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Fatal Sight

Harbingers of Death Book 2

L.B. Carter & LeAnn Mason


Copyright © 2021 L.B. Carter & LeAnn Mason

All rights reserved

The characters and events portrayed in this book are fictitious. Any similarity to real persons, living or dead, is coincidental and not intended by the author.

No part of this book may be reproduced, or stored in a retrieval system, or transmitted in any form or by any means, electronic, mechanical, photocopying, recording, or otherwise, without express written permission of the publisher.


Edited by: Dawn Yacovetta

Cover by: EerilyFair Designs

Printed in the United States of America

Dedicated to patience

For those serving prison sentences, they bring sentences of death.

I am a banshee, and a Harbinger of Death. No matter how much I try to escape both.

On my first real assignment after weeks of training with the Harbingers of Death Prison Unit, the plan goes wrong. Deadly wrong. And it’s my fault.

My haunting guilt and my new team’s hostility are enough to turn me away. I hoped Seke would fight for me, give me a reason to stay, but he sends me packing. So, I try a few new teams... until I want to scream.

Time to head out on my own and hunt down the being who can rebind the deathly powers that only bring me trouble. But it turns out I’m not the only one doing the hunting, and suddenly, my mysterious past is running me down.

Can banshees announce their own death? I have a lot to learn. Fast.


Objectively, i knew that the bright blue mat I was currently sprawled upon wasn’t made of concrete, but the fifty-millionth time my back impacted the cushioned surface had jaded me. Not to mention that it still managed to do a number on my not-quite-human body.

“Those bruises are a striking addition of color on your pale-ass skin, Silver,” Raven jibed, reaching a small but strong hand down as if in assistance. The seemingly innocuous digits fluttered in impatient obviousness in front of my face. I knew better though. Nothing about the thin death-omen shifter was harmless.

“Oh, come on. Take the branch when it’s offered. I’m feeling generous toward you at the moment as I admire my artwork on your skin.”

With a narrow-eyed glare, I slapped my hand into her outstretched one with a begrudging reluctance that made her thin lips tip up in satisfaction as she jerked me to my feet.

“‘Silver’ doesn’t quite suit you at the moment now, does it, sugar? Maybe we need to come up with something a little more fittin’ for your current state. Hmmm.” Jessica, the literal siren of the group, pondered theatrically with a red-tipped talon — I mean, nail — tapping at plump lips that were the same eye-catching shade.

The blonde dripped seduction from every pore, and I had to pull my attention from her before her mojo drew me in. Again. The southern bombshell wielded her alluring abilities with wanton abandon.

“Do you need to take another trip into town? Your lust is showing,” I returned the taunt. But really, when the wench was sated by sex and flesh — literally — she was much more amenable.

“Oh, get over it. Your bitterness won’t keep your ass off the mat. Let’s go again,” the raven shifter declared.

Before I could blink, the little black-eyed harbinger had rushed me, wrapping a thin arm around my neck to squeeze tightly as the other rested atop my left shoulder and bent back so her hand cradled the back of my head.

“A fucking sleeper-hold?” I choked out, trying to maneuver my body in a way that would allow me to break from the wannabe-wrestler at my back.

My vision started to blur, fuzzing and darkening at the edges. Pinpricks of light exploding like fireworks in my periphery really drove home just how close to passing out I was. It was getting hard to think, let alone move, but I finally realized my only move would be to dislodge the little bird from my rear… by any means necessary.

I launched my weight sideways toward the mirrored wall that I could just make out at the corner of my tunneling vision. Like a beacon, the reflection of the fluorescent overhead lights twinkled at me. I turned away at the last moment, forcing the parasite attached to my back into the surface, and heard the satisfying sound of the mirrored pane crunch. The stilted crackling indicated that a spider web of fractures branched outward from the indent Raven’s slight body made.

A tinkling sound followed the second thrust. I was losing consciousness, and my own weight pinned my assailant to the already degraded surface, but the falling of the mirror pieces sounded almost pretty, way too sonorous to mean that razor-sharp pieces of mirrored glass were raining down around our entangled bodies.

“Fuck, Silver, buck much?” the monkey on my back growled, but the insane hold loosened enough for me to gasp in much-needed air.

Luckily, that breath allowed me to regain my footing enough to pull forward, away from the raining death… At least, I was out of the danger zone.

A rather reptilian hiss slithered out of my opponent as my burden suddenly lightened.  Free of her grip, I dropped to the floor where I rolled and came up into a crouch with a small, palmable knife I’d hidden in my boot. At least, I’d remembered to put my teal-tipped mane into a braid before this training session began; otherwise, I’d have blinded myself and presented an easy target.

I felt like a badass with that move… until the clapping started. Then, I just felt like a sideshow… staring at a black bird.

“Isn’t that cheating?” I huffed at the puff of plumage amidst the chaos of broken mirror slivers. Their reflected light danced on Raven’s shiny black feathers, lighting her up like a gothic disco ball.


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