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Destiny Sorrow

Rod S. Galves

For Lara, her friendship illuminates my life at all times



The Army


Military Life

First Mission





The Answer of the Pharaoh

The Chaos Agents

Chaotic Life

New Mission


The Ball

War in the Ziggurat

Pharaoh's Fury


New day

General Sorom


Before the storm

God’s Air Temple

In the Eye of the Hurricane



Part I:

The World of Order


The sun had just bathed the horizon with its first rays of light. Miles of plantations were illuminated, beginning their photosynthesis, and evaporating the dew of the night.

Large machinery turned on automatically. They were four meters long and almost three meters high; side turbines made the five machines float. There were no propellers, only a blue energy emanating from their circular engines. That energy was enough to make the drones gain altitude and soon were flying over the plantation field, throwing chemicals at the site. In less than half an hour they had already flown over the entire territory and returned to the shed from which they left, near the large house where the owner of the farm lived.

The polished wooden house had two floors. It was full of windows with antennae on its roof next to solar panels.

In front of the villa, a small truck with the empty bucket rested. It was red, yet already somewhat rusty, clashing with the modernity and polishing of the house. It had four of the same drones' thrusters, but smaller and disconnected.

In one of the rooms of the house, a child saw the drones parking out the window and packed their school supplies in a backpack.

The room wasn't too big. There was a bed against the wall with a sheet with stars patterns. Lying on top of the furniture, there were dolls with technological armor: one with a gray armor, which appeared to be part of his skin, had a blade stored in his back. The other was bigger, with a large black armor covering his entire body and carrying a giant axe. Two more dolls thrown on the ground: a man whose lower half resembled a war tank, accompanied by a woman in camouflage, carrying a sniper rifle.

There was also an old closet and desk, where the boy took his last materials. On the desk a woman's doll with a flamethrower by the side of a horseshoe-shaped ship. This two were close to another female doll, who had a yellow armor with black details and held two swords.

Next to his bed was a poster of a man who seemed to follow the armor style of the toys. His armor was white and blue, with a helmet that covered his nose up, and carried a blue revolver. Above man were the words “Follow your destiny”.

The boy was almost ten years old, dark brown hair and tanned skin. He was wearing a white uniform blouse and black pants. As soon as he put his backpack on his back, he left his room.

He was in the hallway on the second floor, with a colored carpet, where a small drone vacuumed the dust off the ground. After passing through the machine the boy went down the circular stairs going right towards the kitchen, where he heard his father humming.

When he entered the room, his father stopped what he was doing and took the child in his lap.

“Happy birthday, Aiden!” celebrated the father, who showed more happiness than the birthday boy himself. “Aren't you excited? Today is the day you will receive your destiny!”

Aiden's father had the same hair and skin color, but in his early forties, he already showed traces of old age and a prominent belly. As he leaped with joy, he heard a playful voice coming from the door.

“Yes, maybe he turns into a chaotic.”

Aiden became angry, looking in the direction of sound, in which a thirteen-year-old girl stared at him.

“Dad, Yana's been saying that all the week!”

The father showed to be disappointed to the girl.

“Don't say those things Yana! Aiden's going to have a great destiny, just like yours.”

Yana, Aiden's sister, was much taller than the boy, and although they were remarkably similar, her hair reached almost up to her waist and was much smoother than that of the men in the family.

“A very great destiny indeed, to take care of this farm”, she answered sarcastically.

She sat at the wooden table and began to eat the breakfast toast.

“Father”, Aiden spoke excitedly, having already forgotten the provocation of his sister “I want to be a Guardian of Order, just like Guardian Simeht!”

The father put his son in another chair and served him special birthday pancakes, which he was preparing. The boy celebrated by attacking the food.

“See son: few are those who become Guardians of the Order, but you can still have an incredible destiny anyway. Now eat your food if you don't want to be late for class.”

Aiden ate his pancakes too fast, and, after saying goodbye to his family, ran to the front of the house toward the old truck.

In the driver's seat was an android. A humanoid creature made of white metal, full of joints and some exposed wires. His face was a screen that altered the color patterns of pixels simulating different facial expressions.

“Good morning, Aiden” spoke the android with a synthetic and calm voice. “Ready to go to class?”

“Yes, I am, Corel”, answered the boy by getting into the truck. “Did you know that today I will receive my destiny?”

As Corel fastened his seat belt, the pattern on his face changed showing a happy face with yellow pixels.

“I had this information saved in my database yes, great news! Being an android, I don't have a destiny other than to serve you, but I imagine you are very excited.”

The truck took off, flying about 30 centimeters above the road.

Aiden could see the length of his father's farm and his neighbors' farms. All small farmers working for a megacorporation, which distributed the technology, however, took most of the profits.

After half an hour talking to his fellow android, he could see

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