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Copyright © Holly Bell (2021). All rights reserved.


This book is a work of fiction. Any references to real events, people or places are used fictitiously. Other names, characters, places and incidents are products of the author’s imagination. Any resemblance to actual events, places or people, living or dead, is entirely coincidental.


Cover art by Daniel Becerril Ureña



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To Anton, Tamara and Chris



You never tire of the moor.


You cannot think the wonderful secrets


 which it contains,


It is so vast, and so barren, and so mysterious.



Sir Arthur Conan Doyle



Chapter 1: The Road to Kernow

Chapter 2: What’s The Story

Chapter 3: About A Boy, and The Fall

Chapter 4: Parhayle

Chapter 5: Cal’s Proposal

Chapter 6: Amanda Makes a New Acquaintance

Chapter 7: Sir Philip’s Answer

Chapter 8: Vision on The Moor

Chapter 9: Farewells, and Installation

Chapter 10: Pasco, and Amanda Meets Nancarrow

Chapter 11: Fire — Inspector Hogarth Investigates

Chapter 12: The Lead, and The Oath

Chapter 13: The House of Lucy

Chapter 14: Return to the House of Lucy

Chapter 15: A Tale of Three Houses

Chapter 16: Hidden Extras

Chapter 17: Restless Night

Chapter 18: Money and Magic

Chapter 19: Over the Wall

Chapter 20: Crimson Lake

Chapter 21: The Missing Piece

Chapter 22: The End of the Line

Chapter 23: On the Stairs

Chapter 24: Feeling the Way

Chapter 25: Understanding Lucy

Chapter 26: Proposal

Chapter 27: Answer, and a New Puzzle

Chapter 28: The Unusual Suspects, and the Shore at Dawn

Chapter 29: Caught in the Act

Chapter 30: Chief Inspector Hogarth Investigates: Marielle and Zoe

Chapter 31: Chief Inspector Hogarth Investigates: Geoffrey, Elodie and Peter

Chapter 32: Between Friends

Chapter 33: The Trelawneys

Chapter 34: What Amanda Saw

Chapter 35: The One Who Told the Truth

Chapter 36: Flamgoyne

Chapter 37: Looking for Answers

Chapter 38: Flossie and Amanda on Bodmin

Chapter 39: The Missing Pieces

Chapter 40: Hogarth’s Plan

Chapter 41: Into the Past

Chapter 42: The Only Way

Chapter 43: Gearing Up

Chapter 44: Into the Fire

Chapter 45: The Wand of Agacine Flamgoyne

Chapter 46: Homecoming

Chapter 47: Whatever Happened To …?

Chapter 48: The Contracts

Chapter 49: Flamgoyne and Cardiubarn

Chapter 50: Revelation

Chapter 51: One More For The Road

Chapter 52: Sunken Madley

Chapter 53: Department 14

Chapter 54: M, Q, and Kindly Advice

Chapter 55: Visitors

Chapter 56: A Gift for Thomas

Chapter 57: Another Revelation, and Questions

Author’s Note

About the Author


About the Language

DID you know?

The Cornish Language

Questions for Reading Clubs

Glossary of British English

Accents and Wicc’yeth


Please note that to enhance the reader’s experience of Amanda's world, this British-set story, by a British author, uses British English spelling, vocabulary, grammar and usage, and includes local and foreign accents, dialects and a magical language that vary from different versions of English as it is written and spoken in other parts of our wonderful, diverse world.

For your reading pleasure, there is a glossary of British English usage and vocabulary at the end of the book, followed by a note about accents and the magical language, Wicc’yeth.

Amanda Cadabra and The Strange Case of Lucy Penlowr

Holly Bell

Chapter 1

The Road to Kernow    

‘The pretty mist,’ the old woman’s voice echoed in Amanda’s mind. It was hard to see through the fog that was now brown, now purple, now mustard yellow … sickly sweet. She stretched out her little three-year-old hand. Suddenly it was dark. She was outside on the Moor. Amanda knew it by the scents. But not entirely dark. Smoke was boiling up into the night. A building was aflame and then … a blinding flash.

With a gasp, Amanda woke up. Calm but concerned tones came from her right, asking,

‘Are you all right, Miss Cadabra?’

‘Er ....’ The sound of the familiar Ford Mondeo’s engine purred comfortingly. She looked with relief at the motorway, its green embankments flying by, and then turned her head. There was the pleasant face of Detective Inspector Thomas Trelawney of the Devon and Cornwall Police, at the wheel beside her. Amanda pushed her long mouse brown hair off her face and exhaled. ‘Yes, yes, thank you. I’m fine.’

‘Bad dream?’

‘Yes ... except ....’

‘Do you want to tell me? It might help.’

‘Thank you. I wonder ... I’m afraid I do have a tendency to fall asleep on long car journeys,’ Amanda admitted apologetically.

‘So I gather,’ said Trelawney with a smile, and a quick glance at her from hazel eyes, which then looked straight back at the road ahead. ‘That’s why I always make sure we’re equipped with a cushion.’

‘And most kind of you it is.’

‘My pleasure. Well? What was the “except ...”?’ he prompted.

‘I was back in that dungeon-crypt place at Cardiubarn Hall with my homicidal forebears. That day of the spell.’

‘When you were three? The spell designed to cause your asthma?’

‘That’s the one,’ confirmed Amanda. ‘And then suddenly I was on the Moor at night.’


‘Yes, and it was pitch dark, but then it wasn’t because there was smoke.

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