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Until Forever Ends

Beauty in Lies Book Two

Adelaide Forrest

Copyright © 2021 by Adelaide Forrest

All rights reserved.

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About the Author

Content & Trigger Warnings

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About the Author

Adelaide lives in her tiny house with her husband and two rambunctious kids. When she's not chasing all three of them and her dog around the house, she spends all her free time writing and adding to the hoard of plots stored on her bookshelf and hard-drive.

 She always wanted to write, and did from the time she was ten and wrote her first full-length fantasy novel. The subject matter has changed over the years, but that passion for writing never went away.

She has a background in Psychology and working with horses, but Adelaide began her publishing journey in February 2020 and never looked back.

 For more information, please visit Adelaide's website or subscribe to her newsletter.

Content & Trigger Warnings

Beauty in Lies is a DARK mafia romance series dealing with topics that some readers may find offensive or triggering. Readers of Adelaide Forrest’s Bellandi Crime Syndicate series should note that this series is much darker.

Please keep in mind the following list WILL contain specifics about the ENTIRE series and may spoil certain plot elements. Please avoid the next page if you don’t wish to know specifics.

The following scenarios are all present in the Beauty in Lies series. This list may be added to over time.

• Situations involving dubious, questionable, or nonconsent

• 13 Year Age gap, with both characters being of legal age at the time a physical relationship forms.

• Forced Pregnancy

• Branding

• Forced Marriage under threat of death & violence

• VERY graphic violence, torture, and murder

• Drug use, attempted date rape, and dubious situations while under the influence

• Kidnapping/Captive Scenarios

1 Rafael

She'd left me.

Nothing in our lives would ever change the fact that she'd tried to leave. That she'd chosen her mundane life over the passionate embrace I offered her. I couldn't remember a time something had affected me powerfully enough that rage blazed inside me so fiercely it tempted me to set the world on fire.

If I couldn't have her, no one would. I'd kill us both before I ever let her walk away.

I ignored the nervous chatter of the three brothers at my heels, hefting Isa higher into my arms and carrying her down the stairs to the lower level of my yacht where the McLaren waited for us. I didn't dare to look down at her as I went. The sight of her deceptively innocent face would only torture me if I did.

Joaquin hurried around me and hauled the passenger side door open as I neared it. Despite my best intentions, I caught sight of Isa's beautiful face as I gently rested her in the seat. Even with anger simmering in my veins, I took the moment to study her relaxed and peaceful features.

When she woke up, she'd hate me. When she woke up, everything would change for her.

I stroked a thumb over her cheekbone, wishing I could feel her eyes on mine one more time before they hardened with the truth of her new reality.

I didn't know what was coming. I had no way of predicting how Isa would react when she awoke as my prisoner. But the murky waters ahead of us would probably more closely resemble the Chicago River than the Mediterranean where Isa had fallen in love with me.

Stepping back with a heavy sigh, I drew my shoulders tight and closed the door to seal her inside. Over an hour had passed since we'd left Ibiza in the early morning. Over an hour where she'd slept next to me, and I was forced to wonder if she dreamt of me.

If I was still the handsome man she'd met in Ibiza, or if she finally saw the nightmare who would consume her.

I made my way to the driver's side. My stare was stern on the man who took too long to open the hatch and give me a surface to drive on over the gap between the yacht and the marina dock. As I lowered myself inside, he finally gave me a nervous nod that it was safe to make my exit.

My home island loomed in front of me, the hilly terrain in the background beckoning me forward. In the distance, the rooftop edges of the main house could be seen. The terracotta Mediterranean style was vastly different from the pine trees that covered the hillside and offered the compound where my people lived in privacy.

The McLaren started up with a purr; the sound vibrating off the inside of the yacht as I navigated my way onto the dock and took the winding road up the hill to the house. The drive was short, punctuated only by my anger and the knowledge of what came next.

Of the start of showing Isa exactly what her new life would be.

A sense of relief lurked beneath my rage, knowing that I wouldn't need to disguise my impulses in the interest of making Isa love me. She'd see the real monster, not just hints of him, and know she'd made the wrong choice.

She should have loved the man; instead, she would be possessed by her worst nightmare.

Pulling up in front of the main house, I threw the car into park and hurried out the driver's side. Alejandro and Regina stood on the front step with

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