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Reign Queen

The Kavin Cut Chronicles

Book 3

L. Darby Gibbs

Inkabout Publishing

Reign Queen

The Kavin Cut Chronicles

By L. Darby Gibbs

Published by Inkabout Publishing at Smashwords

Copyright 2021 L. Darby Gibbs

All Rights Reserved

Smashwords Edition, License Notes

This e-book is licensed for your personal enjoymentonly. This e-book may not be re-sold or given away to other people.If you would like to share this book with another person, pleasepurchase an additional copy for each recipient. If you're readingthis book and did not purchase it, or it was not purchased for youruse only, then please return to Smashwords.com and purchase yourown copy. Thank you for respecting the hard work of thisauthor.


This is a work of fiction. Names, characters,businesses, events, and incidents are the products of the author’simagination. Any resemblance to actual person, living or dead, oractual events is purely coincidental.

Cover art by rynkatryn.com

Edited by Sarah Engelke, www.engelke-editing.com

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About the Author

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Chapter One

She had nothing to benervous about.

Kambry paced before the door of her chambers,her long brown hair tickling her arms as she turned. She took herthick hair in her hands and braided it thoughtfully before layingit over one shoulder. She made herself to sit on the cream-coloredcouch and confirm it would force the sitter to face the chair acouple paces away.

Her stillness lasted only a moment. Shetugged at the strap that secured the leather scabbard to the backof her right hand. Twice she lifted the hidden cavity in theleather and watched the slim, jeweled queen’s knife handle slideinto view. Sybil would arrive soon. She pressed the tiny blade backinto the scabbard. She really needed to stop playing with thething.

Kambry stood and paced again, tugging at thewrist strap, her hair slowly unraveling.

The firm knock on her door stopped hermidstep, and she turned to face the entrance. After smoothing thefabric of her dress with damp palms, she said, “Come in,” laced herfingers together at her waistline and lifted her chin.

Guardsman Drew opened the door, his roundface coming into view and intent on her own. Sybil stood behindhim, her uniform dress in the old green and purple Kavin colors,pressed sharp to go with her stern figure. They may be new colorsfor her uniform, but she was in her established no-nonsense stance.As usual, the gray-streaked mess of a bun on the top of her headcontrasted with her neat appearance.

“The sybil is here as you requested, Miss doBrode,” Drew said.

“Thank you, Guard Drew.” Kambry nodded at himbefore giving the seer a steady gaze. “Please, enter, Sybil. Thereisn’t much time, and we have a lot to cover.”

Sybil nodded, her bun bobbing off beat, as ifit was slow to catch up with her actions. When Drew stepped aside,she marched in, sitting immediately on the cream-colored couch. Thedoor latched shut behind her, and they were alone.

Kambry narrowed her eyes. In fewer than threehours, they would crown her queen. Should her sybil be sitting inher presence without permission? She would have to consult LadyLaurents on the etiquette of such things. She stared at Sybil.Let her decide what she should do.

Sybil rose, shoulders straight, and placedher hands behind her back. Even her bun seemed to straighten.

Kambry sat down on the satin chair she hadplaced to face the couch. She dipped her chin, and Sybil sat again,her lips twitching.

Was she amused by Kambry’s demand forrespect?

“How can I help you, Miss do Brode?”

“I would like you to listen to me.”

Sybil gave her an attentive gaze, and Kambrytried not to fidget. This wasn’t easy, but she needed to set theprecedent. Sybil had manipulated her and had been overly selectivewith her information. It had been appropriate when Kambry had firstarrived, innocent of the intrigue and dangers of being a gullibleplant selected by Prince Russal to ferret out his enemies.

But after being drawn into the conspiracy andbetrothed to the prince, she should have been told the truth abouther situation and how she could protect herself and the prince.Kambry allowed her annoyance to rise and thin her mouth withtension. The sense of frustration at how Sybil had finessed Kambryinto specific actions and situations steadied her, and she settledher shoulders and steeled herself for what she had to say to thewoman who was to inform and support her king and queen honestly andforthrightly.

“I am not comfortable with how you havewithheld information, implied untruths, which I took for reliablefacts, and arranged conditions to meet an ulterior plan of yourown. Your actions lead me to question your appointment as sybil forKavin leadership.”

Sybil’s stiff appearance faltered for amoment. “I have done what was necessary to protect the realm.”

“Am I queen of Kavin?” Sybil would know shewas not referring to the ceremony that would commence later, ofthat Kambry was sure.

“Kavin has accepted you as queen.”

“An interesting way of putting it, Sybil. Doyou agree with that acceptance?”

“I would not question Kavin’s choice nor ournew king’s.”

“Another interesting way of answering.”Kambry leaned forward on the smooth satin cushion. “Am I yourqueen, Sybil? I hope that question is direct enough to receive adirect answer from you.”

Sybil was a pacer and a straightener when sheneeded to think or work off stress. Having to remain seated wasalready unsettling the woman. Kambry scrutinized her. Was Sybiluncomfortable because she didn’t believe Kambry would be a goodqueen, or was she feeling guilty for manipulating her futureruler?

“Miss do Brode, you have acted commendably intrying and dangerous circumstances. I approve of you very much. Iregret having to force your hand to ensure the best interests ofthe realm based on my understanding of potential results. Had youbeen from Kavin, had you been educated and experienced in ways thatwould have

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