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A Mystery Suspense Thriller

The Kay Sister 1



Sound of Fear

Eye of Fear

Vision of Fear

Taste of Fear

Game of Fear


The Scent of Bones

The Secret of Bones

The Unburied Bones

The Missing Bone

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The Kay Sister 1

The Kay Sister 2

The Kay Sister 3

The Kay Sister 4

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Sound of Fear

Eye of Fear

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This is a work of fiction. Names, characters, places, and incidents either are products of the author’s imagination or are used fictitiously. Any similarity to actual events or locales or persons, living or dead, is entirely coincidental.

Copyright © 2021 by Blue Scallop Digital LLC. – All rights Reserved

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The man kneeling on the stone floor had seen better days. His face was beaten, swollen, and bruised, bleeding gashes dripping blood onto the cold floor and soaking into his ragged clothes. He was bound and gagged, but even now, he seemed to be trying to find the will to straighten and fight back.

The leader paid him no attention, listening to a whispered report. The words were concerning. Too many rumors without foundation. How was he supposed to know which were true and which false?

His eyes flickered to the kneeling man, and he sighed inwardly. Whatever the truth, it was already too late.

He rose and looked out over his faithful followers. They aided him in his duty to protect their great nation from those that would try to enter it dishonestly or were without merit.

"For many years now, we have guarded this pass. Tonight is no different."

With that, he nodded, and a shadow behind the kneeling man swung a club, rendering him unconscious.

The leader then took a dagger that had been passed down the generations, and, with gloved hands, felt for the man's sternum, then thrust the blade quickly in and up, straight into the man's heart. The move was well-practiced, having been performed many times before.

The man gave a single wild jerk, then fell still.

"And so our nation remains protected."

"The lake or the valley?" enquired one of his closest followers.

The leader looked at the stone floor, stained by many other such nights, and knew his choice here could mean inviting a storm to descend. Yet, giving the recent influx, a message was once again needed.

"The valley for this one. Put the others in the lake."

He left the cold room, the dead men and his followers, murmurs of assent hounding him out into the night.

He glanced at the sky, deep black, scattered with stars and the thinnest sliver of moon. He turned and headed into the neighboring building, where a fire already burned in a log burner, making the room nearly unbearably hot. He stripped off his soiled gloves, wiped the blade clean, then threw the gloves and bloodied cloth into the fire and watched them burn, feeling he had done his predecessor proud tonight.

The shadowy group made their way carefully over the arid landscape, crossing silently into the falsely green and hilly area that was their goal. Disposing of the bodies was always the most dangerous part, more hazardous than capturing the filth that tried to breach their world without thought.

The only woman in the group watched the men closely, ensuring they would do nothing to bring trouble down on their leader. Without him, chaos would flow unhindered, and the world they held dear would shatter and fall.

"Take those to the lake," she said to the men carting weighted bags of remains, keeping her voice low, though no one would be out here after midnight. "You three, start to dig here."

She let her eyes travel the night, looking over the town she helped protect. Even at this distance, the tall, bright lights guarding the border shone like beacons —a row of low hanging stars that was Naco's own constellation.

She shook her head and her own fanciful imagination and looked up as the men returned from the lake, cart now empty.

"Go. We should leave separately."

They nodded and melted into

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