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In Her Dreams

Terry Bolryder

Copyright © 2021 by Terry Bolryder

All rights reserved.

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Author’s note


In Her Dreams is book 2 in the Rogue Dream Fae series! Each book stars a new couple and a complete story with a happy ending, but you probably want to read them in order because of overarching plot elements.

But really, you can read it either way.

Book 1, Sweet Dreams, is available here:

Sweet Dreams (Rogue Dream Fae 1)



I look over the parapet, down over the swaying green grass that leads up to the large stone castle wall I’m standing on.

My hands are bound behind me, and I struggle, but the cruel man next to me has hold of me by the arm.

“He’ll never come,” the man says, his grizzled gray hair and matted beard coming dangerously close to my face.

I turn away from his fetid breath, but he tugs me closer.

“Still waiting for your prince?”

I kick him in the shin and move back, glaring up at him fiercely. “He’ll come. He always does.”

The man in front of me just lets out a cackle and gestures around him. “This castle is in a hidden realm, guarded by poisonous wyverns. He’ll never get here in time.”

“In time for what?” I ask, glaring up at him and jerking away when he reaches for my arm again.

“You will marry my son. As the most valuable, beautiful princess in the realm, you’ll go to the strongest man, the one with the most power. That’s inarguably my son, Cedric.”

I raise an eyebrow. “The drunkard you currently have in your own dungeon?”

He blinks, then nods. “It’s none of your business. As I say, your prince will never—”

But then a shout distracts us, the sound of a war cry, masculine and fierce.

Despite my bound hands, I run to the edge of the parapet and look down to see a man in shining silver armor astride a white horse that is galloping at top speed. Its long legs eat up the distance to the castle quickly, and as he gets closer, the armor on the man glints with hints of mint green.

He stops at the wall beneath us, where huge wall-like doors of pure stone are closed and bolted with a giant beam. He removes his helmet, and lush teal hair streams out over his shoulder.

Then a sudden breeze catches it, blowing it back and showing me his face.

My prince. So gorgeous. Face carved by a master sculptor, huge, luminous eyes, strong, masculine jaw currently taut with anger.

He draws… a whip? Then he shakes his head, and instantly a long silver sword appears in his hands, still with a touch of green to it.

“I, Reve, challenge you, King Morgoth, for the hand of Jen the Fair!”

Morgoth grunts and goes to look over the parapet. “We are not accepting challenges! She will marry my son, Cedric.”

My prince, Reve, walks up to the huge doors and uses one armored leg to just kick them wide open with a terrible smashing sound as rocks go flying and the beam holding the doors splinters.

My heart pounds. My cheeks flush. My God, he’s so strong. I try to run toward him, but Morgoth catches me around the waist and drags me toward the inner edge of the wall so we can look over the courtyard.

Reve is there, pointing his sword up at Morgoth again. “I challenge you to battle to the death! Release the maiden!”

“I will not!” Morgoth yells back.

Surprisingly, Reve leaps up the twenty feet and lands with a shuddering thud on the castle wall right in front of us.

I can make out the gleam of his beautiful teal eyes, too vivid to remind me of the ocean. More like a nebula. His dark lashes lower, fluttering, then rise as his eyes meet Morgoth’s.

Reve’s straight jaw clenches, hardening the perfect lines of his almost surreally beautiful face. He extends his sword. “Release her, or I kill you now.”

Morgoth looks from Reve to the distance down to the courtyard and shoves me toward Reve as he turns and runs along the castle wall.

Reve catches me easily with one arm, tilting up my chin to see my face as his other hand easily releases my bindings. “Good to see you again, princess.”

I glare at him. “You’re late.”

He freezes, then looks over at Morgoth. “You think I should kill him?”

I cock my head, considering it. But I did have a bad day at work, and Mark was late again with his child support payment, so—

“Yes, kill him,” I say firmly. “It’ll make up for being late.”

“Yes, princess,” Reve says, pressing a light kiss to my cheek and making me blush as he runs past me to Morgoth.

He grabs the escaping king by the back of his robe and lifts him in the air, where he dangles, kicking furiously at nothing. “You sure you don’t want me to conjure a dragon or something more intimidating?”

I shake my head.

“All right, then,” Reve says. “Die, cur!” Then he runs his sword through Morgoth and tosses him off the side of the castle, where he lands with a thud on the grass.

Reve runs back to me, grabbing my hands and rubbing them in his much bigger ones. He brings them up to blow on them gently, and his bright-teal eyes meet mine. “It is good to see you, dream mate.”

I throw my arms around him in a hug, holding him tight and letting all of my stress from my daily life melt away.

In this world, where Reve brings my dreams to life every night and

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