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Devil’s Apprentice

Patrick Stewart

Copyright © 2019

All rights reserved. No part of this publication may be reproduced, distributed, or transmitted in any form or by any means, including photocopying, recording, or other electronic or mechanical methods, without the prior written permission of the rights holder, except in the case of brief quotations embodied in critical reviews and certain other non-commercial uses permitted by copyright law.


This story is a work of fiction. Any resemblance with anyone living or deceased is completely coincidental. This work of fiction is primarily based around demons and angels. It has references to god and the devil. If you are religiously inclined, please remember that this is a work of fiction not at all intended to offend you.


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Author Comments

Chapter 1

His black hair was thick. It resembled more the spikes on the back of a hedgehog than human hair. He had red skin and two balls of black for eyes. The teeth were sharp, numerous and in rows of two like that of a shark. The demon’s name was Jamie Azarath, and Alex was having a pretty good day until he turned up and first annoyed him, and then frightened the fuck out of him.

Alex was twenty-one years of age and led a pretty unremarkable life. He worked night shifts as a security guard in an office building in central London. During the day when he wasn’t sleeping, he usually came to this café. It was a cosy little spot just around the corner from his apartment. It was quaint inside. Three single sofas of a dark grey fabric were arranged in a U around a tea table. There was a wood burning stove and past that were rows of wooden chairs and tables opposite the counter.

It was a quiet place too. Perfect for him to lose himself in his thoughts, work the brain and write away. Alex was a writer. Or at least, he was trying to write a damned book, something that he was currently doing a horrible job of. He had literally written the exact same line three times before hitting the delete button.

Sighing, he reached for his cold mug of coffee. Lifting it to his lips, he tilted the cup. Nothing. He recalled it being empty the previous time too, when he’d lifted it to his lips. Madeline, the sometimes-attentive waitress, came over with a decanter full of the stuff. But rather than pour it into his mug, she stood over him. Her elbow rested against the corner of the sofa’s backrest.

Alex looked up at her. She had pretty brown eyes and at nineteen, was two years younger than him. Madeline had that perfect golden mix-raced skin. At five foot seven, she was a decent height too. The coffee shop had chosen a smart dress code for the waitress - black skirt, white shirt. Thanks to the summer heat, Madeline wore a very short black skirt. Her white shirt had the top three buttons undone.

“That’s your fourth cup,” Madeline commented.

“Tired. Pour me another please.”

“You’ve come straight from your shift, haven’t you?”

“I showered first,” Alex said defensively.

“You should go to bed.”

“Want to come with?”

“To your bed, sure,” Madeline said, the corner of her lips twitched. “Gain ten pounds of muscle first.” She was about to pour him coffee when she stopped with the decanter hovering over his mug. “You can pay for this, right?”

Alex dug his hands into his denim jean pockets and fumbling about. He grabbed everything within, then placed the contents on the table triumphantly. “There ya go!”

Madeline separated the contents with her fingers. “Three buttons, two pennies and a string…”. She stared at the string with what looked like a seed tied to one end. Her eyes met his. “Jesus, Alex, this is sad. Where’s your credit card?”

“I think I’ve left it at home…”

Madeline frowned. “You’re not going to be able to pay for your first four then? I’ve gotten into trouble for giving you free stuff.”

“Sorry, didn’t know that,” Alex mumbled.

Madeline rolled her eyes. “My boss is a bit of a dick.”

“Want me to sort him out?”

“Sure,” she smiled. “Gain twenty pounds of muscle first though.”

“You said ten pounds of muscle earlier,” Alex muttered.

“Ten to sleep with me,” she winked. “Twenty if you want to take my boss down. He’s a big fucker.”

And with that, Madeline turned and walked away. Alex stared at her curvy behind. The short skirt accentuated it perfectly. He wasn’t ashamed that this mouth was hanging open some. He’d flirted with Madeline for a while now, but she’d never been this forward before. Alex made a mental note to hit the gym one day, then turned back to stare at the screen on his laptop.

After blinking rapidly several times, Alex rubbed his eyes. Exhaustion was catching up to him. He hit the save button on the word document several times before closing it. He was about to slam his laptop shut when he noticed the girl. She stood opposite him and wore a short floral dress. Her bare knees brushed against the coffee table.

Alex recalled seeing her sitting at the other end of the room. Her head had been buried in one of those fancy Apple Macs. She

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