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Book Two


Kevin Sinclair


Copyright © 2020 Kevin Sinclair


C1 Life Begins at Twenty-Eight

C2 How to Train a Roofer

C3 Mind your own Business

C4 Raising the Bar.

C5 A Brave New Supply Station

C6 Shit!

C7 New Friends

C8 High Steaks

C9 The Butcher of Xzonico

C10 Flight of the Navigator

C11 Outcasts

C12 A Quest!

C13 The Plot Thickens

C14 Role Play

C15 Ship Shop

C16 A Bountiful Escape

C17 A deal with the Devil

C18 Uprising Inc.

Copyright © 2020 Kevin Sinclair

All rights reserved

This novel is entirely a work of fiction. The names, characters and situations portrayed in it are the work of the author’s imagination.

The Author has no medical experience whatsoever and is in no way offering dietary or health advice. Any situation herein, are purely of the authors imagination.

All resemblance to actual persons, living or dead, is entirely coincidental.

No part of this book may be reproduced or stored in a retrieval system, or transmitted in any form or by any means, electronic, mechanical, photocopying, recording, or otherwise, without the express written permission of the copyright owner except for the use of quotations in a book review.

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First edition October 2020


First of all, I’d like to thank my wonderful wife Victoria, for her support and acceptance of my obsessive nature.

My children, Ewan, Lydia, William and Alexander who keep me on my toes, and provide unexpected plot twists every day.

To the Guildmasters, for all your help, support and friendship. Just a thoroughly fantastic group of people.

To my beta readers, Steve Kenny, Jeff Walsh, Joe Jelliff, Denny Johnson, Jim Auwaerter and Dantas Netos, for your time and amazing feedback.

To my Editors, Ewan Sinclair, Victoria Sinclair and Weston Mathews for your excellent work.

And Eko for another amazing cover!


Life Begins at Twenty-Eight

The obvious choice for any sane person was to immediately thrash around in a wild panic. Waking up strapped to a bed in an unknown, metallic room, was not on my bucket list.

My first thought? Intrusive alien experiments, prompting a primal need to get off that bed, quick. Try as I might, the straps held my entire body firm. This only increased the ferocity of the wild animal I had become.

A single, beautiful voice magically took away all my fear,

“Hey, hey. Calm down.”

A dreamlike version of Ember moved into my vision. She looked different and yet the same, at least to my messed up head. I really didn’t know what the hell was going on, but for a small bubble of memories that had resurfaced when I saw her. It wasn’t a lot, but it gave me a little perspective.

“I’ll unstrap you. Just stay calm. Okay?”

“I’m really out! I can’t believe it.”

“You are, but you’re gonna wish you weren’t,” she said, working on the straps.

It felt good to be free. I pulled myself up into a sitting position on the bed, and took in Ember properly. There was no doubt this was the same woman from the body language and facial expressions that I’d already seen. She was wearing a sleek one-piece uniform, black and navy in colour. Jet black hair, falling just past her shoulders.

“What’s going on, Ember? I only remember bits of what happened and what you said.”

“It’s better if Ogun delivers the full rundown,” she said, picking up a pouch from the table, “this is his area of expertise. I only found out two weeks ago, remember?... Probably not. I’m still completely out of my depth and terrified and I can’t imagine ever not being. It’s all very intense.” She pulled a straw from the pouch and twisted off the end, handing it over to me.

“What’s this?” I asked curiously.

“You drink it. It’s like a smoothie packed with all the stuff your body needs.”

“You mean there’s no food?”

“Yeah. Don’t worry, there’s plenty of food, but your stomach hasn’t seen any action for near enough a year. These will help kick-start your digestive system, so you don’t blow chunks when you first eat.”

“Okay. That makes sense, though I’m bloody starving!” I slurped down the pouch, grimacing at the gritty texture. “Can you at least say where on earth we are, and why they had me strapped down?”

“Yeah fine,” she said with a strained smile. “Those are definitely simple enough questions to answer, though you won’t like the answers. I know I sure as fuck don’t.” Her smile turning to a frown as she spoke.

“They tied you down, so you didn’t fall out of the bed. We’ve been under constant attack until about a day ago and the Thoth, that’s this ship by the way was all over the bloody place. From what I’ve heard, we’ve only just managed to escaped. Oh, and you were also thrashing around like a toddler having nightmares,” she grinned. “As for your second question, well, we aren’t on Earth.”

“Wha’?” I squawked, showcasing my manliness.

“We’re in space.”


“Yes, Shaun. Space. I see you still like asking stupid questions in the real world too.”

“What the fuck am I doing in space!”

“Trying to get the away from seriously pissed off aliens,” she said, deadpan.

“How are you so chilled?”

She looked deep in thought, before piercing my soul with her gaze. “What other choice is there?” Then she leaned forward conspiratorially, “I’m not chilled. I’m like a duck on the water. Calm on the surface, but paddling like fuck underneath.”

“Right. Well, at least we’re in it together,” I said it without thinking. She gave me such a genuine smile in return that for once I was glad my mouth worked faster than my mind.

“You're so right. I can’t explain how happy I am that we got you out in time. Even though I’m stronger than I ever thought I’d be, I don’t think I could do this without you.”

“You seem to be doing okay so far.”

“Yeah, but knowing you were here’s been comforting. Even if you have been unconscious for over a day.”

“What can I say. I put people at ease when I’m unconscious. It’s a skill,” I quipped. She chuckled and my life was instantly a little better.

“I’ll wait outside while you get dressed. There’s some clothes that’ll fit, in that

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