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a Renegade Souls MC Novella


This is a work of fiction. Names, characters, places, and events are the products of the author’s

imagination or are used fictitiously. Any resemblance to persons, living or dead, is coincidental.

Names and characters are the property of the author and may not be duplicated. The use of any real company and/or product names is for literary effect only. All other trademarks and copyrights are the property of their respective owners.


Cover photo: depositphoto.com

Cover Design: V. Theia. ©2021

Published by V. Theia 2021.

All Rights Reserved


We always love our firsts that little bit more.

Rider and Zara were mine.

This is for them.



























Also by V. THEIA



“I’m gonna get Marinos’ed so hard.” - Zara


Wedding: T-Minus 20 days.

Happiness was a drug.

Addictive yet harmless.

The groan delivered down her throat in the dead of night was hot.

And a little nasty.

And it brought happiness, which felt like sunshine, into Zara’s entire body.

It was the witching hour. Where everything outside was still, and the moon was bright through the large bay windows in their bedroom.

For Zara, it was her favorite time of day.

Not because of the hand down her sleep shorts.

Not only because of that.

It meant her biker-man was home safe. Smelling of motor oil and snow, though he’d showered before he came to bed. It was instinctual for her to wake when he climbed beneath the sheets. As if her brain was letting her know all was well in their house again.

Rider was careful. She didn’t worry as severely as she once did years ago.

But she was a woman in love with a man who had a dangerous job some days. So, to feel him curling his body around hers always brought her peace and happiness.

Tonight he was in a playful mood. Not knowing she was awake, he’d kissed her throat and brought her between his legs where he lay high against the padded headboard, Zara’s back to his bare chest.

Breathing his name in awe, before his hand roamed over her shuddering stomach to rummage into her Disney princess shorts.

She was a grown-ass woman with a love of Disney. It was a thing, and Rider never rode her about it. With the help of a great man and her therapist, she’d stopped explaining herself to people. Because that led them to believe they were entitled to know everything about Zara. And she was no longer the pushover she once was.

He’d taken her to Disney World twice already, and each Christmas, he added to her Disney ornament collection for the tree in their bedroom.

Unfortunately, it was February, Christmas was long past. But she felt like her very own princess with the attention of a rogue villain as his mouth continued to wander along the column of her arched throat.

“You taste good,” he rumbled in his thick voice.

He could drive her insane with only a few quick kisses.

This man of hers was her undoing. Her salvation. And everything right in a world that hadn’t always been kind to her. To say she was obsessed with him after all this time was an understatement.

And the best part of all?

Rider was just as wild about her too.

No one knew she was the one who could bring a feared and revered MC man to his knees. It was a secret she held dear.

“I missed you,” she shared, curling her body into his chest, molding herself to each ridge of muscle as he brought his free arm around her waist, holding her close. Or pinning her in place. She was good with either. More than.

Sometimes though, like now, he said the most ludicrous things to her. Like, let me fuck you slowly, Icy.

How was she meant to take it slowly when her skin screamed for him?

She popped her hips and whined, only to hear him chuckling against her ear. “Impatient.”

Yes! He knew better than to make her wait.

His head was already coming down to meet her mouth. They shared a long-overdue kiss that started slow, teasing with only a hint of manly tongue. And then it became fire. She whined again, unable to latch onto the pleasure he was eliciting in her shorts as he circled a gentle finger around her clit.

“You came home in a mood,” she stated, between breaths and kisses. His taste was already saturating down to her bones. Holding onto his loose hair, Zara arched up and tried to turn, so they were face to face. Only for him to pin her again.

Bossy man.

The only man who could make her want sex, no, need sex. Couldn’t do without sex with him.

“Mm. I did. In a mood to make my woman gush for me.”

God, the mouth on him. She’d blush with outrageous shock if she weren’t used to that unfiltered mouth by now. The things he said to her turned her on. Something else he used to his advantage to rile her up.

When their lips met this time, it was no teasing kiss. Rider stepped up a gear. His hand moved a little faster now with a purpose.

“Ambrosio. God.” She moaned his given name. The one she mostly only used in their bed in these intimate moments.

“You like that?”

“You know I do.”

“Yeah.” She heard his smirk. Wicked man. Beautiful man.

He was hard under her hip, and she wanted him now, inside her, making her blind with pleasure.

How perfect they were, still so wildly crazy about each other.

Three kids later, and a touch from him turned her into jello.

One intense look,

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