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Out of the cage: Blood might be thicker than water, but sometimes doing what’s best for you means going against your family.

Demitri Vinetti knows his parents believe his claim that he’s gay is an act of rebellion. But when Demitri scents Kiernan Wabinaw at the diner where he works and the human keeps coming back again and again, he’s certain he’s found his mate, a male mate, proving Fate’s on his side. Getting advice from friends, Demitri digs deep for courage and asks Kiernan on a date.

Kiernan is shocked and flattered that such a handsome young man would take an interest in him, especially since his forty-fifth birthday is just around the corner. He’s been fantasizing about Demitri since first spotting him at the diner a couple of weeks ago, and he’s happy to take him up on his offer.

When Kiernan learns that Demitri’s parents beat him for going on a date with him, he discovers protective instincts he’s never known before. But the fact that Demitri’s less than half his age and his parents are abusive is only the first of many shockers. Will Kiernan be able to accept that shifters exist? Or will he chalk Demitri up as too much trouble and run the other way?

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Freeing Demitri’s Wolf

Copyright © 2013 Charlie Richards

ISBN: 978-1-77111-498-1

Cover art by Angela Waters

All rights reserved. Except for use in any review, the reproduction or utilization of this work in whole or in part in any form by any electronic, mechanical or other means, now known or hereafter invented, is forbidden without the written permission of the publisher.

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Freeing Demitri’s Wolf

Wolves of Stone Ridge: Book Seventeen


Charlie Richards

To Kevin – Your kind words and friendly support remind me why I started writing in the first place.

Chapter One

Kiernan Wabinaw pretended to read his menu. Instead, his stared over the rim of his reading glasses, and the cardboard square listing the food selections, and watched his young waiter. He imagined the slender man had toned, lean muscle—maybe from running—and a six-pack hidden under the white button-downed top and apron. Maybe he— Demitri, the nametag read—swung Kiernan’s way. Except, why would a young man as handsome, beautiful, and sensual as Demitri want a middle aged construction worker like Kiernan?

And why the hell do I find the light touch of blush and eye shadow, not to mention the gleam of lip gloss so sexy?

Forcing his gaze away from his young waiter, and trying not to feel like a total perv, Kiernan half heartily focused on his menu. Because, really, he knew it by heart. Once he’d started coming here nearly three weeks ago, he hadn’t been able to stop. He tried to pretend he kept coming back because of the wonderful omelets, but deep in his heart, Kiernan knew the truth.

It was a certain waiter with white-blond hair, smooth pale skin and intense jade-colored eyes that kept drawing Kiernan back. Not that he could admit that to anyone but himself.

Laying his menu on the table, Kiernan decided maybe his daughter was right. He really did need to get laid. Obsessing over a man probably less than half his age couldn’t be good for him. Thinking of getting laid and Demitri in the same thought had a predictable impact on his dick, namely, sprouting wood.

Kiernan shifted in his seat, always shocked at how quickly he got an erection just from seeing and thinking about the young man. Demitri got him hotter than any person, man or woman, had in the last decade. Dropping his hand under the table, he adjusted himself, the touch on his dick reminded him of last night.

Flopping onto the couch with a beer, Kiernan clicked the TV on and started channel surfing. While taking a sip of his brew, he spotted a blond on the cover of a magazine sitting on his end table. Immediately, his thoughts turned to Demitri. He groaned and closed his eyes in frustration.

The young man’s lean form seemed to instantly super-impose itself on the backs of his eyelids. He imagined Demitri standing in his living room, lust gleaming in his green eyes. Slowly, one long-fingered hand slid down his chest, then dipped into the waistband of his jeans.

Kiernan’s cock had thickened swiftly as his imaginary Demitri had used his thumb, the only finger still visible, to flip open the button on his jeans. With his other hand, he lifted the edge of his shirt. The move showed off a white, soft-looking treasure trail that ran from his belly button to disappear between the V created by the opening in his pants, showing off the top strands of his downy pubic hairs.

Groaning, Kiernan struggled to breathe.

The crash of a dish on kitchen linoleum yanked Kiernan out of his memory.

“Holy shit,” he muttered under his breath. Just the thought of how he’d jacked off to his imaginary Demitri last night had his shaft harder than a rock and guilt flooding his system. He struggled to keep the heat from creeping up his chest to his face.

Kiernan noticed

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