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Rayna's Sacrifice

The Katori Chronicles

A. D. Lombardo

Nichols INK

Copyright © 2020 A. D. Lombardo

Rayna’s Sacrifice

The Katori Chronicles Book 3

A. D. Lombardo

This work is a work of fiction. Names, characters, organizations, places, events, and incidents are either products of the author’s imagination or are used factiously. Any resemblance to actual persons, living or dead, or actual events is purely coincidental.

No part of this book may be reproduced or stored in a retrieval system, or otherwise, without express written permission of the author or publisher—except for the use of brief quotations for a book review.

Published by Nichols INK

ISBN (e-Book): 978-1-7333376-5-6

Cover design by A. D. Lombardo

First Edition 2020


I dedicate this book to my son Connor,

his joy of reading and enthusiasm for my work,

changed my life.


The Katori Chronicles:

The Half-Light

Mariana’s Secret

Rayna’s Sacrifice


Some so many people were instrumental in creating book three. Each of you, and you know who you are, gave me a little bit of yourselves when I needed it most. You encouraged me to keep going through significant changes that broke this book in half.

I remember being thrilled with my original manuscript and eagerly awaited news from my editor, Keith. I was sure it would only need a few adjustments here and there before it would be perfect. When I received my first round of edits, I can honestly say I was speechless.

His comments were positive, glowing even, then I reached the third chapter of the book. From there, the typical suggestions began—enhance this and cut that. When I neared the middle of the book, I sank in my seat. Let me sum up the rest of his edits with this idea.

Imagine asking a professional landscaper to tidy your yard with pruning shears and a weed-whacker. Only to come home and find he took a machete and a backhoe to everything.

My husband’s response. “Hey, the guy is putting in a pool. Go with it!”

Once I took a two-day breather, I eased into his suggestions, and I began again. With a new purpose for the story, I changed the name and resubmitted it. Because of Keith, this story became something new—something better. Thank you.

As always, I must thank my son, Connor, for his encouragement and willingness to read and reread at a moment’s notice. A big thank you to my devoted husband; I don’t know where I would be without you. We have juggled so much over the past six months. I am happy I was holding your hand through it all.

Special thanks to my family and friends for your continued support. And last but not least, thank you, Buddy, for keeping my company at four in the morning.



Chapter 1 Stormy Weather

Chapter 2 Old Friends

Chapter 3 Waterfall Hunting

Chapter 4 Shifting Landscape

Chapter 5 Dragon’s Breath

Chapter 6 Relentless Guardians

Chapter 7 Conhaspriga

Chapter 8 Alenga’s Blessing

Chapter 9 The Agora

Chapter 10 Pineapple Sage

Chapter 11 The Hiowind Tribe

Chapter 12 Deception

Chapter 13 Rayna’s Awakening

Chapter 14 Ryker’s Truth

Chapter 15 The Maze

Chapter 16 Snowy Climb

Chapter 17 The Black Soul

Chapter 18 Fighting Dragons

Chapter 19 The Oak Sisters

Chapter 20 The Kodama

Chapter 21 Lucca’s Betrayal

Chapter 22 The Rafter

Chapter 23 Caught in the Middle

Chapter 24 Within Reach

Chapter 25 The Gemidi

Chapter 26 Island Hopping

Chapter 27 A Line in the Sand

Chapter 28 The Hunted

Chapter 29 Promises & Forgiveness

Chapter 30 Mariana

Chapter 31 Let There Be Light


Keegan’s reflection danced upon the waves as he cast an angry glance across the sea. His gaze narrowed on the horizon behind his ship. The plumes of smoke from Port Anahita were barely visible in the fading light. The evening breeze and his crew, the Weathervanes, set a quick pace. The wake of his vessel churned the dark waves of the Caprizian Sea.

“You anger me, boy,” Keegan seethed under his breath. “Defending those weaklings is beneath us. Mere average humans with no magic. They are nothing but vermin beneath my boot. I could have crushed Iver’s heart with the death of his sister. He will pay for the loss of Mariana. Don’t get in my way again.”

Arjun, a young Beastmaster, approached. “We are down to one ship, Keegan.” He stated, interrupting his leader’s contemplation. “Attacking Iver seems a waste of time as is chasing this boy. Do we limp home to Caroco?” He looked to the others for support.

The nearby Caroco sailors glanced around, nervous in the presence of all these powerful Katori. The other Katori warriors held their breath. Rage brewed in Keegan’s eyes. “How dare you imply we were defeated!” In a flash, he was on Arjun. His grasp held the man’s life in the balance. Every part of him wanted to kill this man for his implications, yet Katori warriors were in limited supply. “That boy—is my son. Prince Kai. One always knows their own flesh and blood.”

“What use is a boy without his powers?” Padar, a nearby Weathervane, asked. “It is plain to see. If we take the prince now, he will never be allowed to collect a crystal or gain access to Alenga’s sacred pool. He will have no magic.”

Like it or not, Padar was right. Without magic, Kai would be useless. Keegan closed his fist around his own crystal; it was black as night and filled with hate. He knew that since the dawn of time, the Katori needed the crystals to control the power written into their design. Without them, the Katori’s powers were greatly limited. “We must be patient,” Keegan mumbled, his stone pressed against his lips.

“I say we need more men, disposable Caroco men,” Padar suggested. “Should we not attack again? We did hurt them.”

A Kodama man clutched his green crystal and elbowed the woman beside him. “Should we Katori not join in

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