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Notion Press

No.8, 3rd Cross Street

CIT Colony, Mylapore

Chennai, Tamil Nadu – 600004

First Published by Notion Press 2021

Copyright © Yajat Sharma 2021

All Rights Reserved.

eISBN 978-1-63714-705-4

This book has been published with all efforts taken to make the material error-free after the consent of the author. However, the author and the publisher do not assume and hereby disclaim any liability to any party for any loss, damage, or disruption caused by errors or omissions, whether such errors or omissions result from negligence, accident, or any other cause.

While every effort has been made to avoid any mistake or omission, this publication is being sold on the condition and understanding that neither the author nor the publishers or printers would be liable in any manner to any person by reason of any mistake or omission in this publication or for any action taken or omitted to be taken or advice rendered or accepted on the basis of this work. For any defect in printing or binding the publishers will be liable only to replace the defective copy by another copy of this work then available.

Dedicated to my caring sister Jagriti and my inspiring parents – Ritu Dwivedi and Anish Prasad – without whose steadfast support and encouragement, this last book in my trilogy of THE FOUR ELEMENTALS, would not have been possible.

After I wrote the first two books in the trilogy titled Quest for the Arcane Crown and The Skull Warrior, exhaustion could have taken me over. However, the strength and motivation imparted by my family members kept me going and the trilogy could see the light of the day.

About the Author

Yajat Sharma, born on 30th May 2006, has been an avid reader since the age of three. His passion for reading inspired this book through which he gave life to his creative imagination. Typing skills gained at an early age of five helped him in being a published author at the young age of 12 years.

Yajat has conceived the story of “The Four Elementals” as a Trilogy. On 29th July 2018 at the India International Center, New Delhi, India, the young author began his writing journey with a grand launch of his first book titled “Quest for the Arcane Crown”. The book touched #No. 2 on the Amazon’s Bestselling List in its listed category. This creative work of Yajat also gained entry into the India Book of Records under the Appreciation Category with a medal and citation. The readers received the book with unprecedented love and gave feedback along with suggestions. Yajat has incorporated the feedback and suggestions in the revised edition of the book published by Notion Press in 2021.

Notion Press published the second Book in “The Four Elementals” series titled THE SKULL WARRIOR in 2021. Soon after, Yajat completed this third

book – THE PAGES OF DESTINY, thus completing the Trilogy.

Yajat is imaginative, focused and expansive. He is happy, congruent, and possesses a mature and optimistic outlook towards life. As a young adult, he exhibits a never-say-die spirit in whatever challenges he takes up in life.

Yajat resides at New Delhi along with parents

Dr. Ritu Dwivedi and Anish Prasad and sister Jagriti.

Yajat can be reached at:







The messenger’s horse raced quickly through the barren path, rustling past shrubs and bushes.

He carried just a small solid casing. But that casing contained a letter that could decide the very existence of the Dark World.

The messenger felt that he heard a sound behind him. He turned but found nothing.

He rode faster.

He sensed someone behind him... someone lethal and desperate...

The Kingdom of the Dark World was taken in mere hours. The attack was sudden, and before they knew it, everyone inside the Capital of Dark World – the

Castle of Fate was captured by the hooded people. A few escaped, but they were hunted down and killed. No one in the Dark World knew what had happened in the Castle of Fate on that day. The good Kingdom run by the Kings of Necron was secretly taken over.

The messenger escaped. He had to somehow deliver the message of the Kings of Necron to the Scavenger.

The messenger heard the sounds again, and this time the sounds appeared closer. He didn’t dare look behind.

Of the two Suns in the Dark World, one had set. The other sun was fast setting in the blood-red sky. The envelope of darkness was expanding over the forest with every passing moment.

The messenger looked forward, and his excitement soared. He had almost reached his destination – the cliff.

The messenger jumped from the speeding horse, who, with a whine jumped to the right, distracting the pursuers.

The messenger rolled and stood up. As he ran towards the cliff, he caught a glimpse of his pursuers – two large, hooded men with black cloaks, accompanied by ferocious hounds. He ran towards the cliff with whatever energy he could muster.

While running, the messenger sifted through his coat and pulled out the casing. Just as he was about to throw the casing down the cliff, the hooded men got him.

As the hooded men plunged their swords into the messenger’s chest, the messenger raised his hand... and sent the casing deep down the ravine.

The hooded men lunged in desperation, but couldn’t grasp the casing.

The letter in the sturdy casing travelled a hundred miles, beaten by the wind, trampled by the hooves of animals, soiled with dirt, crushed by rocks... but surviving till it reached its destination.

On a sunny morning, an aged yet sturdy man went outside his cave and saw the casing. As his trained eyes recognized the seal on it, his heartbeat soared.

In a remote corner of the Dark World, James sat down on the grass.

The Suns were rising.

Even after having spent months in the Dark World, James was never tired of seeing the beauty of the

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