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Praise for Theresa Sneed's Escape series

You Can’t Hide

Other Titles by Theresa Sneed

Dear Reader,

Theresa Sneed

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Praise for Theresa Sneed’s Escape

Book one in the Escape series

Theresa Sneed’s Escape opened my eyes to the challenges of living with abuse and alcoholism. Escape leaves the reader with hope and the knowledge that there is always a choice. Theresa’s sense of humor shines through her writing as well. She is brilliant.

- Kari Pike, author, editor

I really enjoyed Theresa Sneed’s story, Escape. I meant to read just a couple of chapters, but was hooked and couldn’t put it down until I literally fell asleep reading it. Escape is well written, has nice plot twists, and is very intriguing. - Rebecca Lamoreaux, author

Escape, by Theresa Sneed, is a well-crafted and timely romance. Fast paced, intriguing, with plenty of twists, this novel is a roller coaster ride. - Susan G. Haws, author

I just finished Escape and loved it. Read it in three days ... the story pulled me right in, right away, and right on ... I couldn’t put it down until I finished. I had to know what was going to happen. Great storylines, great plot, great villain. I will read the next one. - Amazon-a-holic

I give Escape a five star review because it was that good. Being the first book I read by this author, I was so impressed. I will be reading more works from this author soon, she is that good. I recommend this story to everyone that likes a lot of suspense and unseen twist and turns. - Gail Holland

Escape was really good. The mystery and suspense were great. There were so many twists and turns you could never guess what was going to happen next. I read this book straight through. - Amazon Customer

Escape is a gripping suspense novel by Theresa Sneed - a new genre for this author. Theresa crafts a powerful mystery that grabs the reader's attention and doesn't let it go, even with the last word. - Rachel Andersen

I just finished this book the other day and I loved it! It kept my interest to the very end. Now I need the next book! - Linda Batt


You Can’t Hide

Escape series

Escape, book 1

You Can’t Hide, book 2

Other titles by Theresa Sneed

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Angel with an Attitude

Earthbound Angel

Destiny’s Angel

Earth Angel

Sons of Elderberry series

Elias of Elderberry

The Wood Fairies of Estraelia

Escape series


You Can’t Hide

Salem Witch Haunt series

Salem Witch Haunt

Return to Salem

Salem Bewitched

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A Guide to Writing Your First Book

Fantastic Covers and How to Make Them

Facing Mortality:

Dreams and Other Significant Things

Dear Reader,

I hope you enjoy reading You Can’t Hide as much as I enjoyed writing it. If you loved this book, please consider leaving a good review on Amazon, Goodreads, Barnes & Noble, and other social media forums. Your kind words might be the reason that someone else decides to read my books, and for that, I thank you in advance. ☺

- Author, Theresa Sneed

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You Can’t Hide

Theresa Sneed

To those who have had the courage and the strength to move on ~ and to those who still need to.

A special thank you to Betsy Love - my beta reader,

and to my readers. :)

Kindle Direct Publishing


Cover art copyright © Shutterstock.com

Cover Design Copyright © 2020 by Theresa Sneed

Interior Design Copyright © 2020 by Theresa Sneed

Text Copyright © 2020 by Theresa Sneed

All rights reserved. This book, or parts thereof, may not be reproduced in

any form without written permission.

ISBN- 9798623152565

My most sincere thanks to my readers – enjoy. A most heartfelt thank you to my beta reader, Betsy Love.



He flipped the cigarette butt to the floor, smashed his heel into it, and then turned back to his work. The dull blades of the sheers tore the newspaper, the jagged edges reflecting the torment in his mind. You’ll pay for this—all of it. Smoothing the torn ends with the tip of his knife, he pushed it aside with the others.

Gathering the clippings together, he moved to the wall, and one by one, pasted them into the shrine. He stepped back and studied it.

“Perfect.” He pressed a grimy finger against each news article. Elizabeth Heard Rescued by Professor. He spat on it and turned to the next two. Eleanor Elizabeth Heard and Elizabeth Shepherd, One and the Same; Sheriff Merrick Snyder—Impostor, and then, from the newest addition of the Tennessean; Heard to Wed, while Merrick Snyder Faces Death Penalty. In a frenzied fit, he drove the blade of his knife into her picture. “Not if I can help it. Two more weeks, Ms. Heard—two.”

Elle kicked her sandals off and sat on the swing on the back porch. Looking over the lake gave her peace. Nothing in the world mattered but her upcoming wedding to Sam. Still, the events of the prior year haunted her. She shuddered when she thought back to her lapse of memory at the hands of a madman, Merrick Snyder, and was grateful that he was in a high-security prison. He would never get out and would probably die there from old age.

In fact, the word from Sheriff Higgins was that the recent reversal of the moratorium on capital punishment would put the good sheriff as a likely candidate for a new form of death penalty—lethal injection—a more just end for a cop-killer.

A year and a half had passed since Merrick’s indictment, and her life was better than she’d ever imagined. It was almost perfect, except for the nightmares. Shortly after the ordeal, prank calls started up. One or two a month at first, and then the calls escalated to the point that Grandpa Joe had their phone number changed to unlisted.

Sheriff Higgins said that they were copy-cat calls—from sick minds wanting to be

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