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Amazement Eras

Chaos Age

Phase 1:

Timemaster Era

S. Niter

This is a work of fiction. Names, characters, places, and incidents either are the product of the author’s imagination or are used fictitiously. Any resemblance to actual persons, living or dead, events, or locales is entirely coincidental.

Copyright © 2021 by S. Niter

All rights reserved. No part of this book may be reproduced or used in any manner without written permission of the copyright owner except for the use of quotations in a book review.

First paperback edition March 2021

Paperback Cover Design by Alexandra Purtan – Fenix Designs


Summary: Aiden Alves along with his friends in secondary school within Allentown, Pennsylvania are chosen by the primordial cosmic entity to battle evil on Earth. The space trance sequence dream selector identified Aiden’s team for their sincerity necessary to prevail over the 30th century AI invader Timemaster, the prismatic fourth dimension polychromatic Infrared and the human geomorphic Oddball. Timemaster travels back in time to the present with the intent to influence future events. Guided by Jay and Jack from the 30th century, the team must battle against AI militants under the control of Timemaster. The team must confront and overcome the use of their powers and abilities along the way, whether they can move on with an abnormal life or not. Will these teens, selected for their honesty, deepest desires, and attitude to power, be able to save the world under attack from a technologically avant-garde invasion from the 30th century?

[1. Fiction. 2. Identity-Fiction. 3. Time Travel-Fiction. 4. Sci-Fi. 5. Fantasy. 6. Action. 7. Thriller. 8. Fictional Universe] I. Title

ISBN-13: 9798710775684

Available on eBook / Kindle Edition


The ones who helped me get through the writing and outlining for Amazement Eras.


My Best Friend




Post-Secondary Education

Amazement Eras Phase 1’s Story Outline:


Kaleidoscope Girl

2999: Forsaken

Paradox Wars



BOLD: Culmination Event within the Era





NOTE: Amazement Eras is a fictional universe of various storylines, characters, settings. Each book will comprise of a few more sub storylines along with a final culmination event within the specified Era that centers around these storylines. Some eras may contain filler storylines of new characters, new storylines along with continued storylines. This fictional universe has continuity set for each chapter within its own specified storyline, to allow the reader to keep consistency with the story and character’s progressive aging. The subsequent Eras will clear up plot holes, subplots, character arcs and unanswered questions in the latter part of the Amazement Eras Universe.





Emergence of the Universe

Date: Dawn of Time – 13.80 Billion Years Ago

A spark of magnificent scent of life starts with a big bang. The universe starts off with alignment of stars, planets, exo-planets, nebulas, blackholes, milky way, solar systems and all of sentient life beginning to evolve over time. The birth of the universe is created with the balance of light and darkness, creating two powerful primordial entities who sought to fight for the care or negligence of the universe itself. The entities have been created to help harness the balance of light and darkness of the universe within, to help keep life on a course for survival.

The entity of darkness has become known as the Void of Chaos or simply the Chaos Void, who seeks ruling over the universe against his rival. The black essence of dark grounded smoke started to afloat the very void of the universe as the big bang was expanding. The Void of Chaos with its red, glow-like eyes started to appear and encroach his rival, who was known as the cosmic entity full of space nebula covering his true form of appearance, blending in with the cosmos. The elegant, glowing cosmic, synergized space being, and rival of the Chaos Void was Mr. Universe. The cosmic nebula disguised entity, Mr. Universe, started to raise concern towards his adversary, mainly concerned about his intentions on what he will decide for the fate of the universe itself. The dark synergized entity spoke to Mr. Universe in its grounded deep voice.

“This universe will be mine!” it exclaimed towards the nebula disguised entity.

“No, it will not be Chaos,” Mr. Universe replied, as both witnessed the big bang still expanding, creating the very galaxies within the universe.

“Who says it cannot be mine, Universe?” The Chaos Void spoke in an angry tone.

“We have to settle this fair dispute, Chaos,” Mr. Universe continued speaking in a deep celestial tone. “If you want a share of this universe, it must balance in light and darkness. We must do our respective roles to help this self-sustaining universe come to be.”

The Chaos Void was silent for a while, then simply replied; “Very well.” But deep down, the Chaos Void planned his own dark secretive plans behind Mr. Universe’s back. He planned to spawn primordial beings of his own sometime later to compete against Mr. Universe, to be able to rule the universe entirely within his grasp.

The Chaos Void since the Dawn of Time began his creations that were big works of his own. He spawned a dark warrior like being who cataclysmically could overpower the Void himself prominently. The Chaos Void created a mere being known as “Angrannoz of Grotesque” with a significant amount of the dark essences being carried down by the Void himself, alongside with a ball of red laser like energy beginning to evolve more and more within Angrannoz. The multifarious ball of maser energy began to transmogrify, making it an immediate threat potentially to himself. Angrannoz began to try to overpower the Void itself, to seek more power but within time and creation manipulation, the Void banished his creation Angrannoz of Grotesque into an alternate dimension that coexisted adjacent to the beds of the universe. The Void extracted the red blood ball of maser energy from his creation, the energy

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