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The Archemi Online Chronicles

Volume 4

By James Osiris Baldwin

Tamtu Publishing LLC

Table of Contents

Preface I: Character Sheets

Preface II: Important Characters

Preface III: Important Game System Concepts

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Preface I: Character Sheets

Dragozin Hector - Dauntan (Tuun)

Level 23 Dark Dragoon


Strength: 63 (+10 bonus)

Dexterity: 87 (+5 bonus)

Stamina: 39 (+5 bonus)

Will: 97 (+20 bonus)

Wisdom: 36

Intelligence: 32

HP: 2185 (+700 bonus)

EXP: 33,836‬ (2821 to next level)

Adrenaline: 319


The Spear of the Ender and the Maker

Soul-bound Dark Elemental Weapon

Slot: Two-handed

Item Class: Relic

Item Quality: Mastercrafted

Damage: 277 - 352 Slashing or Piercing

Durability: 97%

Weight: 1lb

Special: Soul-bound, +50 bonus Fire damage, +150 Dark damage (+300 damage to Undead), +500 HP, +10 Strength, +10 Will, +25% evasion, 1% chance to instantly kill an enemy.

Special: Maker's Blessing - learn Crafting skills 5% faster. Nightfather's Blessing - 6% of inflicted weapon damage heals the wielder.

Raven Suit

Mastercraft Armor

260 Armor

25% impact reduction (Torso); 15% Light, Fire, and Air elemental damage reduction.

Body Slot

100% durability

Armor purpose-made for wearing while flying an aerial mount. Light, tough, and flexible, it bears the raven crest of House Corvinus.

Raven Helm

Magical Armor

50 Armor

25% impact reduction (Head), 5% Light, Fire and Air elemental damage reduction, 25% resistance to the Blindness & Deafened status effects. Enhanced flight display.

Head slot

100% durability

A Mercurion-crafted helm enchanted to allow you to see through the solid visor.

Cossack Harness

Masterwork Item

+25 lb. to maximum carry weight

Belt Slot

100% durability

A four-point flight harness worn over armor. Used to attach yourself to the quick-release points on your saddle and prevent falls. It can also hold pouches and weapons.

Belt of Tiger’s Spirit

Magical Item

5 Armor

Slot: Belt

+5 bonus against fear

+5 bonus to intimidate checks

An ancient Vlachian shaman bound the spirit of a tiger to this leather belt, which was made from its skin.



Blessing of Burna: +10% bonus to resist disease; +5% Stamina bonus to recover from illnesses. Immune to Pox and Lockjaw. +10% cold resistance. All physical needs accrue 2% slower.

Plateau Native: No Stamina penalties in thin air, -2 Stamina penalty at sea level.

Saddle Born: All Riding skills increase 5% faster.

Sun-sight: No vision penalties in bright or very bright light, -5% penalty in dark environments.

Blessing of Tarn: +15% movement speed.

Blessing of Hrrun: No airsickness, reduced inertia at high altitudes, no vertigo.


Curiosity: The player is an open-minded and engaged person, willing to question their modes of thinking and doing and readily accept new ideas. Combat, craft, and class skills gain 5% more quickly.

Introvert: With a preference for their own company or small groups of loyal friends, the player gains a 5% bonus to accumulate skills in solitude provided they are not disturbed. Fatigue accumulates 10% faster in large groups and crowds outside of combat situations.

Dyslexic: The written word is something of a mystery to the player. Books take longer to read, and all language-related skills gain 3% slower.

Natural Leader: You have a natural inclination to take charge. Social skills increase +2% faster when engaged in leadership activities.

Endurance: You are accustomed to pushing yourself, even when you are exhausted. You may spend Adrenaline to offset starvation, fatigue, or bleeding for +1 minutes x your Stamina.

Mark of Matir: May convey special abilities at higher levels. When Mark is activated, drain health from enemies on a critical hit. HP regained is equal to remaining AP + Will bonus. 300second cooldown. You are immune to undead fear effects. –500 Infamy in places hostile to worship of Matir.

=Dragon-forged Abilities=

Mana Tolerance: You have great resistance to Stranging and Mana Sickness, and may consume magical potions without permanent ill effects. Your toxicity threshold is now equal to your HP. See the Mana Tolerance ability entry for details and related skill and ability trees. New: Thanks to your Nasaku Halfblood sub-type, you are immune to Stranging. However, you can still take damage from Mana Poisoning if you exceed your tolerance. Over-exposure to liquid or gaseous mana brings on symptoms of Mana Sickness and drains HP.

Eagle Eyes: 20/5 eyesight with enhanced spectrum, 340-degree visual field.

G-force resistance 1: You can remain conscious at up to 5 g of horizontal or vertical pressure.

Stone Bones 1: +10 resistance to crushing damage, 5 damage reduction.

Deep Breather: 1.5x lung capacity.

Iron Body 1: You are largely immune to extremes of heat and cold. You can safely weather extremes between -20 and 120-degrees Fahrenheit.

Gyroscopic orientation: You cannot be disabled by extremes of motion. You are immune to disorientation and vertigo, and suffer no penalty to vision or concentration while spinning, falling, or while upside down.

Blood Pact: By undergoing the Rite of Marantha, you have become dependent on dragon blood to sustain your metabolism. Every week, you must consume at least one Dragon Blood Elixir to maintain your abilities. Failure to consume the potion will trigger the Starvation and Withdrawal statuses. All abilities gained through the Rite will become unavailable, and AP will regenerate 50% slower.

Stranged: The Rite has resulted in permanent mutations to your body which are visible and identifiable by some creatures. In places (or with people) where Stranged or magical beings have pariah status, you suffer a Severe penalty to all social interactions.

==Combat Abilities==

Basic Weapons Training: Passive -You are trained in the art of war, and fight unarmed and use all simple and martial hand-to-hand weapons without penalty. Does not include exotic weapons.

Armor Mobility: Passive - You are used to wearing armor and bearing heavy loads. +10 Defense in armor (L,M, or H), no penalty to carrying.

(New) Weapon Specialist: Polearms: You have trained extensively in the use of polearms. You may use exotic polearms at no penalty; +10% damage with polearms.

=Path Abilities=

Blood Sprint IV

Hit up to 10 targets, deal +250 bleeding damage over ten seconds, boost attack speed +20 for 10 seconds. Chains with Blood Storm.

> Blood Storm III

Strike up to 10 targets. 35 HP recovered on good hits. Can only be used after Blood Sprint.

>> Death by a Thousand Cuts II

Mark Targets with a curse that lowers their attack power

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