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Highlander's Wicked TemptationA Historical Scottish Romance Novel

Maddie MacKenna


A Gift from the Highlands

Before You Start Reading…

Scottish Brogue Glossary

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Extended Epilogue

Preview: Highlander’s Bewitching Healer


1. Ambushed

2. The Laird

Also by Maddie MacKenna

About the Author

A Gift from the Highlands

Thank you very much for purchasing my book. It really means a lot to me, because this is the best way to show me your love and support!

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Once again, I can’t thank you enough for your support!

Maddie MacKenna

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About the Book

His hands set her on fire, and they cannot avoid the flames of their passion…

Lady Cleopatra Wood has been the subject of her father’s ire and punishments for many years. And she is certain her day would have ended with another lecture. Had she not been taken hostage by a brutish but dangerously handsome Highlander, that is.

Jude Anderson, Laird of Hanvale, is hellbent on getting his son back from the people who kidnapped him. However, he didn’t count one thing: the fear in the faerie-like eyes of the Englishwoman, or the feelings it would ignite in his heart.

Yet, as happy as he feels with Cleopatra in his arms, Jude’s mind never strays from his ultimate goal: keeping his son safe. An undertaking that seems almost impossible when assassins move through the walls. Because it's an eye for an eye, a child lost for a lost child...

Scottish Brogue Glossary

Here is a very useful glossary my good friend and fellow author Lydia Kendall sent to me, that will help you better understand the Scottish Brogue used:

aboot - about

ach - oh

afore - before

an' - and

anythin - anything

a'side - beside

askin' - asking

a'tween - between

auld - old

aye - yes

bampot - a jerk

bare bannock- a type of biscuit

bearin' - bearing

beddin' - bedding or sleeping with

bellend - a vulgar slang word

blethering - blabbing

blootered - drunk

bonnie - beautiful or pretty

bonniest - prettiest

cannae - cannot

chargin' - charging

cheesin' - happy

clocked - noticed

c'mon- come on

couldn'ae - couldn't

coupla - couple of

crivens - hell

cuddie - idiot

dae - do

dinin' - dining

dinnae - didn't or don't

disnae - doesn't

dobber - idiot

doesn'ae - doesn't

dolton - idiot

doon - down

dram - a measure of whiskey

efter - after

eh' - right

'ere - here

fer - for

frein - friend

fey - from

gae - get or give

git - a contemptible person

gonnae - going to

greetin' - dying

hae - have

hald - hold

haven'ae - haven't

heed - head

heedstart -  head start

hid - had

hoovered - gobbled

intoxicated - drunk

kip - rest

lass - young girl

leavin - leaving

legless - drunk

me - my

nae - not

no' - not

noo - now

nothin' - nothing,

oan - on

o' - of

Och - an Olympian spirit who rules the sun

oot- out

packin- packing

pished - drunk

scooby - clue

scran - food

shite - shit

sittin' - sitting

so's - so as

somethin' - something

soonds ' sounds

stonking - stinking

tae - to

teasin' - teasing

thrawn - perverse, ill-tempered

tryin' - trying

wallops - idiot

wee -small

wheest - talking

whit's - what's

wi'- with

wid - would

wisnae - was not

withoot - without

wouldnae - wouldn't

ya - you

ye - you

yea - yes

ye'll - you'll

yer - your

yerself - yourself

ye're - you're

ye've - you've


The crashing of footsteps on the hard-wood floors bounced off the stone walls of the manor. Glancing over her shoulder, fear rippled through Cleopatra as she raced down the deserted hallway. With each step she took, the braver she became, knowing her salvation was just beyond the hard oak door.

The door and her freedom were within her grasp, but she knew one mistake would cost her dearly. A distant clatter of voices caused her to pause.

Darting to the nearby door, she stepped into the nook and pressed herself against the wall as far as she could go. Holding her breath, she waited for the sounds to die down before peaking around the door frame. She knew if she were caught, she’d find herself once again locked in the tower for days on end, but the risk was worth it. Even if all she got to see were the pale blue skies and soft white clouds drifting by, she could endure the weeks of solitude if she were discovered.

With her heart pounding against her ribs, she slowly slipped out of her hiding spot. Hugging the wall, she tiptoed further down the hallway, praying for a chance to see the outside world.

It wasn’t her escape that was such a grievous offense, but the deed she had done. For in her clammy little hand, she clung to a book she had swiped from her father’s library. If he caught her with such an item it would be the end for her.

“What are you telling me?” her father’s voice boomed down the hall. She froze against the wall and squeezed her eyes tight. Every nerve sparked like little flames that would soon turn into a raging inferno. Her palms moistened as she chomped down on her lips. “I know the Clan is planning something and I would like to know what it is.”

“Yes, right away, Sire,” a meek voice answered back. Cleopatra knew instantly the sound of Allen Welch. He had been her father’s councilman for decades. His whiny voice made even the servants cringe. She paused as her ears perked.

Please don’t come this way. Turn and go to the study. That is where you need to go. Not down this way.

With nowhere to hide, Cleopatra knew she could easily be exposed,

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