Mom and money are even worse. The last thing I want is a four-hour discussion about the nature of things and how the system is built to “keep us little folks down.”

Mom follows me. “Why are you walking away, Autumn? We're not done here. What aren’t you telling me?”

Spinning around, I scrunch my face, trying to hold it steady without drawing out her imagination. “N-nothing.”

“Well, that was convincing,” she says, placing a hand on her hip. “You know, I always thought we had a pretty good thing going here. I know we’ve had our ups and downs, and this last year having to work at the craft shop hasn’t been ideal, but I never thought lying would be a thing.”

“It’s not. I’m not—” I say, unable to contain the anger building inside me. “Mom, I have no idea what this is or why it arrived. If you can’t trust me, or believe me, then that says more about you than it does me.”

Her mouth pops open, but words don’t tumble out at their ordinary pace.

Without wasting another moment, I turn my back on her and stomp upstairs to my bedroom. It’s the one space in this tiny house that’s off limits for her, and she knows it. After closing the door, I fling the packet onto my bed and lean back against the wood doorframe.

My brain whirls around, trying to make sense of the past few minutes. There is literally no reason for me to apply to the Windhaven Academy and even less reason to be accepted. I have no powers at all. None. Trust me, I’d know after the years of wishful thinking and trying to make something amazing happen. I’ve seen close friends learn their abilities and go on to do incredible things. But I’m still here—stuck in Mistwood Point until I can afford the state university like a completely ordinary girl. Meh. At least going for

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