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Pet Psychic Mysteries Boxset of Books 5-8

Erin Johnson


A magical academy. A suspicious death. Can an inexperienced cop expose the deadly secrets lurking behind bewitched classroom doors?

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Special Collections

The Spells & Caramels Boxset Books 1-3

Pet Psychic Mysteries Boxset Books 1-4

Pet Psychic Mysteries Boxset Books 5-8

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Pig Little Lies

About Pig Little Lies

1. The Summit

2. Pyramid

3. The Harder They Fall

4. Familiar Face

5. Willing and Able

6. The Body

7. Opal

8. Tact

9. Papa Ralph

10. The Pig

11. Avery Ann

12. Peyton Thornsbury

13. Peter and Jolene

14. The Clinic

15. Potent Potions Party

16. Open Up!

17. The Protestor

18. Poisoned

19. Arrested

20. A New Lead

21. Maria Wu

22. The Lizard

23. Family

24. All In

25. Lies

26. Madeline L’Orange

27. New Evidence

28. Sisters

29. Solved

30. Making a Break for It

31. Caught

32. Hexmakers

33. A Confession

34. Together

Breaking Bat

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1. A New Case

2. Bridal Suite

3. Mr. and Mrs. Harrington

4. Sneezy

5. Chaz

6. Cybil

7. Joe Santos

8. Rachel Whitmore

9. Will and Heidi

10. Alabaster Monroe

11. Family Crest

12. Bartholomew the Bat

13. P.I.

14. The Diary

15. Strawberries

16. Animal Rights

17. La Mer Magazine

18. Cybil

19. Dig up Dirt

20. Spin

21. Writing's on the wall

22. Blast from the past

23. Undertow

24. Evidence

25. A Confession

The Squawking Dead

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1. Crab Puffs

2. Up in Flames

3. Dead, Dead, Goose

4. Blowing Smoke

5. The Murder Weapon

6. Lemurs!

7. Quincy

8. The Plot Thickens

9. Phoenix Nest

10. Mark

11. The Blow gun

12. Darts

13. Stolen Wombat

14. Libbie

15. Rebecca

16. Pushed to the Edge

17. The Boys

18. Will and Heidi

19. Coffee

20. Monkey

21. The Jungle

22. Sloth


24. Zane Perez

25. Madeline

26. The Bodega

27. The Phoenix

28. Underground Animal Rescue

29. Photo Finish

30. The Photograph

31. Habits

32. Records

33. Hexmakers' Lair

34. Decision

The Big Fang Theory

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1. The Competition

2. Murder

3. Polly Pierre

4. Twins

5. Suspects

6. Frank

7. Spilling the Tea

8. Rally

9. Boo! Hiss!

10. Chaos at the Castle

11. The Royal Bakery

12. Shifter Secrets

13. Cat

14. Teaming Up

15. The Door

16. Missing

17. The Clinic

18. Parting Ways

19. The Lair

20. Villains

21. Missing Snake

22. Police Station

23. Tonya

24. Elin

25. Lorenzo

26. Mimi Moulin

27. Sourdough

28. Vince Dupont

29. Neo and the boys

30. A Cure

31. Inspiration

32. The Teacup

33. McCray

34. An Accusation

35. The Plan

36. Ludolf Caterwaul

37. A Red Heron

38. Sam

39. Starters and Enders

Other Books by Erin Johnson

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About the Author

Pig Little Lies

A Cozy Witch Mystery

About Pig Little Lies

An elixir party gone sour. An expired entrepreneur. Can a cursed shifter discover what’s in love potion number crime?

After confessing her dark secret, Jolene is left devastated when her cop-crush, Peter, ghosts her. But when a popular potion maker drinks her last draught, Jolene and Peter are forced to team up to find the butcher behind the brew.

As the list of suspects pours in, Jolene's only hope is to get the victim's pet swine to squeal. But when Jolene piggybacks onto a promising lead, she learns some shocking truths about the cursed tonic that took away her own magic.

Can Jolene put a cork in the killer before she’s drained of her last drop?

Pig Little Lies is the fifth book in the bewitching Magic Market paranormal cozy mystery series. If you like magical mysteries, hilarious heroines, and a dash of romance, then you’ll love Erin Johnson’s captivating tale.

Happy reading!


The Summit

Will and I sauntered up the steep road toward Heidi, who stood in front of two open, intricate iron gates. She tapped her toe, arms crossed and brow pinched.

I elbowed Will. “I think we’re in trouble.”

She glanced up, and her eyes widened when she saw us. She huffed, then waved us forward. “Come on, hurry.” She flashed her eyes at us. “You guys are late.”

She squeezed between us and linked her arms through ours, then dragged us forward up the even cobblestones and through the gate. The path wound up, snaking through lush landscaping, elegantly lit by magically glowing torches.

Will, my enormous bear shifter friend, sniffed as he let the much smaller Heidi drag him forward. “We would have been here sooner, sister, if you’d actually been at the clinic to do your job.” He arched a bushy brow. “I had to check on all the patients and lock up by myself.”

She tossed her head, and her curled side pony flew back over her shoulder. “I told you. I have no opportunity for growth there.”

Will flashed his huge brown eyes at her. “Oh! You just have the opportunity to put food

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