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Book 3 in TheTemptation Series

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Copyright 2013

Published by K. M.Golland at Smashwords.com

ISBN: 9780987497710

All rights reserved.This book may not be reproduced, scanned, or distributed in anyprinted or electronic format without permission from the author.Please do not participate in or encourage piracy of copyrightedmaterials in violation of the author’s rights. All characters andstorylines are the property of the author and your support andrespect is appreciated.   The characters and events portrayedin this book are fictitious. Any similarity to real persons, livingor dead, is coincidental and not intended by the author.  Except the original material written by the author, all songs, songtitles and lyrics contained in this book are the property of therespective songwriters and copyright holders.











































I’ve alwayshad goals to strive toward in life. Goals, that with hard work andinitiative were still achievable regardless of how remarkably highthey were set. But damn, it was amazing how quickly your lifelonggoals, aspirations, and priorities could change when faced with newinformation—information that had the capacity to blow all plans youpreviously had right out of the water. In my case, all it took wasthe news I was about to become someone’s father.

The nightbefore, when Alexis had confirmed she was carrying our baby,everything I had previously been working for my entire life seemedmeaningless in comparison to what my life held next. Leading up tothat moment, I had been hell bent on expanding and building myfamily’s legacy—as a kind of tribute to my father. Now, I didn’tonly see it as a tribute to him, but also something I could pass onto my family, and this new revelation excited the fuck out ofme.


As always,when I stare at Alexis’ naked back lying before me, she fuckingtakes my breath away and even more so now that she is carrying ourbaby.

I gently tracemy finger down her back, careful not to wake her as she needs hersleep. She had gotten up three times during the night to piss.Three times! I can’t figure out how a person can possibly piss somuch. Although, I did have to chuckle to myself last night when thebed dipped for the second time, waking me, and I heard her curse toherself, and I quote, ‘pathetic bladder, you need to harden thefuck up.’ Shit, she makes me laugh. My heart literally hurts at howmuch I love and adore her, to the point where I think she somehowhas some form of supernatural hold on it, controlling whether itbeats or not.

The momentAlexis confirmed that she had feelings for me, I knew that I woulddo absolutely anything for her, and ever since, I have made it sothat my world revolves around the very spot on which she stands—andI wouldn’t have it any other way.

She is justeverything I have ever wanted: beautiful, kind, smart, funny,nurturing and feisty—my favourite part of the day being when shechallenges me. Of course, I know that I will always win, becausethat is just something I cannot and will not change—she doesn’tknow that though.

God, justthinking about her—let alone being in her presence—makes me sobloody happy that my cheeks ache. I’m even sitting here right now,staring at her and grinning like the fucking Cheshire Cat. I shouldbe ashamed of myself. Sometimes I think I need a good reminder,telling me to man-up and stop acting like a fucking love-sickteenager. After all, I am 36 years of age and have a fucking decentset of balls between my legs.


When Alexisconfirmed that she was pregnant, I couldn’t say that I was shocked.In fact, to be brutally honest, I had hoped she wasn’t on birthcontrol in the first place. It wasn’t something I had everdiscussed with her for a reason. Why?—because I hadn’t really givena shit. She was the woman of my dreams, and I had fallen in lovewith her from the word go, so the idea of her possibly fallingpregnant with my child was...well...fucking great!

Now I knowthat sounds completely fucked up and bordering on evil, because onpaper she was still married and, she already had two wonderfulchildren of her own. But I make no excuse for getting the things Iwant in life, and I certainly make no excuse for how I go aboutgetting them.

I made myselfa promise the day my parents and brother died, the very day my lifewas ripped out from underneath me. I decided I would take care ofthe ones I loved, and instead of wallowing in self-pity asking ‘whythe fuck me?’ I would make it my lifelong ambition to get whatI wanted. After all, I fucking deserved it.

I’ve neverbeen one to say that life will hand you what you want on a silverplatter or that fate will bring you what you deserve. No, I’vealways said life is what you make of it. That you rule how yourexistence in this world plays out; that no one else controls thedecisions you choose to make. When you think about it, it’s quitesimple really. The direction in which you head is determined byyour own conscious decision to go there, and no one can take thataway from you.

I wantedAlexis. I’d never wanted anyone or anything more in my life. So Iknew I would do whatever it took to have her, regardless of what orwho I had to overcome. Yes, it was selfish and callous, but Ididn’t care. I knew only too well that life was too fucking shortto spend it wasting time accepting the second rate dividends we areall handed out.

Essentially,life is what you make it, and I have one more thing I need toaccomplish in order to make mine the best it could possibly be. Iwant to marry Alexis, make her my wife, and make her the happiestwoman on earth. I want to wake up next to her every day, becausefuck, she makes me the happiest man alive. So, as soon as I get thegreen light to do so, Alexis will become mywife.


Your body while incubating a babyis capable of many amazing, miraculous, and...well...let’s just sayinteresting things. Not only

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