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About the Author

Emily Carding (Cornwall, United Kingdom) is an author, artist, and priestess. An initiate of Alexandrian Wicca and a member of the Starstone Network, Carding has been working with inner world Faery contacts since childhood. She has been trained in techniques of Celtic shamanism by John and Caitlín Matthews, and has worked with renowned Faery teachers R. J. Stewart and Brian and Wendy Froud. A respected and active member of the Faery and tarot community, Carding’s work has received international recognition.

Visit her online at ChildOfAvalon.com.

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Manufactured in the United States of America

This book is dedicated to that Faery being

who is reading over your left shoulder right now…


The Faery Prince



chapter one: Knowledge

chapter two: Connection

chapter three: Trust

chapter four: Honour

chapter five: Magick

chapter six: Joy

chapter seven: Inspiration

chapter eight: Balance

The Raven King’s Daughter



The Faery Prince

A Faery Prince has snared my heart

Hiding it deep within his own

From all things mortal kept apart

Where roots and brambles overgrown

Guard it well against the light

And keep it green and shadowed there

Though I have searched by starry night

And in the spring sun warm and fair

Not prince nor heart may yet be found

But promised whispers on the breeze

And sweetest music in the ground

Lead my senses with their tease

So I must venture in between

Where dusky rose sings her lament

And seek by twilight what lies unseen

With hope to heal what has been rent…

Emily Carding, 2011


I was honoured when I was asked by Llewellyn to write a book about Faery lifestyle and practices, but I was also daunted. How could I convey to others a connection and way of life that has always been so instinctive and natural to me?

As a child I would go on missions for the faeries in my dreams, passing through a little wooden door in a hill and visiting a magnificent underworld realm of vivid colours and magickal creatures both menacing and benign. It was not until much later in life that I would learn of the truth behind these visions and the legacy of the Faery tradition, in which the Faery beings dwelt in the hollow hills. How fascinated I was to learn that my dreams had revealed this realm to me! The diminutive flower fairies of English lore had never held the same kind of wonder.

My connection with this realm led to an aura of otherworldliness that made many people uncomfortable, including my parents, when I would spend the longest time simply contemplating a blade of grass in the garden, admiring its microcosmic magnitude!

Upon leaving home for university, I was soon able to develop my fascination for magick and the otherworld with the discovery of a local magickal community. As my college was within the grounds of a nature reserve, most of my time was spent by the lake in the company of trees rather than in class, but it was there where I learnt the lessons of most value.

My connection with the Faery realm has strengthened still more over the years, and I have felt their presence with me through life’s many ups and downs. Divorce and motherhood set me on a completely new path, one I never could have planned for, as it has seen me leave my work in theatre for a new career as an artist and author, creating work with the aid of my guides and allies that opens gateways to the otherworld. This includes the groundbreaking Transparent Tarot (Schiffer Books, 2008) and its sister deck The Transparent Oracle (Schiffer Books, 2010), which brings together aspects of shamanism, Faery lore, and ceremonial magick in an original structure based on the seven directions. Though published more recently, my first creation of this kind was The Tarot of the Sidhe (Schiffer Books, 2011), a series of seventy-eight visionary paintings created over a year and a day using methods of trance channelling.

Over the last few years, I have discovered and immersed myself in the vibrant Faery community through festivals and events. Upon first glance it can seem flaky and superficial, but there is so much love and genuine magick to be found within! A large section of this book is dedicated to the beautiful, creative, and inspirational people of this community.

At the same time, I am equally involved in the magickal community as an initiate of Alexandrian Wicca and member of the Starstone Network, a network of Wiccan covens and groves founded by Sorita D’Este and

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