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Chapter 1

I took a deep breath and stared up at the beautiful multi-colored sky. The horizon was lit up with the deep blues, purples, pinks, and oranges of the sunset, and a sense of serenity washed over me as I took it all in.

The horned horse-like animals pulling the small cart I was driving moved slowly down the road toward the large field where my campsite from the night before was.

The feel of a small creature crawling up my back to sit on my shoulder made me smile, and I turned to see it was the new little dragon my group and I had just taken in. The poor little girl was just freshly hatched and already without a mother. The dragon slave trade destroyed her family, but we were her family now.

“She’s so curious,” Asta, the beautiful white-haired elf, giggled as she reached out to stroke the small yellow dragon’s head.

The elf girl understood better than most what it was like to not have a family. When we’d found her, she had nobody, so she’d joined the group and had been with us ever since. Her knowledge of the elf realm and the dragon slave trade often came in handy, and her bright, fun personality made me happy to have her as part of the team.

Asta was tall and thin, with large pointed ears that stuck out of her often braided long white hair, which hung down past her waist. Right then, she wore a short bright-yellow tunic that matched the honey color of her eyes, and her deep, nearly black armor contrasted against her light features beautifully. She had high cheekbones, large, beautiful eyes, and full vibrant pink lips.

“You’re right,” Kas, the gorgeous strawberry-blonde Valkyrie, agreed, and she leaned forward to get a better look at the little dragon. “She’s very smart, especially for just being hatched.”

Kas was also incredibly intelligent, and I was always impressed with her knowledge base. She was nearly a master sorcerer, and because of her training with her father, she was able to do things many sorcerers couldn’t do at her age.

The Valkyrie’s curly strawberry-blonde hair hung down around her shoulders in large, wild ringlets, and she had bright violet eyes, large red lips, and a curvy, full figure. At the moment, she wore a short white tunic, sandals that allowed her to move freely in battle, and the steel armor I’d bought for her. She also owned a set of golden armor that once belonged to her mother, but it required a good amount of magic, so she could only wear it for short periods of time.

Kas was the first to join my little crew, and I loved her immensely. Her nose was always buried in a book, but she was one of the kindest and sweetest women I’d ever met. From the moment I’d seen her, I knew there was something special about her. She didn’t judge me the way some of the other people in town did, which I figured was because of her own upbringing. Kas had her father, but her mother died when she was very young.

She didn’t talk about her mother much, but I knew Kas missed her, and I sensed doing magic was her way of remaining connected to her in some way.

“Yeah, I think she’s going to be a serious little dragon like Uffe here,” Eira said with a smile and a gesture at the little red dragon who laid by our feet.

The redheaded warband leader was the last woman to join my little crew, and she’d been my warband captain before I’d found the egg that hatched Blar, the little blue dragon who made me into what I am today.

Eira had always been a hardass, and she’d always been unattainably beautiful, but I’d never expected her to join my little party. It hadn’t been until recently that I’d found out her feelings mirrored my own. I’d pined after her the entire time I’d served under her, and I’d never once suspected she’d felt the same way, though she’d always seemed to respect me more than some of the other men we worked with.

Some of them were downright buffoons, though, and I could understand why she liked me more. We shared a similar fighting style, and we both tended to use our brains rather than our muscles, though we each had plenty of both.

Eira was a complete badass, and she was able to take on enemies three times her size. I’d been on the battlefield with her numerous times, and she’d never been injured, or even come close to losing a fight. I suspected that was how she gained the honor of being a warband leader at such a young age.

Then again, it was in her blood. Eira recently told me she was the daughter of a famous warband leader, but the redhead had purposefully kept her lineage a secret. She didn’t want to get anywhere in life off her father’s merits, only her own, and I respected her for that.

On top of being an incredible warrior, Eira was also astoundingly beautiful. Long red hair hung down to her waist, and her face was made up of bright emerald-green eyes, a straight, dignified nose, and sweet plump pink lips. Her body was a perfect

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