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One More Kiss

By Elizabeth Lennox

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Copyright 2021

ISBN13: 9781950451333

All rights reserved

This is a work of fiction.  Names, characters, businesses, places, events, and incidents are either the product of the author’s imagination or used in a fictitious manner.  Any resemblance to actual persons, living or dead, or actual events is purely coincidental.  Any duplication of this material, either electronic or any other format, either currently in use or a future invention, is strictly prohibited, unless you have the direct consent of the author.

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Excerpt to “Her Twin Surprise”

Chapter 1

“Are you kidding me?” Kinsley McCabe whispered as she stared at the huge, grey-green, windowless warehouse.  She checked the address again.  “This is it, but….”  There were no other cars in the parking lot…and it was difficult to even call this a parking lot.  Was she in the right place?

The roar of a powerful engine shattered the quiet and she swung around, startled. A motorcycle raced around the corner of the long, winding driveway.  She wasn’t aware of her mouth falling open as the sleek motorcycle came to a halt beside her sensible, silver Prius.

When the motorcycle engine cut off, there was an almost deafening silence.  But it wasn’t the bike that had so completely captured her attention.

Kinsley knew staring was rude, but for some reason, she couldn’t pull her eyes away from the mysterious rider.  He wore a leather bomber jacket that someone else probably would have thrown away years ago.  She imagined he probably kept it because it made his shoulders look impossibly broad.

Then her eyes moved lower, her breath caught in her throat as she noticed the hard muscles in his long legs shifting under worn denim as his boot flipped the stand out.  The man stood, leaning the motorcycle carefully onto the stand as he swung his leg over the bike in an oddly graceful movement.

Kinsley’s reaction felt odd to her, but she couldn’t seem to look away as he removed his helmet.  Dark, shaggy hair curled around the man’s rugged features and Kinsley’s gasp was heard by both the man as well as the squirrel off to the side. He had the most beautiful eyes she’d ever seen. Molten silver eyes that sparkled mysteriously with flecks of gold. Only dragons had eyes like that.

“Are you Kinsley McCabe?” the darkly demonic man asked.

It took her several moments to respond since she had to replay the question in her mind several times before it made sense.

When she finally nodded, the man’s silver gaze sharpened.  “I was told that you were efficient.”

Efficient.  Again, Kinsley had to roll the word around in her thoughts, trying to remember the meaning.  When it finally registered, she nodded jerkily, unaware that her mouth was still hanging open. The man didn’t quite laugh at her, but amusement sparkled in those smoldering eyes.

Snapping her mouth closed, she schooled her expression, trying to hide her unexplainable fascination as the man pulled off leather gloves unveiling long, sensuous fingers.

“Yes, I’m Kinsley McCabe. And yes, I’m quite efficient.  And on time,” she emphasized, looking pointedly towards her watch.  Kinsley wasn’t sure why she’d said that.  “The employment agency mentioned that you needed an assistant who could translate technical notes, transcribe them, and generally keep things organized.”

His lips curled up into an oddly amused smile.  Okay, not a full smile.  It was sort of a half-smile.  Only the left side of his mouth curved upwards, revealing a dimple in his cheek that completely transformed his features from darkly demon-like to angelic. Kinsley wasn’t fooled.  This man in the soft, sexy jeans and the leather jacket…he wasn’t an angel. She’d done her research and knew he was a genius.  Literally, a world renowned technical and mechanical genius.

Lincoln looked down at the sexy, cute woman, chuckling at the clear disapproval in her blue eyes.  He’d always loved the combination of dark hair, pale skin, and blue eyes.  Maybe it was the mutt in him, or the utter lack of knowledge about his ancestors, but he was intrigued by anyone that looked more…old-school.  Although, Lincoln doubted that this adorably prim woman would appreciate being thought of as a “old-school”.  No, he suspected that she would be quite irritated by that description.  Which made him mentally pocket that description for later use.  He could imagine that sexy, rosebud mouth falling open again when he used that term.

“Let’s go inside and we can talk,” he told her, nodding towards the door of the non-descript warehouse.

Lincoln moved towards the door, his long legs taking one step for every three of hers.  She was a tiny, little thing, he thought, reaching out to touch the handle, waiting a brief moment before tugging it open.

“I’ve been a personal assistant to three chief executives already, and I submitted recommendations from each of those men to you through the employment agency.  I type one hundred and ten words a minute with an accuracy of ninety-nine point three.  You also asked for someone with technical experience.  Although I don’t have formal knowledge of some industries, I earned a bachelors of science degree in computer science.  So, I understand technical aspects of many projects.  Anything I don’t understand, I have the background to research until my knowledge is adequate.”

Lincoln listened to her list several more details of her background knowledge, something about taking chemistry and physics classes, understanding the terms and something else.  He’d stopped listening to the actual words as they moved through the hallways of the warehouse until they reached the last door.  Again, he placed his hand on the handle,

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