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Copyright © 2020 Kathryn Andrews

ISBN: 978-1-9163804-1-7 (paperback)

ISBN: 978-1-9163804-0-0 (ebook)

First published in 2020 by Kathryn Andrews Books Limited www.kandrewsbooks.com

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For Mum and Dad, with love.


Prologue Chapter 1 The Storm Chapter 2 Flynn Chapter 3 Acquiesce Chapter 4 A New Beginning Chapter 5 The Duggerna Reef Chapter 6 Encounters Chapter 7 First Kiss Chapter 8 Breck Chapter 9 The Kellys Chapter 10 Nixie’s Warning Chapter 11 The Perils of Slate Island Chapter 12 Revelations Chapter 13 Answers Chapter 14 Small Mercies Chapter 15 Family Chapter 16 Celebrations Chapter 17 Bitter Sweet Sixteen Chapter 18 Pooka Chapter 19 White Horses Chapter 20 Adjustment Chapter 21 Diving Championships Chapter 22 Meren About The Author Also Available in Print


The wild, isolated west coast of Ireland was once thought to be the edge of the world and the ocean that lay beyond this desolate place was a complete mystery to many. Although this great wilderness was bleak for much of the year, it was not lifeless. Nestled along its rugged coast between the Atlantic Ocean and the Shannon Estuary lies the Loop Head Peninsula and a small town called Kilkee, formerly known as Kilfearagh. You could say its wild, unspoiled beauty was perfect – if you have your wits about you, for there’s an unwritten rule that such breathtaking beauty must be balanced with danger, and danger awaits at every turn.



“A re you warm enough?” asked Flynn, rubbing his arms.

Cordelia nodded. She was reading Jane Eyre by Charlotte Bronte and hadn’t lifted her eyes from the pages for at least an hour.

“I hope I’m not coming down with something,” said Flynn, pulling on an extra jumper.

Flynn stepped outside the cabin and surveyed his surroundings. All seemed quiet, the sea was calmer than usual but the air was cold; bitterly cold. Flynn couldn’t shake it from his mind that something wasn’t right.

“It’s freezing out there,” he said, rubbing his hands.

Cordelia was still engrossed in her book.

“Can you put the book down for five minutes while we eat?” asked Flynn.

Cordelia folded the corner of the page and joined Flynn for supper.

“How’s the book?”

“Good,” nodded Cordelia, finishing a bite of food. “I think I’m like Jane, in a way. She’s an orphan too, although she gets sent away to school. You wouldn’t send me away, would you?”

“No chance. There’s no schools around here for girls.”

“I still don’t understand why you won’t take me to the islands. I’m not a child.”

“You’re not an adult either. I’ve told you, it’s too dangerous.”

Cordelia felt her chest tighten and she began to breathe uneasy as blood simmered beneath her fair skin.

When they’d finished eating, Cordelia washed the dishes in silence and returned to her book. Flynn kept watch on the weather, walking in and out with his hurricane lamp.

“You won’t warm up if you keep going outside,” said Cordelia, breaking the silence.

Eventually, Flynn decided to settle in for the night. “Will you make an old man happy and join me for a card game?”

Cordelia huffed. “Can I choose the game?”


Flynn and Cordelia spent the next few hours playing Old Maid, laughing and joking together.

“I knew you wouldn’t stay grumpy for long,” said Flynn.

“This doesn’t change anything. I still want to go.”

“I said no.”

“I’ve a right to know where I’m from.”

“And I’ve told you. I don’t want to hear any more about it.”

“You’re not my father. You can’t tell me what to do.”

“I’ve raised you as my own.”

The cold, winter wind began to howl.

“Did you hear that?” asked Flynn, standing to look outside.

Cordelia nodded as the boat gently rocked.

“Looks like we’re in for a bumpy night,” said Flynn.

He checked his pocket watch, it was eight thirty. By nine o’clock rain had started to lash against the windows.

“It’s probably time you went to bed,” said Flynn, “we’ve an early start tomorrow.”

Cordelia changed into her nightgown under the bed covers while Flynn stayed up to keep an eye on the storm. With every passing hour the wind blew stronger and fork lightening illuminated the darkness. Flynn realised this was no ordinary storm and he tried with all his might to get the boat to shore but the power of the ocean was too strong. Unable to sleep, Cordelia stumbled out of bed and staggered unsteadily to join Flynn.

“Let me help you,” she shouted over the crashing waves.

“It’s no use,” said Flynn, “the storm’s too strong!”

They watched with great anguish as rocks were torn from the cliffs and the roofs of nearby houses were tossed into the sea. The sight of it made the hairs on the back of their necks stand on end. One by one the houses were plunged into darkness. Flynn locked the cabin door, extinguished the gas lamps and held Cordelia tightly as they

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