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Saving GraceWestern Menage Series

by Samantha Madisen

Copyright 2015 Samantha Madisen

Thirteenth Line Publications

This book is a work of fiction. All characters, companies, organizations, products and events in this book, other than those that are clearly in the public domain, are fictitious, and any resemblance to real persons, living or dead, companies, organizations, events, or products, is purely conincidental.

All characters depicted in this story are 18 years or older.

Cover characters are models. Image(s) is/are licensed from:


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Table of Contents

Chapter 1: Robbed

Chapter 2: Doc's Decision

Chapter 3: Strangers on a dusty road

Chapter 4: House guests

Chapter 5: A sleepless night

Chapter 6: The proposal

Chapter 7: Shotgun wedding

Chapter 8: A firm hand

Chapter 9: First night

Chapter 10: Cole

Chapter 11: First training

Chapter 12: Examined

Chapter 13: Displayed

Chapter 1: Robbed

He had me pressed up against the barn. My pulse was thundering in my body. I'd never felt a man this close to me before. I'd never felt a man's heat so close to my skin. Or his...stiffness pushing at the cotton of his trousers.

I knew I'd be in trouble if Pa caught us. He knew it too but that look in his eyes meant he couldn't help himself.

I was hot and slippery between the legs as his hands started hiking my skirt up. I looked at his face. I'd only ever seen him from far away. Riding out towards the back fields to mend fences with Pa. Or on his way into the barn. But I'd seen him looking at me, stealing glances when Pa wasn't looking. And every time he did my core got tight and I'd feel the same heat between my legs I felt now.

When I looked him in the eye, I could tell he felt the same heat I did. When he undid his trousers and pulled himself out, that long, thick, veiny shaft, it's round, red head straining to be inside me. I looked up again and felt my legs spread slightly.

Please let there be time...please let no one see...

I opened my eyes and saw the floorboards of the house. A few feet away, broken dishes. The front door was open. The hinges creaking, it swung back and forth in the wind. Every few swings it would hit the wall with a loud thud. Pushing myself up I looked around the rest of the room, echoes of the dream I'd been in still resonating through my body.

The table was overturned. The chairs too. Broken dishes. Open drawers. I'd been robbed.

Then it hit me. Now it was my pulse thundering in my head and when I reached up and touched the sore spot, the throbbing just got worse. When I brought my hand down, my finger was red with blood and I wondered how long I'd been lying there, bleeding out onto the floor, unconscious. The thought did occur to me in a rush of fear, that I was some lucky to be alive at all. From there my mind raced to the other possibility of what might have happened and I quickly pulled up the dress I was wearing and put a hand between my legs. But it seemed that nothing was disturbed down there as far as I could tell.

Looking around at the place you would have thought there'd been a tornado. The long wooden table and all its chairs had been knocked over, the old china hutch in the corner pulled down, drawers opened everywhere, cupboards too, and a window broken with the white curtain flapping outside in the sunny breeze. Whoever had done this had made quite a job of it and it seemed like they hadn't left a single thing. Dragging myself up off the floor I walked into the kitchen to check the damage there. Sure enough, things were just as bad.

It couldn't have just been one man, from the looks of things. Seemed like the only thing left was the old wooden bucket we used for the well water but even that had been kicked over, its contents spilled on the floor.

They'd even taken the cutlery. I don't know why that set me off, the fact that now I had to eat with my hands, that is if I could afford to eat at all.

"Dammit!" I screamed to nobody in particular and I heard my voice carry out the broken window and bounce up the hills and towards the mountains. The sting of hot tears began to burn behind my eyes but I'd be damned if I was gonna let a bunch of thugs taking my things make me start weeping. Looking around at that house though, the house my daddy raised me in, in that kind of state sure brought me closer to it than I'd come before.

I'd been selling things here and there to stay afloat. Times had been tough since daddy had passed a few months back. I'd had probably a dozen or so men come and propose but that was the last thing I wanted. I'd had the Sheriff come around I don't know how many times and tell me that it wasn't right for a twenty year old woman to be living up her all by herself. I had a feeling he had his eye on me too. Would have made a nice addition to his property, this whole ranch would have.

But as far as I was concerned he was not the fashion of a man I was looking for. Trying to con us out of this land every chance he got when daddy was still alive. Sore on the eyes too old and too greedy. My friend Rebecca would tease me all the time about marrying the Sheriff and staying a virgin my whole life because

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