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A Skulls Renegade MC Prequel

Elizabeth Knox

Chapter 1


Dad’s only been gone for three months and I can tell how much Kyle hates being Prez. If you ask me, he doesn’t fit the title. He isn’t responsible. He doesn’t even give a damn about half of the shit he does, and yet he’s supposed to be the one looking out for the club? It’s bullshit – and that’s all it is. It’s not my place to argue with my father’s wishes, and while I understand it, I can’t help but hate him for putting our club in this kind of jeopardy.

He isn’t blind, we all know about the shady shit Kyle is mixed up in. The loan sharks have come around too many times for me to rest easily, and I can’t say how many times I’ve paid them off just to keep them out of my hair.

What Kyle doesn’t understand is that his actions don’t just affect him anymore. They affect every single person in the Skulls, it doesn’t matter whether it’s man, woman or child. He acts, and we make the ultimate sacrifice.

Kyle will never truly understand that his actions come with a price, and most of the time, he doesn’t pay for them.

“Why are you mean mugging it?” I hear her soft smile spreading through every word that she speaks. This girl is the only one who has ever been able to understand my mannerisms. She might not be able to read my mind but she gets pretty damn close.

“Nothing important, darlin’” I tell her, lying straight through my teeth. She knows me well enough to know I just spewed a fib out at her but the second her body wraps around mine, all of my worries dissipate. The only thing that matters right now is her, not the club, not my shitbag of a brother. Just her.

“You’re a shitty liar, I’ve been telling you that for ages”

“Yeah, yeah. When are you gonna learn to just stop pestering me for answers I don’t wanna give, Celine?”

“Never. You ought to know that” She smirks as she stands on her tippy toes to press a soft kiss to my lips. I snake my hand around the back of her neck as she starts to lower herself down, silently urging her that I need more. I need more of this moment, more of her distracting my constantly running mind. She’s the only way I ever get a break, because when she walks into a room, everything that plagues my mind disappears.

Celine lifts her hand and smacks my ass, causing me to chuckle into our kiss. I take her warning, pressing a kiss to her lips once more before I retreat, grabbing a palm full of her luscious bum while I’m at it. “Okay, handsy. We both have things to be doing today, and neither of us are going to get anything done if you start that starved animal shit of yours”

“Maybe I am a starved animal” I wink.

“Mhm, and maybe I’m a virgin. No way in hell are you starving. I suck and fuck you so much that you can’t keep up with me”

“You really want to go there with me?” I ask her, fully prepared to get into a heated argument which will only end in me blowing my load off inside her. Fuck, my cock gets hard just thinking about having her spread out over my bathroom sink, making her watch herself in my mirror as I grind my cock her g-spot, not letting her come until she begs me.

A light rap comes to my door, “Reed!” I hear Enzo’s voice and immediately know that something’s wrong. He never talks to me for shits and giggles, and to be honest, we aren’t like that. The only real friends I have in this club are Seamus and Max, and maybe Butch…but that’s me pushing it. I put up with Enzo because I have to, since he hasn’t done anything to fuck up being a Skulls yet.

“What’s up?” I yell back to him as I approach the door and pull it open. When I do and see the look he wears, I know whatever has happened is worse than I could imagine.

“Well, spit it out”

“Kyle just fuckin’ left, bro. Told us he didn’t want none of this shit and took off on his bike. Said he didn’t want to be the damn Prez and you should have the title” Well, he’s not wrong, I silently think to myself.

“What do you mean he just left?” I ask, my tone coming out thick and heavy. He can decide that this isn’t right for him, but what my brother doesn’t get to do is just walk out. No fucking way does he get to do that. He’s not going to pull a Sandra, fuck that shit. Mommy dearest decided to walk out on us when we were toddlers, so fuck me if I have abandonment issues but looks like my brother is the apple that didn’t fall too far from the tree.

“I’m not gonna repeat myself, Reed. Looks like your family is pretty fuckin’ good at just leavin’ when shit gets too hard. coward” I was going to let Enzo off. I get it. He’s pissed. I’m pissed. Actually, no…I’m furious. My brother may be an asshole, a glorified dick, but no one – and I mean no one, gets to call Kyle a coward. I don’t give a fuck who they are.

“Oh, shit” I hear Celine whisper from behind me, like I said, she knows me in and out. I ball my hand into a fist and direct it straight towards Enzo’s jaw, he knocks backwards, shakes his head from side to side and looks up at me. I don’t stop, though. I keep going, because no one gets to disrespect my brother, my family or my fucking club. Enzo doesn’t get that he just did all three.

I plummet my fist into Enzo’s jaw again and again,

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