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Judge your strengths by your weaknesses.


“Ivy,” her voice floats to me above the music. “Hold my hand.”

“Keep both hands on the wheel.” I chastise but lean over to kiss her cheek. “Besides, you know the rules.”

Her face falls at my words, but I need to make sure she understands what this is, and I can’t have her thinking I belong to her. 

Ivy Greene belongs to no one. 

Not even to pretty Charlotte Jones from Toronto.



I let my legs fall open, showing him I have nothing on under my kilt, and slowly run my fingers up my thigh. He’s leaning against the chalkboard with his arms crossed and watching my face intensely. I know he wants to peek at my pussy but between the hours of eight and three, he needs to be professional.

“Ivy,” he snarls. “Knock it off.”

“I’m horny.” I shrug as my fingers meet the apex of my thighs. “And wet.”

“Mrs. Greene could walk in here at any moment...”

“Mrs. Greene can watch for all I fucking care.” I cut him off.

He steps forward, bringing himself between my legs, and grabbing my hand just as it lands on my pussy. His rough knuckles scrape along my clit and I lift my hips to feel more.

He yanks my hand and his out from inside my kilt and I whimper at the loss of contact.

“I said to knock it off.” He growls and chucks my hand away.

“Fuck,” I hop off the desk. “You are boring as fuck.”

I grab my backpack off the floor and saunter to the classroom door, flipping my long mahogany hair over my shoulder.

“Ivy.” His voice is low as he calls out to me. “Tomorrow you have detention here for an hour after the final bell.”

I grin and suck my bottom lip into my mouth. “Okay, Mr. O’Connor.”

I leave the classroom and watch as the students in the hall make their way to their lockers, getting ready to leave for the day.

Precious Blood Academy is a catholic institute that houses immoral teenagers but prays for our souls in the process. It’s not a strict school by any means, I’ve spent the last few years in a strict school and Precious Blood is a kitten compared to that. The only thing this school is strict about is the uniform.

“So, what is my fucked up little cousin doing tonight?” Carmelo’s deep voice rasps as he leans against the locker next to mine.

“We were born literally three months apart, shut up.” I open my locker and pull out the textbooks I won’t be studying tonight.

“It’s Thursday,” he chuckles. “Isn’t that race night down at the strip?”

The strip is an old, abandoned highway that’s rarely used anymore. It was long ago replaced by a larger one and now the unruly rich kids of Whitsborough use it to drag race, until my Uncle Emmett gets wind of it and shuts it down. I used to go there with Dad’s newest vehicles and race them for fun, all without him ever finding out.

“Tell me you’re taking the Shelby.” Cameron-might as well be a cousin-leans on my other side.

“I don’t know what I’m doing yet.” I slam my locker shut.

I stride out of the school and into the parking lot. I haven’t really bothered to get reacquainted with the girls I used to call friends a few years ago, they’re different from me, and honestly I’m just not interested. Who knows when I’ll be shipped off again?

“Call me if you’re going.” Carmelo calls out. “I don’t want you to go alone.”

He’s always been so protective of me and a lot of my family says he’s like his father-my Uncle Carm. Uncle Carm died before me or Carmelo were born and the means of his death are pretty hush hush. I did some digging around when I was in New York and found out that my mother’s side of the family ran a large mob organization back in the day. Uncle Carm was their leader for a while and whenever I got to see Trent-my mother’s business partner in New York-I tried to bleed him for information. It never worked, they are all so tight lipped about everything.

My family being tight lipped is a fucking understatement. I grew up knowing there were secrets, secrets pertaining to our relatives that have long passed away, and secrets that would completely destroy us if anyone found out.

“Ivy!” I hear a voice call out and I refrain from groaning out loud.

I turn and face a girl I grew up with and at one time called my best friend. Molly is sweet and innocent,

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