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Tarnished Crown

Gravestone Elite Book Two

Caitlyn Dare


1. Bexley

2. Mia

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About the Author

Also by Caitlyn Dare

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I roll over in bed, the images of the night running through my mind, and my body grows hot.

Her touch. Her kiss. The softness of her skin against mine.

My hand automatically lowers until my fingers wrap around my hard length.

Fuck, she's perfect.

Our time together plays out like a movie in my head as I slowly jerk myself. I didn't think we'd get any time together. I’d expected Cade to monopolize all her attention and keep us apart.

My eyes fly open at that thought, and I bolt upright in bed.

Why didn't he keep us apart?

My brows pinch as I look around the unfamiliar room, but as my eyes move over each piece of furniture, I start to see all my things.

“What the—”

Throwing the covers off, I walk naked across the room to the window and look out. The forest spreads out for miles before me, and realization begins to dawn.

Glancing down at my chest, I take in the brand. It burns like it did when that asshole pressed the red-hot iron into my skin.

I'm one of them now.

I saw their matching brands that day in the pit, but I was too drugged up, too high to really put much thought into it.

I'm Electi now. Part of Quinctus.

I stumble back until I'm sitting on the edge of the bed. I'm sure this is meant to be a privilege, but, right now, it just feels like a death sentence.

What happens now?

We passed. We're in their little fucked-up gang; they've played their games. They’ve tried to break us.

What's next?

I want to say that we join them and do whatever it is we're meant to do. I've only heard whispers about their 'jobs' for Quinctus; I'm yet to actually know what they entail.

But the games are over… right?

I think of Mia. Of Cade's arm around her shoulders at the meal like he owned her, the pendant around her neck evidence that he actually does, and my fists curl.

She's mine.

So why did he allow last night to happen?

My head's fuzzy from the alcohol and whatever else might have found its way into my system. Cade has a way of ensuring the food I'm eating, the drinks I'm drinking—hell, even the air I breathe—is laced with something to fuck me up.

I have no reason to believe last night was any different.

Last night.

My cock swells again as I think about sinking deep inside her, watching her ride me, listening to the mewls of pleasure rumbling from the back of her throat.

I'm missing something here. I know I am, but my fucked-up head won't allow me to see it.

I fall back on the bed and squeeze my eyes tight, hoping that if I lay still and quiet it will come to me. But it remains just out of reach.

Footsteps outside the door finally get me moving once again. The last thing I need is for them to come storming in here while I'm still trying to get my head together. Stalking across the room, I twist the door that I hope leads to a bathroom and sigh with relief when I find it does.

Turning the shower on, I brush my teeth and then step under the spray. I groan as the powerful jets of water hit my shoulders. I might not want to be here, but fuck if this isn't better than the shitty shower in my dorm room.

I have no idea how long I stand there for, trying to reach the dark recess of my mind that I know is holding something back from me.

Finally, I step out, but before my hand connects with one of the white fluffy towels on the rail, a loud click sounds out from my room. My heart jumps into my throat at the possibility that it could be Mia. I throw a towel around my waist and rip the door open, but disappointment floods me as I take in the person standing in the middle of my room.

"Wow, what a welcoming look," Alex mutters. "Anyone would think you wanted someone else."

"Shut up," I bark, walking over to a chest of drawers to see if I can find some underwear.

Alex drops into the chair on the other side of the room. "Last night was fucked up, man. I don't remember what happened after leaving Gravestone Hall. Do you?"

Little warning signs fly at his words, but my mind goes straight to the gutter, thinking about her again.

A smirk curls at my lips. "Yeah, I remember a few things."


"They took us to their den to celebrate."

"Kinda what I was afraid of," he mutters. "What did they give us this time?"

"You don't remember any of it?"

"Nah, but I ache like a motherfucker, so something tells me I didn't just drink and pass out. Oh, and then there's this."

He unzips the front of his hoodie and shows me his neck and chest.

"Fucking hell." I snort, taking in the mass of hickeys littering his pale skin. "Looks like you had a good night."

"You know, for once I'd like to fuck a girl and actually remember it,” he grumbles.

I can't help but throw my head back and bark out a laugh. This situation might be dire, but we've got to find some joy in it somewhere, right?

"This fucking sucks. I don't want to live here, pretending to be some fucking god who lords it over the rest of the college. Hell,

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